My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 656

“Why are you avoiding me?” Neil failed to hold onto Mia. He frowned unhappily and reached out to grab her again. “Neil, I don’t like you anymore. Let’s break up.” Before his hand touched her, she spoke up confidently. “Mia, it’s enough to lose your temper once.” Neil’s face turned dark. It was rare to see his serious attitude. In the past, no matter where he was, people would always perceive him to be self-centered and ruthless. “Who’s losing temper here?” Mia sneered and said, “Neil, do you think you are the only man in the world? Do you really think that I can’t live after you leave?” “Mia, take back what you said just now. I can pretend that nothing has happened.” Neil narrowed his eyes slightly and looked very fierce. “What happened has happened. Can you pretend that it didn’t happen?” Mia looked at him and chuckled. If she didn’t take a flight home for more than ten hours and didn’t see him with other women, she wouldn’t know that he had done such disgusting things behind her. She might even continue to be with him innocently. But she found out already, and the mere thought of it made her feel extremely disgusted. How could he pretend that nothing had happened? “What’s wrong with you?” Neil walked over to her and reached out to her again, ready to carry her. “Don’t touch me!” Mia shouted. Disgusting! Scum! Many words jumped to Mia’s mind, but she couldn’t control her temper, so she raised her voice. “Mia, try me again!” Neil stared at Mia and tried to hold back his anger, but he couldn’t resist exploding. “I won’t like you anymore. We’re done here. If we bump into each other, let’s pretend not to know each other.” Mia said. Mia didn’t know that she could calmly break up with him, and she could even smile brightly. Although she smiled brightly, no one else would understand how painful her heart was, as if someone wanted to rip her heart off. “Really? It’s your words here.” After saying this, Neil turned around and left. He didn’t even ask why. Mia looked at his tall figure as he walked further and further away. She clenched her fists very tightly. Her palm was bleeding, but she didn’t feel pain. “Mia? Mia?” Mama Kyle didn’t get Mia’s attention after calling her a few times. She grabbed her and said, “If you are tired, you can rest for awhile. Your father and I will manage this.” “Oh, okay.” She would not be of much help if she stayed here in her current state. It would be better for her to calm herself down. This hotel was arranged to accommodate guests. Mia and Mama Kyle did not live here. It would take more than ten minutes for them to walk to the hotel they lived in. If they took a cab, they could arrive in about five minutes. Mia was troubled, she didn’t want to talk to others, so she chose to walk back to the hotel alone. She tried hard to calm herself down. She reassured herself that she was tenacious and could not be beaten down. She needed to make herself feel better. “Miss Kyle, congratulations!” Mia lowered her head because she was too absorbed in her thoughts. If it weren’t for the man’s sudden voice, she might have fallen into his arms. “I’m sorry!” Mia looked up and saw a familiar yet unknown face. “You? You are? You are that…” The man looked familiar. She had seen him somewhere before, but she couldn’t quite remember him. “I’ve been thinking about you a lot, but you don’t even remember me. It’s very sad.” The man shook his head and put on a very pitiful look. Mia thought of a name. The name was on the tip of her tongue. She almost blurted it out, but she couldn’t say it somehow. “Yes, you remember me. So who am I?” The man got close to Mia and anticipated her answer. “Zuriel Perth? Are you Zuriel, from Country A?” Mia thought for a long time and finally said his name. “Miss Kyle, you can still remember me. Well, my efforts did not go to vain then. I’ve always missed you so much.” Zuriel Perth smiled proudly. Mia asked, “Why are you here?” Zuriel said, “I’m here to attend Director Kevin’s and Mrs. Kyle’s wedding of the century. “Did my brother invite you?” Mia did not believe that Zuriel would be invited. “No.” Zuriel answered honestly. “You are not invited. You are not my brother or my sister-in law’s friend. So, which wedding do you wish to attend?” Mia looked at him angrily, and then looked at the two men standing next to him. “Perth, do you have any ulterior motives? If you have any bad intentions, I won’t be merciful.” “I am not a friend of Director Kevin or Mrs. Kyle, but I am your friend, Miss Kyle. This time I just came here to attend the wedding and meet some new people. If I really have any bad intentions, will appear in front of you?” Zuriel responded casually He had no interest in this wedding at all. His master asked him to find a way to attend the wedding, so he was forced to come. Thinking of his master, Zuriel’s eyes glanced at the teenage boy on his left.. The makeup artist was so good that no one could recognize his master’s original appearance at all. His master could see the girl he wanted to see with this camouflage “That’s true, but who knows if you want to take advantage of me?” Even though she was familiar with Zuriel, Mia didn’t let her guard down. Although the news of the wedding in Santorini by the Aegean Sea had not been spread out by the media, there were still a lot of guests who had received invitations, and some who wanted to hurt her brother had also sneaked in. Zuriel put his hand on his chest and put on a sad look. “Miss Kyle, we used to be friends who went through thick and thin. If you see me in a bad light, I will be very sad.” Mia glared at him and said, “Fine, I trust you. If you want to attend the wedding, you can follow me tomorrow.” “Little Aunt!” Little Karen’s soft voice was heard. George Ken drove the children around in a buggy for sightseeing. After a tour, he bumped into Mia. Hearing Little Karen’s voice, the man standing on the left side of Zuriel looked at her. When his gaze landed on Little Karen, he could no longer shift his gaze away. However, Little Karen could not see him. She was focused on her Little Aunt.

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