My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 659

Karen Daly tightened her hands around Kevin Kyle’s neck, as if she wanted to swear her sovereignty to those who coveted Kevin She wanted to tell everyone that this man already had a wife so they needed to back off. Kevin knew what Karen was doing. He was also smiling so brightly that he looked extremely charming. It turned out that your mood would change according to your lover’s mood. When she was happy, he felt that the whole world was so beautiful. When she was upset, he would feel that the world was dark. His mood now depended on another’s feelings. In the past, he was never like this as he found it important to hold himself well. But now, he liked it very much. It was just because the other party was his beloved wife! “Kevin, how do you feel when you hear other women talking about you?” Sometimes, Karen really wanted to go into Kevin’s mind to see if he was as calm as he looked. “Is someone talking about me?” Kevin really did not care about what others said. He only cared about the woman on his back. “Kevin, I’m sure you heard it. Or are you trying to make me happy?” Karen asked with a smile. It did not matter if he heard or did not hear others discussion, this answer made Karen happier, and she smiled so widely that it seemed like she had picked up a priceless treasure. “Surely he must have been too busy thinking about me to mind others?” Karen thought. The sun shone brightly, but because the wind was cold, the sea felt a little cold too. Kevin was glad that he did not let Karen get into the water. Otherwise, she would catch a cold. Kevin walked forward slowly. It seemed that he intended to carry her on his back and walk on forever. “Kevin, I really want to go down and take a walk on my own.” Karen leaned on Kevin’s back and rubbed against him like a kitten. She hoped that her husband could let her be willful for once. “No way!” Kevin refused again. “But I really want to walk by myself.” She leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek. She even used the honey trap. “No way!” This time, Kevin refused without any hesitation and directly cut off Karen’s hope. “What a bully!” Karen murmured. “When this man is a domineering bully, there is really no room for negotiation at all. But he looks quite attractive in this way.” Karen thought to herself. “When the weather is better and you are feeling better, let’s come here again for a walk.” Kevin added. He couldn’t bear to see Karen’s disappointment. “Are we staying here for a long time?” The trip needed to be short as Kevin still had a lot of things to do back home. Karen thought that they would leave in a few days. This was the place she had been wishing to visit for a long time, but she had been at the hotel since they arrived. It was not easy for Karen to come out and take a walk today, but Kevin had many restrictions. He was like a mother. When did their Director Kevin become like this? “We can stay here for a few months and go back when summer comes.” Kevin said. Kevin thought that they could have their honeymoon here. Little Karen and Jayden would go back with his family first, so that they can enjoy each other’s company for a longer time. “Aren’t you busy with your work? I still have to do my work.” Karen liked the work in New York very much. She could arrange her time freely, as long as she could hand in her work before the deadline. “Just listen to me.” Kevin acted like an overbearing and dominant boss “Well, it’s up to you. You have the final say.” After all, he was her husband. If she didn’t listen to him, who else could she listen to in this life? At night, Kevin lay on the bed and kept tossing and turning around. He couldn’t fall asleep. When he thought of the upcoming wedding, he was more excited than he was many years ago when he went to the Civil Affairs Bureau with Karen to get their marriage certificate. They were getting married the next day. The guests, reporters, and all kinds of relevant people had arrived. Everything was ready He could announce to the world that his wife was Karen Daly! Kevin’s heart was surging like a young boy who had just fallen in love. The more he thought about it, the more awake he became. He couldn’t fall asleep, and Karen couldn’t fall asleep too. She lay on his chest and murmured, “Kevin, what’s the matter?” She could see that there was something concerning in his heart, and he was absent-minded when they had dinner earlier. She just didn’t know what he was thinking about. “What do you think?” Kevin stroked her back gently, as if he was comforting a child. “I don’t know, that’s why I asked you.” Karen raised her head and rolled her eyes at him. “You told me that no matter what happened, you must share it and you are not allowed to hide it from the other party. I did it, and you have to do it too.” Kevin said gently. “I can’t tell you about this for the time being. You will know tomorrow.” Karen asked, “What is it?” Kevin pretended to be mysterious and said, “It’s something good.” “Why can’t you tell me now?” Hearing his words, Karen became more curious. She was sleepy, and now she was very awake. “It’s a secret!” Kevin lowered his head and kissed her, trying to stop her from asking endless questions. Karen wasn’t having it. She dodged his kiss and pouted, “If you don’t tell me, I won’t let you touch me.” Her tone was somewhat willful and a little silly, which was something that she had never shown to Kevin before. Karen had always hide everything from Kevin. She was the kind of person who bore everything alone and was never willing to share her pain. Her little attitude now made her look more adorable and vulnerable at the same time. Like a happy husband happy wife. Kevin wanted to tease her badly. He pulled her over and let her lie on top of him. He smiled and said, “You really don’t want me to touch you?” “Bastard!” She scolded him in a low voice, but she didn’t want to escape again. Kevin pressed her head so they could kiss. Their lips touched, and there were sparks. The kiss lasted for a long time. When Kevin let go of Karen, her mind went blank and she was short of breath for a long time. “Well, let’s go to sleep.” Looking at her silly look, Kevin laughed silently and thought. “This silly girl, how can she be so attractive?” In a typical relationship, after two people had been married for so many years and their children had grown up, he should have less desire for her. But he didn’t know why she could still pull his heartstrings so easily. He looked like a silly man who was blindly in love and oblivious towards his surroundings.

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