My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 648

In the blink of an eye, Karen Daly had been awake for ten days. Under Kevin Kyle’s diligent care, her physical condition and mental state had very much recovered. Yesterday, the doctor officially announced that Karen could be discharged from the hospital, as long as she took enough rest for the time being, Karen’s recovery and discharge from the hospital were definitely good news for the Kyle family. On this day, Mama Kyle and Mia Kyle had been preparing lunch since morning to welcome Karen home. At the same time, they also invited Karen’s friends over for a gathering. Faye Reed and her husband were Karen’s only friends in the United States, so there were only three extra guests. The relationship between the family and Karen was extremely close, so they could be considered as family. The whole family gathered together for a jolly time, and they hoped that their upcoming days would be much brighter. Karen had been lying in the hospital for more than three months. Apart from Kevin, the person who worried most about Karen’s physical condition would be Faye. On the day of Karen’s accident, Faye was still recovering from having given birth. When she heard that Karen got involved in an accident, she jumped out of bed and wanted to see Karen. Fortunately, Sebastian Spencer held her back. Eventually, Sebastian took a long time to persuade her and explained that Karen would be alright under Kevin’s care, so Faye stayed home reluctantly. Later, Karen was hospitalized. As her injuries were severe and the doctors were worried of sepsis, they did not allow visitors to visit her. Therefore, every time when Faye visited Karen, she could only look at Karen from a distance outside the ward. There was nothing else she could do. Today, Karen Daly was discharged from the hospital. Once again, Faye wanted to rush to the hospital to pick her up, but Sebastian stopped her. He told her that Kevin would take great care of Karen, so it was pointless for her to go. In the end, she had to follow Sebastian to go over to their house instead. This Kyle family was residing in their mansion in the United States. Many people could work very hard for a long time and would not be able to afford such a huge mansion. When Sebastian just arrived in his car, another fleet of cars also arrived. It was not exaggerating at all to describe the fleet with the word ‘motorcade’. Kevin drove Karen home personally with his car at the forefront of the motorcade. At least a dozen cars followed him from behind, and each car was lavishly luxurious. Kevin stopped the car, alighted from it, and then walked around to the rear car seat. He opened the car door and helped Little Karen out of the car. “Karen, are you able to walk?” Kevin wanted to carry Karen, but Karen yanked his hand away, rolling her eyes at him. There were so many people watching over them Furthermore, she was not disabled. Why did she need Kevin to carry her if she could walk? Kevin could not carry Karen, so he held Little Karen instead. Of course, Little Karen would never give her father a cold shoulder “B*tch!” Seeing Karen get out of the car, Faye rushed over hurriedly and burst into tears of excitement with Karen in her arms. She did not bother to maintain her image at all. “B*tch, do you know how scared I am?” Karen had been unconscious for three months, and Faye had been worrying for that three months. She did not even have the mood to take care of her son. Fortunately, Sebastian was by her side. “Faye, I’m sorry!” Seeing Faye drenched in tears, Karen also cried. She kept patting Faye on the back and comforted her, “I’m fine now, don’t be sad.” After all these years, no matter what happened, besides having Kevin by her side, her bosom friend, Faye, had also been by her side all the time. In a woman’s lifetime, having a husband who loved her, a lovely and understanding daughter, and a best friend who was always by her side, these were considered blessings in her life. It was because of them that Karen could stand up again, continue her life with positivity, despite the many hardships she had been through. “B*tch, you must take care in the future. Don’t let us worry about you anymore.” Faye said quaveringly, with her face still covered in tears. Although aren was discharged from the hospital, it did not mean that she could resume with her usual routine. She had been in a coma for a long time after being critically injured, and her physical condition was not as good as before. Just as she arrived at the front door of the house, she and Faye were already sobbing and hugging each other. Kevin frowned, but it was inappropriate for him to pull Faye away. He turned around and looked at Sebastian standing next to him who was in a daze. Sebastian was holding his chubby three-month-old son in his arms, and he suddenly noticed a cold stare from Kevin. He immediately understood what he had to do. He took a few steps forward, pulled Faye away and said, “Karen just came back from the hospital, and you are hugging but crying so much! Do you want her to go back and stay in the hospital for a few more days?” “What nonsense are you talking about? I am glad to see her in her pink of health.” Faye turned around and shouted at Sebastian. Because of the loud yell, their son in Sebastian’s arms got scared and burst into tears. “Son, don’t cry, I’m scolding your stupid Dad, not you.” Faye grabbed their chubby son over and shot Sebastian with a fierce glare. “Our Fynn has grown up so much.” Karen wiped her tears. She looked at the chubby little boy in Faye’s arms and said enviously, “Faye, can I carry him?” If the fetus in her belly were still alive, she would have been seven or eight months into the pregnancy, and the baby would be born in a month. If it were a boy, he would definitely look like Fynn, who was a plump, fair, little boy At the thought of the miscarried child, Karen’s eyes turned dull instantly, and her heart twitched again. Could she have another child with Kevin? “Of course!”Faye spoke when she was about to pass her child to Karen. But just as she was about to hand the baby over to Karen, she stopped. Karen had just recovered. Maybe she did not have the strength to carry Fynn yet. She added, “Karen, let’s take it one step at a time. This chubby baby is only three months old but he weighs 20 pounds already. Even the doctor said he is overweight.” “Mommy, I am here.” After receiving her father’s instructions, Little Karen scampered over in time and stood between her mother and Aunt Faye, How could she watch her mother carry someone else’s baby? Chubby baby was not as pretty as her. If her mother wanted to carry anyone, it had to be her instead. More importantly, it seemed that her father did not want her mother to carry the chubby baby in her arms. Little Karen simply thought that her father was having the same thoughts as her. She did not want her mother to pay attention to other babies. In fact, Kevin was worried that Karen would get tired. Karen and Faye had a strong bond with each other. If he stood out to stop them, Karen would not listen to him, so the best messenger would be Little Karen “My Little Karen gets jealous really easily!” Karen stroked Little Karen’s face with a smile and said, “Let’s not stand outside, let’s enter the house.”

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