My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 657

“Little Aunt, I miss you so much.” Little Karen plunged into Mia’s arms and rubbed her little head against her body. “I miss you too.” Mia just arrived last night. When Mia got up today, she was busy greeting the guests. She had not seen Little Karen yet. Lionel’s fiery eyes stared at Little Karen quietly. They had not seen each other for half a year. Did she not remember him anymore? As he thought about how the little fellow didn’t remember him anymore, Lionel looked disappointed and there was pain on his face. After all, Little Karen was still so young. When he left, she had just passed her four-year-old birthday. It was normal that she did not remember him. He did not expect her to remember him. He just wanted to look at her secretly and knew that she was happy and healthy. However, he wanted more. If he really thought so simply, he would not have come to this place at such a tense time back in his country. He wanted to hear the little fellow call him “Brother Lionel” softly He wanted to hold the little fellow in his arms and kiss her pink face. He would tell her that she must come to him when she grew up. However, she could not recognize him. Little Karen could not recognize him with the heavy makeup and disguise, even an adult like Mia could not recognize him. This was what he wanted. But at this moment, he hoped that he was not covered in makeup. Maybe when the little fellow saw him, she could recognize him at a glance. If he was not wearing such a heavy makeup and disguise, could Little Karen recognize him at a glance? Before he saw her, he was very confident that she would recognize him nonetheless, but at this moment, he was not sure at all Compared with the last time he saw Little Karen in Chatterton Town last year, she was much taller. However, she still looked the same. Her eyes were clear and bright, with the innocence and cuteness of a child. Even if a heinous person saw her, he would want to be good to her. She was such a sweet child. She was innocent, lovely sensible, and that face of hers would definitely melt anyone s heart immediately. It took Mia a lot of effort to pick Little Karen up. “Our baby Karen is getting taller, and I can’t hold you anymore.” “Little Aunt, I can walk by yourself.” Mom and grandma were not able to hold her up anymore, but fortunately, she had her father, grandpa, and uncle. They could still hold her up. If Brother Lionel was still alive, he should be able to carry her. In her heart, Brother Lionel was a hero who could be comparable with her father. “I want to hold you.” Although Mia couldn’t carry her anymore, Mia still wanted to try as she loved her very much. “I like you, Little Aunt.” Little Karen complimented her aunt and showered her with kisses, which further made Mia’s heart flutter “Baby Karen, why don’t you go back to the hotel with me?” Mia was depressed, but when she saw Little Karen, she put her worries aside and was so happy to spend time with her. “Okay.” Little Karen nodded adorably. Seeing that they were about to leave, Zuriel was anxious. The purpose of their visit this time was to see the gem of the Kyle family. Actually, it was his master’s purpose. Their master, the Third Prince, wanted to see this little girl badly. Zuriel didn’t expect that he could meet Little Karen as soon as he arrived at the destination. If he let them go like this, he would suffer a lot later. At this time, Zuriel’s diplomatic wisdom that he gained in his life could be put to good use. He smiled and said, “Miss Kyle, this little girl must be Director Kevin’s daughter. She’s so cute. I’m so happy whenever I see her.” He knew to get close to someone, he needed to praise the kid. However, what he said was not a lie. The child was indeed adorable. Otherwise, his master would not have changed his identity and visit the little fellow when the situation in his country was so dangerous At the mention of Little Karen, Mia hugged her tightly and looked at him with a vigilant face. “Perth, don’t even think about Little Karen.” Tomorrow was the day of Kevin’s and Karen’s wedding. If anything happened to Little Karen, the wedding would be prepared in vain. Therefore, when Kevin and Karen were not with the two children, they entrusted them to George to look after them. “Mia, even if I have the guts, I would not be brave enough to mess around.” Zuriel said. Poor him, he was just carrying out orders. “I suppose you don’t have the guts then.” Mia had been acquainted with Zuriel before. This man was a little self righteous and shameless, but he had not harm anyone before. She added, “If there’s nothing else, then I will go first. We’ll talk tomorrow.” Zuriel added, “Miss Kyle, why don’t you take the child with you and we can have dinner together?” If he could succeed in this matter, his master would reward him well. In the future, when his master had gotten the throne, his life would be better. However, Mia’s words shattered his dream. Mia glanced at him and said, “If you want to have dinner with us, get in line. After a few years, it might be your turn.” After that, she got into George’s buggy and swaggered off. “She is still so arrogant, yet so lovely.” Zuriel looked at Mia’s back and commented, “Unfortunately, Neil’s got a hold of her.” As he spoke, he felt a chill on his back and shivered all of a sudden The weather was very good today. The sun was shining and the weather was beautiful. Why did he feel cold suddenly? “Is the weather changing?” Zuriel thought. When he looked back, he understood why he felt the chills. His master was looking at him with dissatisfaction, and his eyes looked like he wanted to swallow him alive. “Third Young Master, that, I…” Damn it, how could he forget his master’s purpose? He was flirting with Mia. Obviously his master would be angry Zuriel hurriedly defended himself, “Third Young Master, we just arrived here and saw the daughter of Director Kevin already. We’re so lucky.” Lionel didn’t say anything. He looked at Little Karen, who was already far away. He didn’t look away until she completely disappeared in sight. Zuriel wiped off his cold sweat and said, “Third Young Master, don’t worry. We will definitely be able to sneak into tomorrow’s wedding.”

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