My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 649

It was the first time for Faye Reed at the Kyle family’s mansion in the United States, and it was the first time for Karen Daly too. She was also surprised to see such a huge manor. She had always thought that their Secret Garden in Chatterton Town was ridiculously luxurious enough. That was a large manor, so large in a way that many people would still not be able to afford despite struggling hard for several lifetimes. However, compared to the Kyle family’s mansion in New York, Secret Garden was pretty insignificant Walking in from the main entrance, there were all kinds of leisure facilities around, such as pavilions, rockeries, fountains and so on. It seemed like a themed recreational park instead of a residential home. From this, it could be seen that the Rovio’ s financial resources and Kevin’s capabilities were far beyond Karen’s imagination. It seemed like she knew too little about Kevin. She was definitely not qualified to be his wife. As Karen was looking around, Kevin walked over to her and gently held her waist, “I have always wanted to bring you here to have a look, but I always got occupied with things.” “It doesn’t matter. I’m here now.” Karen looked up at him with a smile and said, “I am not overthinking, don’t worry.” Both of them had been through so many things together. She understood how nicely he had treated her. How could she misunderstand him? “It’s good that you aren’t thinking too much.” Kevin stroked her head. “When you get better, I will accompany you around for a walk. Later, I will ask Mia and Little Karen to show Faye around too.” Kevin was never the type of person who would take the initiative to introduce and show people around; on the contrary, Faye was always a curious person. He did not want to be a tour guide, so it was most appropriate to hand this task over to Mia and Little Karen. “Well, let Little Karen greet the guests on our behalf.” Karen was clear about her own physical condition. Currently, she could not withstand the cold wind outside and she could not walk for a long time, so she knew she could not entertain Faye well. Little Karen was the treasure of their family, and Faye really liked her. Therefore, Faye would definitely be happy to have Little Karen as her guide. “Karen!” Kevin suddenly stopped walking and wrapped his arms around Karen’s shoulder. “Hmm?” Karen looked up at him and made eye contact with his brooding eyes. Kevin drew her hair behind her ears, held her head gently, and pushed her into his arms. “This is so great!” He only said a few words, but Karen knew exactly what he wanted to say He must have wanted to say that both of them could walk together hand in hand now and he could hug her, so that was great! Besides Kevin reeling in happiness, Karen also felt that every second and minute they spent together was so precious. On the day of the explosion, she thought she could not wake up anymore after closing her eyes. She thought that she could not see Kevin and Little Karen anymore. When she was lying on the bed and unconscious, she almost drowned in the abyss of darkness several times as she wandered at the brink of death. It was not easy for her to come round. She never dared to think about being able to still be physically well, or stay by Kevin’s side and have him hold her while she nestled in his arms, listening to his steady and thumping heartbeat. In her life, she had experienced a lot of unfortunate events, including losing her parents, having her child being taken away, giving in to her enemies, and more. But she had no regrets at all. She did not regret living in this world. Because among all the bad things that happened, she met Kevin, the man who held her so dearly in his heart. She was willing to spend the rest of her life accompanying him. Because of him, the bad things that happened in her life did not seem so bad. She only remembered him. She remembered his kindness and remembered their happy times together “Kevin!” She gently called his name out and looked at him with her sparkling eyes. “What do you want to say?” Kevin asked. “Thank you!” Karen responded with a smile. Thank you for not thinking of letting go of my hand during all those difficult times! Thank you for making me believe that true love existed in this world! Thank you for allowing me to bloom into the loveliest flower despite adversities “Are you silly?” For no reason, Karen thanked him again, so Kevin frowned. He did not want her to speak so courteously. “I’m not silly!” Karen nestled in Kevin’s arms. Listening to his steady and powerful heartbeat, she reached out to encircle his lean waist. In the future, no matter how bumpy the path ahead would be, as long as she had Little Karen and him by her side, she no longer needed to worry. “Karen, let’s go to Santorini, on the Aegean Sea, before the 20th of this month.” Kevin intended to give Karen a surprise, He planned to tell Karen about the wedding on the day of the wedding itself. This was the most romantic thing he could think to do for Karen. “Why do you think of going there suddenly?” The Aegean Sea was a destination that Karen had always wanted to go so badly, but she never had a chance to go there. “Didn’t we say that we would go there to have a look?” Kevin had been preparing for the wedding for a long time, which was always delayed. This time, he could not afford to allow any accidents to happen again. “Sure!” Karen was secretly determined that she would take good care of herself from now onwards. That way, when the day of their Santorini trip arrives, her health would not be a hindrance to Kevin. “Brother, sister-in-law, you have a lot of time in the future. Don’t get so intimate now. Brother, you should go greet the guests. Karen should get some rest.” Everyone in the family was busy, but the main characters for today were hiding in the garden and having their own sweet time. How could Mia, the meddlesome fellow, bear to see that? “You are an adult now, and regarding everything at home, I’ll leave you in charge, just do whatever you want.” Kevin was very dissatisfied that Mia appeared at this time. He was persuading Karen to go to the Aegean Sea with him. Mia suppressed her anger, pursed her lips, and said, “Mom asks you to go back into the house. She’s gotten a charm from the church before she came to the States. She wants to hand it to Karen.” Kevin was about to say something, but Karen squeezed his hand and said, “Let’s go back and spend some time with our family. Regardless of whether you want to accept Mom’s charm or not, I still want it.” Karen was not religious, but Mama Kyle was. The charm that she had gotten was definitely for the blessing of the younger generation. She had to accept her kind intentions. “I’m fine with that.” Kevin would definitely listen to her. He seemed to have a higher threshold and tolerance towards Karen. “Sister-in-law, my hate towards my brother is escalating.” Mia stepped forward to hold Karen and glared at Kevin with dissatisfaction. “He never cares about me now.” Before Kevin got married, apart from his work, Mia’s affairs mattered most to Kevin. Mia often cooked up trouble, and whatever it was, Kevin often had to clean her mess up for her.

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