My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 658

Lionel shot a cold glance at Zuriel, then turned around and left Zuriel followed him immediately and said, “Third Young Master, besides sneaking in, I will definitely try to have you meet that girl. I promise. If his master could not see the child tomorrow, he could just forget about his job and his life. “What a tragedy!” He thought to himself. After all, he came from a very powerful family. His father was a senior official in the government, and he was a very famous diplomat Why did he become someone’s little assistant and had no powers of his own? Little assistant? Zuriel felt uncomfortable with that label. “No, no, I am the Master Perth. How can I become someone s little assistant?” “What did I do wrong? What did I do wrong?” Zuriel looked like he was about to cry. He worked so hard. Not only did he not get any appreciation from his mater, but he almost lost his life. “Ouch!” As he was immersed in his own thoughts, he did not see that Lionel suddenly stopped in front of him and he bumped into Lionel “Oh God.” “I’ve literally stepped on his toes this time!” Zuriel thought anxiously. “Zuriel, are you unhappy and unwilling to work with me?” Lionel raised his eyebrows and stared at Zuriel fiercely, who was in pain “Third Young Master, how can you think so? You are my superior. I’m willing to work for you.” Zuriel answered quickly. “You may also be our future president,” he thought to himself. As a diplomat, being eloquent was his greatest skill. “We’ll go to the wedding tomorrow and act according to the circumstances. We can’t mess around.” Lionel gave an order solemnly First of all, his identity must not be exposed, so he must avoid everyone to see Little Karen. Second, he could not scare Little Karen away. This was the most important thing Guests and invited reporters arrived at the wedding venue already. Everyone was waiting to witness tomorrow’s wedding of the century. However, Karen, one of the main stars of the event, still had no idea about what’s going on. At this time, she was strolling along the beach with Kevin, watching and listening to the ocean waves. “Mr. Kyle, I beg you. Please let me take off my shoes and walk.” Karen was on the beach, but she couldn’t go into the sea. Kevin did not allow her to enter the sea due to her poor health. She could only watch others play near the sea. As he heard Karen’s plea, he didn’t reject her unreasonably. He rubbed her head and said, “Do you really want to go?” “Mmmmm..” Karen nodded repeatedly, and leaned against Kyle lovingly. “You are the most reasonable person. You will definitely satisfy my request.” “Okay.” Kevin agreed immediately. “Really?!” Karen was so excited that she almost cheered. She did not believe that Kevin, who was so persistent earlier, would agree to her plea now. His permission could make her excited like a child. Kevin’s heart melted. He smiled and said, “Take off your shoes.” Karen took off her shoes in a flash as she was worried that Kevin might pull back on his words soon. She took his hand and gave him a bright smile. “Kevin, let’s go.” However, Kevin threw her hand away and took a small step forward. He squatted down and said, “Come up.” Karen did not understand. “What are you doing?” He said, “I’ll carry you.” He was still worried about her being in the sea water, but he couldn’t bear to see her disappointed, so he thought that carrying her into the sea was a good idea. “No need.” Karen looked around and found that there were many people on the beach, and they were followed by a lot of bodyguards. She was embarrassed. “Your husband is carrying you. What’s there to be embarrassed about?” He knew what she was thinking about at a glance. “You’re not.” They had divorced before. So technically, they were not legally married. Thinking of what she had done a few months ago, which ended up hurting him tremendously, Karen began to feel uncomfortable again. “I’m not?” Kevin did not understand what she wanted to say. “We’re still divorced.” Karen lowered her head and said softly. She was so nervous that her fingers twisted around the corner of her clothes. “Idiot!” Sometimes, this silly woman was really stupid. She couldn’t even differentiate the fake divorce certificate from the real one. She was so gullible. “I’m sorry!” She knew how stupid her action was. She was threatened by others, and thought that he could not protect himself, so she did such a stupid thing. Seeing the remorse on her face, Kevin took her into his arms and kissed her forehead. “Fool, you are my wife. This never changed.” Karen had a confused look on her face. Kevin pinched her face and said, “The man who processed our divorce is one of my men. The divorce certificate is a fake. We’re still legally married.” Karen was surprised and happy, but gradually, she felt even worse. It turned out that Kevin had done so many things to protect their marriage. However, in the beginning, she thought he did not care about their marriage, that was why he agreed to the divorce request so quickly. “Come up.” Kevin crouched down again. “Okay.” Karen climbed onto his back with her face gently pressed against his back. Her heart was beating very fast “Put your arms around my neck,” Kevin said. “Okay.” Karen did as she was told obediently. Kevin was much taller than her. After Karen got up his back, she felt that her vision suddenly widened and she could see farther. Kevin carried her on his back as easily as carrying a child. He walked steadily, so she was not afraid at all. She went close to his ears, “Sweet Mr. Kyle, thank you!” Kevin said, “If you really want to thank me, just listen to me and take care of yourself.” “Yes, sir!” She smiled, and her smile was as bright as the sun, but he couldn’t see it. “Her husband is so nice to her. Look at you, it’s hard to get you to even walk with me. A passer-by commented “If you’re as good-looking as her, I’m also willing to do it.” The man replied. “If I am so good-looking, the person standing beside me would not be you, but.” The woman looked at Kevin adoringly. “If I ever meet such a handsome and considerate husband in my life, I could just die a happy death. When they walked past a couple, Karen heard their conversation No matter where Kevin went, even if others didn’t know his identity, he could always attract others’ attention. He was that attractive. In addition to his good looks, he looked elegant and kind. How could others not like him? But the man who was so good-looking and generous only belonged to her. He belonged with her, and she belonged with him!

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