My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 655

“No matter what, he lost his life in order to protect Little Karen. He saved my daughter, and I am grateful to him. Why can’t I think of him?” Karen Daly asked gently. She often thought of Lionel, not only because he sacrificed his life to protect Little Karen, but also because she thought that he would make a good frame of reference for Little Karen’s future husband. He was tall, handsome, and he was very responsible. He must be very popular with the ladies. “Karen!” Kevin Kyle called for her as he lowered his head to bite her playfully. He said in a deep voice, “From now on, you are not allowed to think about other men except for me!” “You are really a tyrant! Bossy!” Karen glanced at him and laughed. When Kevin became domineering, he was really unreasonable. He didn’t have any explanations. Maybe this was the real Kevin. “I’m only bossy towards you!” Because he cared about her, he did not allow her to think about others. He hoped that he was always on her mind. Karen responded with a smile. “You are always so bossy towards me. Is it because I am different from you? If so, want to thank you for your kindness.” Seeing her smiling widely and her eyes were sparkling with joy, Kevin’s mood also brightened up. “You are so sweet.” He held her into his arms and gently rubbed her head with his. “Karen..” “What’s wrong?” Recently, he always liked to call her name but he didn’t say anything else after, which made her feel uneasy. “Karen..” Kevin still did not say anything. He just called her name gently, as it was the most beautiful word in the world for him. He didn’t want to say anything else. “I’m here.” Slowly, Karen seemed to understand what Kevin was doing. She leaned quietly in his arms and listened to him calling her over and over again with a pleasant voice. His voice was deep and seductive. When he called her name, it made her feel as if he wanted to imprint her name deep in his heart He wanted to remember her deeply. Karen shared the same sentiments too. Kevin changed his usual way of doing things secretly and sent out invitations early to invite the elites from all walks of life to attend his wedding. Because he wanted to use this wedding ceremony to announce to the world that he was married. His wife was Karen Daly! The one and only They also had a child who was about to be five years old. Her name was Karen Joy Kyle, and she was also the daughter of Rovio’s global head. The guests invited by Kevin were from a higher economical and social status. They were either big shots in the business world, in the military industry, and from political circles. Of course, many people were proud to be able to attend Kevin’s wedding. The people who were on his invitation list were influential people that Rovio acknowledged. The attendees had a fair relationship with Rovio. On the day before the wedding ceremony, all the guests who had received the invitation arrived at the venue, and Kevin’s parents greeted the guests promptly. Kevin did not tell Karen about the wedding. At this time, all the guests had arrived, yet Kevin was still accompanying a clueless Karen. The took a walk by the sea. “Mom, who is going to get married tomorrow? You and dad? Or should it be someone else?!” Mia asked rhetorically and angrily In order to welcome the guests, Mia had been standing at the hotel entrance for two hours now, and her legs were going stiff. It was not a big deal, because the bride and groom of the wedding were her brother and sister-in-law. She needed to help them However, the couple were taking a walk by the sea when everyone else was busy. They were displaying their affection in public. As a single person who had just broken up, Mia felt pitiful enough. How was it fair for a recently single woman like her to watch their display of affection and help them greet the guests who came to their wedding? Every guest who came to the wedding offered congratulatory remarks. She endured everything for two hours, and she felt that she had reached her limit of patience. As she thought about how the lovebirds were enjoying their sweet time together, yet she still had to accompany her father and mother to serve the guests in the hotel, she was feeling a deep sense of unjust. The more she thought about it, the angrier Mia became. Mama Kyle replied her with a smile, “In the future, when you get married, ask your brother and sister-in-law to entertain guests for you, and you’ll get to be the beautiful bride.” Mia snorted and said, “I don’t want to get married.” Mama Kyle responded patiently, “You don’t want to marry Neil?” “We have broken up.” Mia said angrily. When she saw Mama Kyle’s eyes showed signs of disbelief, she added, “Don’t you believe me? I dumped him. By the way, I’m the one who doesn’t want him anymore, not the other way.” “Mia, what’s wrong with you two?” A few days ago, Mia rushed back to Chatterton Town from the United States. Mama Kyle thought that she was just messing around. When she returned to Neil, the two of them would naturally be fine. This time, when she saw Mia attend the wedding alone, she didn’t think much about their relationship. Because of the special identity of Neil, it was no surprise that he couldn’t attend the wedding “Mom, don’t mention him in front of me again. I’ve cut ties with him. We’re strangers now.” Mia gritted her teeth. All the weaknesses of Neil, such as his arrogance, violent temper, and ruthlessness, could be accepted by her unconditionally. However, she could not bear that Neil could potentially have some other ties with other women. As she recalled the day she returned to Chatterton Town, Mia’s heart was still aching as if someone was stabbing her with a knife. She had always thought that if Neil dared to betray her, she would definitely destroy Neil and kill the other woman. However, when she saw that scene that day, she was surprisingly calm. She could not believe how calm she was. She didn’t do anything and chose to run away. She pretended that she didn’t see anything, and pretended that nothing had happened. In that case, she could still stay with Neil as usual. However, she overestimated herself. She thought that she could pretend that nothing had happened. But when Neil appeared in front of her, she could not help but think about what she saw that day and felt disgusted. “You’re back?” At that time, Neil spoke casually as he reached out to hold her. Just as his hand reached out, Mia stepped back unknowingly to avoid his touch.

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