My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 647

When she was caught peeping, Little Karen turned around and tried to escape. However, Kevin Kyle grabbed her and picked her up. “Little fella, go out and look for Little Aunt.” “But I don’t want to!” Her father’s tone was so menacing that Little Karen felt pitiful. She pursed her lips and showed a pitiful look, as if she was about to cry anytime, “Well, don’t frighten our baby.” Karen wanted to snatch her from Kevin Kyle, but because she was really weak, she couldn’t carry Little Karen at all, so she had to persuade Kevin, “Kevin, what do you want to say? Please tell me quickly.” Karen spoke up for their child. What else could Kevin say? He could only let Little Karen stay. Clever Little Karen immediately escaped from her father’s arms and threw herself into her mother’s arms. “Mom, 1 didn’t see anything.” “Since you said you didn’t see anything, then I believe you.” Karen fondled Little Karen’s head lovingly. “Karen!” Kevin called out for Karen’s name again and did not continue “What on earth do you want to tell me?” Karen was getting agitated. “Kevin, you want to propose to me, don’t you?” Looking at Kevin’s recurring hesitation, Karen just wanted to make fun of him. “Yes!” Kevin nodded his head heavily. “Are you really proposing to me?” Karen could not believe that there was actually someone who proposed like this. A proposal initiated by the woman, and agreed by the man. This seemed to be a mistake. It seemed that she was proposing to him, and he casually nodded and accepted. Karen held back her anger, pursed her lips and said, “What are you talking about? How could there be someone like you.” It would be fine without a formal ceremony as Karen was not a ceremonious and ostentatious person. But Kevin did not even propose properly. “Karen, will you marry me?” Kevin hesitated for a long time and found it difficult to say it out loud. At this time, when he knew Karen read through his mind, he clenched and finally blurted out those words. Under scrutiny, Kevin seemed to be blushing. He did not dare to look at Karen directly. On one hand, he felt a little awkward; on the other hand, he was a little worried that Karen would not agree. “Ah…” Karen did not expect him to speak out abruptly and she was stunned for a moment. She looked at Kevin foolishly and forgot that she should agree to the proposal. “Karen!” Kevin pressured. “Yes!” Although he proposed in such a simple manner, Karen answered him very firmly. Although it was just a simple “yes”, it seemed that she had consumed all her energy to answer the question. Marrying him, becoming his wife, living happily ever after with him for the rest of her life was what she always had in mind. From now on, no matter what she had to keep him close. No matter what the reason was, she would never mention breaking up or divorcing again. Forever and ever, even in their next lives… If she could, she hoped that she could still be his wife in her next life. “Boo-“Little Karen expressed her sadness. She was clearly parents favourite, but since her parents finally patched things up, she would go back to being their third wheel again. “Baby, what’s wrong?” Karen Daly immediately shifted her attention to Little Karen. “I also want to marry someone!” If her mother wanted to marry her father, then she also wanted to marry someone. She did not want to be their third wheel. She wanted to be someone’s one true love. “Oh, Little Karen wants to get married?” Karen teased her daughter. “Since you are getting married, then I want to get married too.” Little Karen mumbled. “Okay, then you can come along with us and we could get married together.” Kevin carried Little Karen in his arms and bit her gently “No!” Little Karen refused immediately. “You don’t want it? If you don’t want to be with Mommy, then who do you want to marry?” Kevin played along with Little Karen and spoke to her sweetly. “I want to grow up quickly. I want to marry Brother Lionel when I grow up!” Little Karen said firmly to her father in her childish voice. “It was absolutely impossible for her to fall in love with Brother Lionel!” To her, Brother Lionel was a big brother who could protect her and help her fend off bad people. He was also a big brother who loved her very much. Brother Lionel was like her father, an omnipotent superhero and an idol she looked up to. She wanted to marry Brother Lionel because she could depend on him.. After all, besides her parents, Brother Lionel was the only one who treated her well in her life. Suddenly upon hearing “Brother Lionel” again, Kevin Kyle frowned slightly and changed the topic, “Little Karen, Mommy needs to rest. You’ll follow Little Aunt back home first.” Now that Little Karen was still young, and Lionel had not left for a time long enough, thus the little fellow still remembered him well. Kevin thought, “After some time, the little fellow will naturally forget that person.” In the future, Little Karen will grow up slowly. He wanted to pick the best and most charming man for the little fellow. The man must be worthy of Little Karen, and would only treat Little Karen well his entire life. In work, Kevin claimed that there was nothing impossible for him to handle, but when it came to Karen or Little Karen, he always worried too much about everything. Now, Little Karen was only four years old. She was such a little girl. As long as he taught her well and guided her lovingly through her growing years, no one could tell clearly what would happen in the future. Love was such a complex matter. When Little Karen grew up later, the man whom Kevin preferred for his daughter, might not be fancied by Little Karen. However, at this moment, Kevin did not want to think about that yet. “Kevin, I’m not sleepy. I would like Little Karen to accompany me for a while more. I want to talk to her.” After sleeping for three months, losing a child and also almost her life, Karen cherished every second she spent with Kevin and Little Karen now that she was finally alive and conscious. In this world, nothing is constant and permanent. No one knew what would happen the next moment, so she cherished every second and minute she spent with the both of them. “You didn’t take a nap in the afternoon.” Kevin was worried that Karen was tired, which would hinder her recovery. “I’ve slept for three months. I don’t want to sleep anymore.” Karen smiled at him. She was really terrified of sleeping. She was worried that if she closed her eyes and fell asleep, she would not be able to wake up again. Just like those three months, most of the time, she could hear Kevin and Little Karen clearly, but she could not give them any response. In her coma, she felt like she was stuck in the rough seas, hit by the choppy waves that made her unable to speak. She could do nothing but drift with the tide. And she drifted and followed the tides for three whole months now, causing her relatives and friends who cared about her to worry for her for three months. Now that she had finally awakened, she could not bear to close her eyes again.

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