My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 650

Those times, it seemed to be fun for Kevin Kyle to clean up her mess. So Mia Kyle was also having fun creating more troubles for him. Her cold brother was really like a block of ice outside work. If she didn’t create some fun for him in his pastime, he would probably be bored to death. However, these things had changed after Kevin got married. After marriage Karen Daly, Kevin’s attention was no longer on Mia. All his attention, apart from work, shifted to Karen. He was much more considerate to Karen than he was to Mia. Thinking that her cold bother no longer paid attention to her, Mia also felt jealous sometimes. But when she thought about it again, without her cold brother, she still had Neil Brown. Although Neil never knew how to be kind to women, she could slowly guide him. Neil’s temper was much better now than in the past. One night, when she was sleeping, she accidentally kicked Neil off the bed. It was rare for Neil to not lose his temper. He climbed up the bed and continued to sleep as if nothing had happened. If it were the ill-tempered Neil Brown in the past, he would probably lift her up and throw her out of the window. “Is Neil treating you well?” Indeed, Kevin changed the topic to Neil. In his apprehension, Mia was an adult already, so he could protect her all the time anymore like before. Now that she had grown up and had been dating Neil, needless to say, Neil would take good care of her. She did not need anyone else to worry about her. Of course, this was just referring solely to cleaning up Mia’s mess. If something really happened to Mia, Kevin would react faster than anyone else. “Does Neil ever treat me nicely?” When it came to Neil, Mia felt as sweet as honey, but she never wanted to admit it. After Karen’s accident, her family came back to the United States. Neil could not stay for long because of his military status and job, so he went back after a few days. Now, Mia had not met Neil for nearly three months. Sometimes, she missed him so much that she could not fall asleep at night. So many countless nights, she had been video chatting on her mobile phone with Neil under the quilt, to relieve her pain of missing him. However, the bastard Neil could fall asleep as they were chatting. “Mia, it’s not that I want to speak highly of Neil, but he really cares about you.” There was a saying that goes the onlooker sees more of the game’. Mia and Neil were dating, so they could not see things from a bigger picture. However, Karen, being a bystander, could see it clearly. Likewise, for the relationship between Karen and Kevin, Karen could not see things from the bigger picture too. But as a bystander, Mia could see through them crystal clear. “Sister-in-law, do you think he cares about me?” Mia rubbed her head on Karen’s shoulder and giggled. “Tell me, how did he care about me?” Mia had always been lively and open-minded. She liked Neil very much, and always kept it on the tip of her tongue as if she was worried that others would not know about it. However, she could not see how good Neil was to her, so it was great for her to hear a little from others’ perspectives. “He always takes your things to heart. He cares about you and loves you. When you face problems, he is always the first one to stand out.” Karen’s voice was naturally gentle and mellow. As she was slowly talking about Neil’s kindness for Mia, Mia was so touched by her words. “Sister-in-law, take a walk with my brother. I’m going to give Neil a call now,” Mia said as she left. “Damn Neil. What’s so great about this man?” Her life was helplessly dedicated to Neil now. When someone else praised him, all she wanted was to hear Neil’s voice. “Mia is such a nice girl!” Karen exclaimed from the bottom of her heart She had experienced such a drastic change in her family background, but she was still nice and living happily. She was always the zany in her family. “You’re nice too,” Kevin said. Beauty was in the eyes of the beholder, some people might look prettier and gentler than Karen, but no other woman could ever get Kevin’s attention. He remembered Karen fondly despite only meeting her once years ago. The second time they met, he actually forced Karen’s blind date partner to leave and took his place “Thank you for your compliment, Mr. Kyle! I will accept your compliment open-heartedly!” Karen replied, beaming from ear to ear. How Karen said “Mr. Kyle” sounded a little naughty and coy. and Kevin liked it. When he heard her address him that way, a faint smile appeared on Kevin’s face unconsciously. It was such a genuine smile. He responded, “Mrs. Kyle, say my name again!” Karen was stunned and so she questioned, “What name?” “What do you think, Mrs. Kyle?” He had already called her Mrs. Kyle, shouldn’t she call him Mr. Kyle in return? “Mr. Kyle, if you don’t tell me, how am I supposed to know?” Karen licked her lips and chuckled. He was Mr. Kyle! She was his Mrs. Kyle! “You really don’t know?” Kevin grabbed her and held her face. It seemed that he was ready to kiss her right away if she continued to act naughty. “I really don’t know!” Karen smiled playfully. Before she finished her words, Kevin kissed her. Karen did not evade him nor reject his advances, but she reciprocated Kevin’s kiss passionately. However, just as she was getting turned on, he let go of her. Seeing Karen’s sad eyes, Kevin caressed her pink lips and said with a chuckle, “You are still very weak. We have a long way to go.” Karen did not know what to say. When did this man become so evil? He even made fun of her. Karen raised her fist and punched him on the chest. “You’re so annoying!” “Annoying?” Kevin grabbed her fist and smirked, “But I felt that you enjoyed my kiss very much just now.” Karen was again speechless. She did like his kiss, but she was really shy. It was enough for them to keep their true thoughts to themselves, so why did he have to speak it out loud? Did he deliberately want to mock her? Having been married for so many years, Karen still blushed. Looking at her embarrassed look, Kevin’s mood cheered up and he laughed out loud. Kevin had always been reserved. He would not express his feelings easily, be it anger or happiness. In other words, no matter if he was happy or sad, everyone would just think that he was arrogant and hard to get close to. It was a rare occasion like this very moment where he could laugh out loud. This sort of situation had almost never happened. Seeing Kevin laugh out loud, Karen also cheered up. She said to herself, “In the future, I must make Kevin laugh more frequently, just like right now.”

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