My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 646

“Mommy, open your mouth, ‘ll feed you this apple!” Little Karen held a piece of the apple sliced by her father and fed it to her mother As Karen Daly had woken up, Little Karen was ecstatic. No matter who she came across, she would brag happily and said, “My mom never wanted to leave me. Mommy loves me very much.” Therefore, Little Karen took the initiative to feed her mother with the fruits her father had sliced. This was because her mother had just awakened and still did not have enough strength, so she needed to take good care of her mother together with her father. “Thank you, honey!” After Karen gently expressed her gratitude, she opened her mouth and bit the apple. When she bit the apple, she deliberately bit Little Karen’s finger as well. “Mom, that’s my finger!” Little Karen instinctively wanted to withdraw her little finger, but just as she wanted to move away, she stopped. Her father told her that her mother was very weak and asked her to take good care of her mother. She firmly remembered her father’s advice, so she didn’t dare to withdraw her fingers forcefully. What if she hurt her mother, and her mother fell asleep and ignored her and her father again? What should she do then? “Can’t I eat your fingers?” Karen pretended that she did not understand and deliberately teased their daughter. “No!” Little Karen shook her head nervously and said in a soft but affirmative tone. She assumed that her mother must have been in a bad state of mind since she had been in a coma for such a long time, so she made such strange remarks. “But if I want to eat your finger, could 1?” Karen could not resist teasing her when she saw Little Karen’s fluttering eyes flooded with surprise and disbelief. Little Karen pursed her lips. She shook her head, then nodded, and shook again, “Mom, my hands are dirty. You can’t eat them!” Little Karen did not directly say no to her mother. Instead, she really thought about her mother’s request. She considered letting her mother bite her once, but when she thought that a bitten finger would cause much pain, she hesitated. Karen got close to Little Karen and kissed her rosy cheeks. “Honey, I’m just teasing you. You’re my baby. I just want to kiss you. I won’t bite your finger.” She had to pull back on her teasing. If she continued, what if she frightened Little Karen and made her cry? Karen certainly knew that she had to stop joking. After waking up for two days, Karen definitely looked much better. Of course, she had Kevin who took care of her meticulously. Those two days after she came round, Kevin had never left her side. He instructed his domestic helpers to prepare her medications according to the doctor’s prescription, then he would feed Karen personally. He did that every meal very gently and carefully, with no ounce of impatience observed. Many people admired his deeds. After peeling the fruit, Kevin held Little Karen in his arms and kissed her rosy pink cheeks. “Little fool, Mommy loves you the most. Why would she bite you?” “Don’t call Little Karen silly. She is the smartest baby.” Maybe it was because Karen had just recently lost her child, she doted on Little Karen even more. No one was allowed to use any negative words on their daughter. “Well, it’s my fault!” Kevin grinned and said, “Our Little Karen is definitely the smartest child in the world, and I am the stupidest person.” In front of Karen and Little Karen, Kevin was willing to give in no matter what. He was willing to be the ‘stupidest” among the three of them He was more than willing to love them and dote on them for the rest of his life! He wanted to let the two most cherished people in his life become the two most blessed ladies in the world. “Dad, you’re not stupid!” Little Karen felt sorry for her father, so she defended him naturally. “Yes, I’m not stupid, and Little Karen’s not stupid too. None of us are stupid.” Kevin pinched Little Karen’s face and put her on the ground. “Little Karen, go play with your Little Aunt. I need to talk to Mommy alone.” Dad has something to tell Mom, alone! As a curious child, Little Karen would like to know what her father wanted to tell her mother, so she refused to find her Little Aunt. “Little Karen, please find your Little Aunt.” Kevin urged her. “Mommy…” Little Karen threw herself into her mother’s arms and rubbed her little head against her mother’s chest. Little Karen did not want to leave, so she wanted to use her mother to stand up for her. The little fellow was young but had an intelligent mind. “It’s okay if Little Karen doesn’t want to go out. Besides, what do you want to tell me that she can’t hear?” As soon as Little Karen acted cute, Karen’s heart melted and she was unwilling to let her go. “If Little Karen doesn’t want to leave, it’s okay, but please sit by the side.” Kevin grabbed Little Karen from Karen’s arms and put her aside. “You can sit here. Don’t move and interrupt our conversation.” It’s good to have Little Karen around to be the witness for his marriage proposal with Karen. “What’s so mysterious?” Karen was also intrigued by Kevin’s secretive looks, anticipating what he would say next. Kevin reached out and held Karen’s face, and she looked at him in the eye, “Karen!” He called her name out and did not continue talking after that. “Hmm?” Karen was a little embarrassed with his stare. She wanted to turn her head away to avoid his eyes, but just as she moved, Kevin straightened her head and said domineeringly, “Look at me, don’t look away. “What’s the matter?” Kevin could’ve just said what he wanted to say. He looked so secretive, yet at the same time, he stared at her with such deep affection. That gave her some nervous palpitations. “Karen.” This time, after calling out Karen’s name, Kevin approached her face and kissed her. His kiss was very gentle. When he kissed her lips, it made Karen feel like a feather brushing across her lips gently, and she was anticipating for more. Noticing Karen’s reaction, Kevin gradually kissed deeper. Karen could not resist his kiss at all, as if she had entered another dreamy and romantic world. The two of them kissed each other so fondly that they almost forgot that there was a curious Little Karen sitting on the other side of the bed. The little fellow was so used to seeing her father kiss her mother previously, but she had never seen them kiss for such a long time. Since she was an inquisitive child, naturally, she felt curious. Unconsciously, Little Karen forgot that her father had just told her not to move. She quietly crawled to her parents’ side. With her beautiful and sparkling big eyes emanating perplexity, she stared at her parents who were kissing intimately. A third wheeler suddenly appeared in front of the kissing couple. No matter how much the couple focused and delved into the kiss, they were distracted by the presence of the little girl. Karen pushed Kevin away and escaped from his arms. It was so embarrassing to have Little Karen around, whilst the two of them were…

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