My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 654

Nick Black observed Kevin Kyle secretly for a long time, but still failed to find any clues from his look. He cursed in his heart, “This is bad. Their president usually has such a poker face when he is dissatisfied with his subordinates’ work.” Kevin didn’t say anything, and Nick didn’t know how dissatisfied he was. Nick was so anxious that he scratched his head. Even if he wanted to correct his mistake, he didn’t know where to start. He took a breath and said cautiously, “Director Kevin…” Before Nick could finish speaking, Kevin interrupted him and said, “Ask York, what’s the arrangement for the guests?” When Kevin spoke and did not comment on the wedding venue, Nick immediately understood that their president was also satisfied. Since there was no problem with his work, Nick felt relieved. When he answered Kevin’s question, he was more relaxed. Nick said, “The people who have a good relationship with Rovio in the political and commercial circles have been invited, and their accommodation have been arranged. The media is also ready.” As for the guests, Kevin had already requested for invitations to be sent out three months ago. The media who were attending were selected carefully as well. After such a long time, Nick and York Tanner would not make a mistake. Kevin clearly knew that they would not make mistakes, but he still needed to be assured. That was because he wanted to give Karen a perfect wedding, and he could not afford to make any mistakes. “Okay.” Kevin nodded, “You can continue your work.” Hearing Kevin’s words, Nick felt relieved. Nick responded with a simple “yes” and he scrambled away, fearing that Director Kevin made any other remarks. After Nick left, Kevin still stood in the same place as he admired the church he built temporarily for Karen. Although it was built temporarily, it took a lot of time. He had asked someone to prepare before Herbert Ken’s accident, and now it had been more than half a year. For more than half a year, it took Kevin a lot of effort, money, and resources. However, no matter how much money he spent, he thought it was all worth it for Karen’s sake. Looking at the church and the romantic and warm layout, Kevin did not step in to take a look. He was waiting for Karen. On the day of the wedding, he would hold her hand, Together, they would walk in from one end of the red carpet to the other end. They would stand in front of the priest and swear to God that they would be together for the rest of their lives. Not long after Kevin left, Karen woke up. She wanted to sleep again, but she couldn’t fall asleep. She didn’t know if it was because she was used to having Kevin by her side as she slept in the past few months, so when he left, it seemed that her soul had been taken away by him. She was very sleepy, but she could not fall asleep. They had just arrived at the Aegean Sea. Before they sat down to rest for a while, Kevin was already busy. “What on earth was he busy with?” Karen thought silently. Karen stared at the ceiling with her eyes wide open. All kinds of thoughts flashed through her mind. “Is he going to work or has something personal to do?” Because of her injury, Kevin had entrusted most of his work to his subordinates in order to take care of her. He was only responsible for making some important decisions. Karen tossed and turned, yet she couldn’t fall asleep. On the contrary, Little Karen, who was lying next to her, fell asleep soundly. She occasionally pouted her small mouth while she slept. She looked absolutely adorable. She couldn’t help but pinch the tip of the little fellow’s nose and whispered, “Baby Karen, get up quickly, there’s a strawberry for you.” “Oh…” Little Karen stretched out her little hand and patted off the “worms” at the tip of her nose, continuing to sleep. Karen would like to tease the little girl even more if she couldn’t wake her up. Karen pinched Little Karen’s nose and she whispered again, “Baby Karen, if you don’t get up, Brother Lionel will leave again.” When Little Karen suddenly heard the two words “Brother Lionel”, she instantly sobered up and opened her big bright eyes. “Brother Lionel?” Karen said it in a very soft voice as she just wanted to tease Little Karen. She did not expect that the little fellow would really wake up. It was really unbelievable that the little Fellow would react to “Brother Lionel” so strongly. Little Karen rubbed her eyes and looked around, but there was no sign of Brother Lionel. Since she couldn’t see Brother Lionel, the little fellow was so sad that her mouth puckered and she was going to cry. “Baby, I’m sorry!” Karen’s heart ached when she saw the sad look on Little Karen’s face. She really did not expect that the little girl could hear her. “Mom!” Little Karen threw herself into her mother’s arms and rubbed her little head against her mother’s chest.” miss Brother Lionel.” “Little Karen, you will meet your Brother Lionel’ in the future.” Karen assured calmly. This “Brother Lionel” would not be the real Brother Lionel, but another person who really loved Little Karen and was willing to protect her with his life. “But now, I miss Brother Lionel.” Little Karen whined sadly. She hadn’t seen Brother Lionel for a long time. Brother Lionel had not visited her for such a long time. Did Brother Lionel not remember her? Or perhaps Brother Lionel had already forgotten their agreement? “Baby, I’m sorry!” Karen blamed herself like she had sinned. How could she use “Brother Lionel” as a way to wake Little Karen up? “What’s wrong with Little Karen?” Kevin came back and entered the room. He saw Little Karen nestled in Karen’s arms. Karen’s face was full of shame, and Little Karen looked very sad. “Dad, I miss Brother Lionel!” The little fellow saw her father and threw herself into his arms. “Well, how’s your ballet? How about performing a short dance for us?” Kevin deliberately ignored Little Karen’s words and immediately changed the topic. “Of course not!” The little fellow replied sadly. She was sad so how could she have the mood to dance for her parents? Kevin touched her head and said softly, “If you don’t want to dance, then so be it. Go to the next room and get your brother. Let’s get a good meal together.” “Okay.” Sure enough, the little fellow’s attention was quickly diverted by her father, and she threw Brother Lionel aside. “What happened just now?” As soon as Little Karen left, Kevin looked at Karen and asked gently “Sigh!” Karen heaved a long sigh, and a trace of sadness surged in her heart. She said, “If Lionel was not killed, and if he could stay with her all the time, how good would that be.” Karen was very satisfied with Lionel, hoping that when Little Karen grew up, she would meet a man as excellent as Lionel However, there were so many men in the world. It was too hard to find a man who could protect Little Karen like Lionel “He’s gone. He’s passed away. Stop thinking about him, and don’t mention him in front of Little Karen in the future.” It was said that a daughter was her father’s lover in his previous life. This saying described Kevin’s situation perfectly He hid the fact that Lionel was not dead because he didn’t want to see Little Karen rely too much on another man. This was also the first time that he didn’t tell Karen Daly the truth.

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