My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 653

Of course, what concerned Karen Daly the most, were not the things that Kevin Kyle had given her, but the relationship between Little Karen and Jayden. After she came round, she found that the relationship between Little Karen and Jayden had improved a lot. Although Little Karen did not rely on Jayden as much as she did with Brother Lionel, but when she sweetly called Jayden “brother”, Jayden would also be happy, as his love for his sister was genuine. He would always think of his sister first whenever he found something nice to play. He always took good care of her. Currently, Jayden and Little Karen were sitting together. Jayden was patiently teaching Little Karen some new knowledge he had learned. Little Karen was listening attentively. At such a young age, she had already displayed her strong thirst for knowledge. Karen witnessed how the genes run similarly down the bloodline of the Kyle family. Although Little Karen was a young girl, she inherited her father’s high intelligence. At such a young age, she learned and understood everything quickly. Little Karen’s hobby was drawing and dancing ballet, as well as Taekwondo, which Kevin made her learn. Her learning progress was excellent across all her hobbies and academics, and she was often complimented by her teachers. Especially when it came to dancing, Little Karen seemed to be very talented. After a few months, she was already able to dance well. A few days ago, Little Karen personally told Karen that she wanted to be the best ballerina in the future. She had high ambitions although she was still very young. “What are you looking at? What’s more attractive than me?” Sitting next to Karen, Kevin was a little jealous as it seemed like he did not exist in her eyes. “I’m looking at our Little Karen and Jayden. They are much more attractive than you, aren’t they?” Karen turned around and looked at him, smiling. Kevin responded firmly, “To me, you’re the most charming person.” Of course, he was speaking the truth and had an implied meaning. To him, Karen was the most beautiful person, so to Karen, he should be the most good-looking person as well. “How can a grown man be envious of two children? They are our children.” It was true that Kevin could get jealous easily. When they just got married, Karen and William Baker were rather close to each other. Kevin would often stop her from interacting more, indirectly implying that he would be jealous “First, you are my wife, and then you are their mother.” Without him, how could Karen possibly have children? So, he should be the most important person to her. “Bossy! Tyrannic!” Although she said those words out loud, Karen did not mean them. She liked the fact that he only cared about her. “You haven’t seen my real bossiness!” As soon as he finished his words, Kevin grabbed Karen into his arms and kissed her hard. Kevin was naturally a possessive person, with a strong desire to control. Most of the time, Kevin was suppressing his nature and trying his best to tolerate and respect Karen. Therefore, the Kevin that Karen knew was not the real Kevin. “The children are all here. As a parent, you should act like a parent.” Karen managed to push Kevin away with great difficulty and she gasped for breath. Kevin raised his lips slightly and said in a dissatisfied tone, “Sometimes, the children are such an eyesore.” “I’m not!” Little Karen’s angry and childish voice sounded. Her father claimed that she was an eyesore behind her back. Fortunately, she heard it. She was about to be angry at her father. She counted with her cute fingers and said, “I want to be angry at you for two hours.” “Do you really want to be angry with me?” Kevin put on a hurt expression. “I will be very sad.” Little Karen did not know what to say It was really hard to figure out what to do next! Every time when she said that she wanted to be angry at her father, he would pretend to look sad. She loved her father, so she did not want her father sad. “Little Karen, you don’t intend to come over to comfort me, do you?” The father who had done something wrong made it seem like Little Karen was to blame instead. No matter how smart Little Karen was, she was still a child. She was no match for her father. She knew that her father was pretending to be pitiful, but she still ran over, threw herself into her father’s arms, and gave him a sweet kiss. After getting his daughter’s kiss, Kevin returned another kiss. The little squabble between the father and daughter came to an end. Karen looked at the interaction between the father and daughter, and her face was full of smiles. She had Kevin and Little Karen, and also adopted Jayden. She had nothing more to ask for in her life. However, she would still greedily hope that it would be better if she could have two more children with Kevin. However… She did not want to think about the child she had lost. The more she thought about it, the more her heart ached. She could not be the wet blanket and ruin the good mood in the family. After flying for a long time, their plane landed at the airport nearest to Santorini. After disembarking the plane, they got into a special car and headed straight to the Aegean Sea, it was such a romantic destination. On the plane, Karen was worried about her two children a lot. She was always worried that they would hurt themselves while running around. In order to take care of them, she did not have a good rest at all. So, after checking into the hotel, she was already exhausted, but she still tried her best to take care of the children first. Originally, Kevin had arranged for the both of them to come to Aegean Sea first, and requested the elders to bring the children over later. However, Karen was not willing to travel alone and leave her children, especially Little Karen, in others’ care. Therefore, she decided to bring Little Karen along with her. Of course, she also had to bring Jayden along. Karen hoped that she could be equally fair to her children and not let Jayden feel like an outsider. During the journey, Kevin wanted to take care of the two children, but Karen did not allow him to. He needed to work and take care of her. How could she let him take care of the children too? Karen was a stubborn person. It was difficult for her to change her mind and compromise. Kevin knew her well, so he decided to follow along. As long as she did not hurt herself, Kevin would do as she said. After Karen and the children rested, Kevin did not rest. Instead, he asked the bodyguards to take care of the safety of the mother and children, and went to check out the wedding venue. Previously, he had watched the videos and photos of the wedding site, but when he saw the venue right in front of his eyes, he had a different feeling. “Director Kevin, it’s all set according to your order.” Nick Black came here in advance to supervise the workers, and he requested the staff to prepare every detail according to Director Kevin’s instructions. He did not dare to make any mistakes. After the venue was prepared, Nick examined it multiple times. He did not find any other faults to pick on, so their director should be satisfied. Kevin stood at the entrance of the wedding venue. Instead of walking forward, he raised his head and looked ahead. His expression looked calm, but the feelings deep in his heart were turbulent, like the tidal waves in a typhoon. Kevin remained expressionless and calm as usual, but Nick was anxious because he did not know if the director was satisfied. What he feared most was their director’s emotionless face and attitude. He did not know whether he was happy or angry most times. It was difficult to work with him.

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