My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 652

“Grandma, I’m back.” Little Karen’s soft voice sounded. She had already leaped towards her grandmother. “Yes, our Little Karen is back.” Mama Kyle hugged Little Karen as she ran over, caressing her little head lovingly. “Grandma, I have brought Aunt Faye and the chubby baby around the garden” Little Karen bragged proudly. Without waiting for her parents’ instructions, Little Karen took the initiative to be the guide and brought Faye and her family around the grand manor. Then, she returned with the guests and wanted to ask for rewards from her family. “Well, you are really so capable at greeting the guests at such a young age.” Mama Kyle squatted and kissed Little Karen’s rosy cheeks. They all loved their granddaughter very much. “She was really thoughtful. She was a great little guide.” Faye also chimed in and praised Little Karen. Although Little Karen did not introduce much, she showed great spirits and enthusiasm in showing the guests around. As a future heiress of the Kyle family, she was certain to live up to the family’s name. “Don’t praise her. If you praise her again, the little fella will be too full of herself.” Karen was secretly happy to hear all the praises. As a mother, she definitely was proud of her own daughter, but she did not want Little Karen to be praised so much that she became full of herself. “But she deserves to be full of herself.” Faye jokingly said. As for now, Karen Joy Kyle was the only heiress to the Kyle family in the future. She was the pampered daughter of a rich and powerful family. If she was not slightly pompous, who else could be? “Well, let’s continue to shower her with love then” Mama Kyle smiled and continued. The women had endless topics to talk about when they gathered around the child. Once they started talking, they would forget about the world temporarily. Sebastian Spencer could not join the women’s conversation. Furthermore, he was Kevin Kyle’s subordinate. Kevin was extremely aloof, so they did not have any topics to talk about in private. Therefore, Kevin went back to work in his study while Papa Kyle entertained Sebastian. They sat in the pavilion in the garden, drinking tea and playing chess. The days passed quickly and quietly. A few days had passed since Karen’s return. During one early morning, Karen woke up and stretched her body lazily. She opened her eyes and looked up. She saw Kevin Kyle sitting on the sofa by the window, reading the newspaper. It was a good habit he practised for a few years. Different from the past, when Kevin noticed that she got up, he immediately put the newspapers down. He joined her in bed, “You’re awake.” “Yeah.” Karen nodded. When she was about to get out of bed, Kevin pushed her back to the bed. He looked at her attentively, as if he had something to tell her, but he did not say anything. “Do I have something on my face?” Karen quickly reached out to touch her face and the corner of her eyes. There was neither eye boogers nor dirt on her face. “Yes, there’s something.” Kevin chuckled. “What is..” Before Karen could finish her sentence, Kevin lowered his head and kissed her. He held her chin and gently bit her lower lip. “No!” Karen instinctively placed her hands on his chest. It was early in the morning, but this man was already hugging and kissing her. What was he trying to do? “But, I want to!” He had wanted to be intimate with her for a long time already. However, since she had just recovered from her injuries, he had been suppressing his urges. He did not want to do anything because he was afraid of hurting her. “Kevin, I’m sorry!” Karen blamed herself. It was all her fault that she was in poor health. She was always unable to satisfy his physiological needs. “Silly, I just want to kiss you.” Kevin held the back of her head, rubbing his forehead gently against hers. “Kevin.” Karen sniffed and said nasally. “Actually, I can do it. Her body was not as feeble as he thought. After she was discharged from the hospital for more than two weeks now, he took care of her meticulously, so she recovered very quickly and well. Kevin grabbed her moving hands and called her softly, “Karen! He was not a man who indulged in desires, and also not the kind of person who could not live without the intimacy between a husband and wife. He wanted her, just because she was his wife and the only person who had a place in his heart. He would be in love with her regardless. Karen blinked, and her long eyelashes fluttered. “Don’t keep it in, I can really do it.” As Karen finished speaking softly, she blushed again. However, she boldly held Kevin’s waist and used actions to prove that she was willing to do it, and she could… “Little fool!” Kevin giggled, feeling warm because of her advances and initiatives. But as he saw how willing Karen was, he could not do anything to her. He was not a beast, and he would not disregard her physical condition. He only hoped that they could be like now every day in the future. Every night, he could hug her to sleep. Every morning, he could sit by the window and read the newspapers. When she woke up, he would give her a morning kiss. Kevin brushed Karen’s hands off him and planted a kiss on her forehead. “Get ready. We’ll be heading to the airport later.” Karen lowered her head and did not dare to look at him. “Are we going back to Chatterton Town?” “To the Aegean Sea.” Kevin lowered his head and kissed her again. He kissed her face until she blushed, then he let her go. “In the future, don’t ever forget what I’ve told you.” “I’m sorry!” She really did not expect that Kevin would arrange to go to Aegean Sea so soon. After all, they seemed to have mentioned going to Aegean Sea before, but there never was a definite plan. “Don’t say sorry. If you really want to apologize, show me your sincerity.” Kevin looked at Karen playfully. “Bad guy!” Karen murmured. This man had changed a lot since. When they first got married, he was a cold and arrogant gentleman; but now he could come out with all sorts of naughty things. “People always say that women always love bad guys.” Once again, Kevin mentioned the words that he would never say before. “I’m ignoring you.” Karen scampered out of bed and hid in the bathroom as if she was running for her life. If this man flirted with her again, she would definitely blush even more. Once again, Karen witnessed how wealthy Kevin was. Kevin had prepared a private plane to fly to Aegean Sea. It was a specially-arranged private plane. From the inside, the plane was completely different from that of a commercial plane. The insides of the private planed looked like a suite, as the plane was nicely equipped with a room, kitchen and drinking bar. The plane offered everything Karen could think of, and also included many other facilities out of her expectations. For example, the cabin was divided into two rooms, and the latter part was a master bedroom The front part of the cabin was a place for entertainment and had common areas, and there were also a few beautiful air stewardesses. Karen could not help but exclaim in awe. She really did marry a super rich big boss!

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