My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 660

On the 20th of May. There was nothing special about this date, but it was the wedding day of Kevin Kyle and Karen Daly. Kevin chose this date because the weather was perfect; it was lovely and calm, just like their love. Kevin was not one to be particular about dates, he would even forget to celebrate Valentine’s day in the past. But now that he was with Karen, he wanted to pick a very special day to celebrate their love. As for Karen, she was not so fussed about dates either, but every day she spent with Kevin, was worth celebrating to her. Early in the morning, Karen woke up amongst the fragrance of fresh roses. When she opened her eyes and saw that the whole room was filled with roses, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “You’re awake!” Kevin said. She didn’t see Kevin, but she heard his voice. He didn’t sit by the window and read the newspaper, but he walked over to her from the antechamber “What are you doing?” Karen asked. What day was it today? When did he put the roses in the room? Did he want her to be a flower fairy? “Do you like it?” Kevin walked over and kissed her on her head. “Mm.” Karen nodded. “What do you mean?” Kevin asked with a smile. “Well, I like it,” Karen replied with a blushing face. She didn’t know why, but when she looked at Kevin’s passionate eyes, her heart was beating like thunder. “Do you like the flowers or me?” Kevin asked. The flowers were prepared by him, yet he seemed to be jealous of the flowers. “I like the flowers.” Karen teased him deliberately Sure enough, she saw that Kevin’s face turned gloomy, it seemed that he was not very satisfied with the answer. She added, “Because the flowers were prepared by you.” Every woman would like beautiful flowers, but compared to the flowers, she would definitely appreciate the person behind them more instead. Kevin was satisfied with Karen’s additional answer. He smiled and said, “Get up and get dressed. There’s something important to do later.” “What’s the matter?” As soon as she woke up, she almost forgot what happened last night. When Kevin mentioned it, her curiosity was aroused again. “Well, hurry up!” Kevin said. “No, I still want to lie down for a while.” The room was full of flowers. She was reluctant to leave, as she felt like a flower fairy surrounded by flowers. “Do as I say. You can stay in bed tomorrow.” Kevin assured gently “What on earth is it?” Karen asked again. In the past, he would never urge her to get up. No matter how late she slept in, he would wait for her. “Be good, and don’t ask anymore.” Kevin spoke firmly. “Alright.” Karen did not get the answer she wanted and went to the bathroom to freshen up. When she came out, Kevin had prepared her outfit for her. It seemed that he wanted to help her change into her clothes. Although they were husband and wife and they had seen each other naked many times, Karen still blushed at the thought of him helping her get dressed. She took the clothes from Kevin’s hands and immediately went into the changing room. When she changed her clothes and came out, Kevin had already asked someone to send breakfast to their room. He said, “You will be more tired today. Eat more.” “Where are Little Karen and Jayden? I’ll ask them to join us for breakfast.” Karen looked at the other two rooms. She didn’t know if the two children were awake. “George took them out to have fun.” Kevin set the table up and took a bite of the food. When he thought that the food tasted well, he served a plate of food for Karen. “The pastries look good.” Karen took a big bite. She nodded and praised happily. “It’s really delicious.” “Yeah, it’s good.” Kevin took a piece of tissue and wiped her mouth. He watched the restaurant staff as they prepared the food, so he knew that Karen would definitely enjoy it too. “You should eat too.” Karen ate quickly and noticed that Kevin did not eat anything. “I’ve eaten some.” In fact, he didn’t eat anything, but he was so excited that he lost his appetite. He had always been calm. When he took over Rovio and held the first shareholders meeting, he was calm. However, this wedding that he had been looking forward to for a long time gave him too many feelings that he had never experienced before in his life. “I’m full” Karen commented after eating a bit more. When she got up from the coma, she ate little but frequent meals, so she couldn’t eat much for breakfast. Anyway, Kevin wouldn’t let her starve. As long as she was hungry, she could eat what she wanted at any time. “Well, then come with me.” Kevin stood up and stretched out his hand to Karen “Okay.” This time, Karen did not ask him where they were going, but she held his hand firmly. Wherever he took her, she would go. They came out of the hotel and got into a buggy that was waiting for them. After about half an hour later, they arrived at a very cosy red building. “Beautiful.” Karen sighed from the bottom of her heart. There were all kinds of flowers and plants in the courtyard of the two-storey wooden building. There were birds singing, and the view of the building and the courtyard looked as beautiful as a painting. “Mr. and Mrs. Kyle, welcome.” A very well dressed woman greeted them with a smile. “Nice to meet you! Thanks for today” Kevin greeted and nodded politely. “Hello!” Karen nodded and greeted her with a smile. “Mr. and Mrs. Kyle, please follow me.” The woman graciously invited them into the building as she led the way. Kevin held Karen’s hand and entered the yard. After walking through a path paved with pebbles, they entered the building, Inside the building, it looked different from what they saw outside. When she admired the building from outside, Karen thought it was a private house. After all, the cosy design made it look perfect to be a house. After entering the building, she saw a small wooden tablet hanging at the door. Then, she realized that this was a beauty studio. Being able to work in such a lovely environment, the staff must have been happy. She thought that the customers would be very happy too. It was a really pretty place. “Our dressing room is upstairs.” The woman smiled and said, “Mr. and Mrs. Kyle, you may head upstairs.” “What are we going to do?” While Karen was still confused, she followed Kevin to the dressing room on the second floor. “Mr. and Mrs. Kyle, welcome. A group of people spoke out at the same time. Karen glanced at them and found that there were about a dozen of staff who seemed to be waiting for them here. Kevin’s eyes swept across these people and said, “It’s time to start.” Karen was confused. “Kevin, what on earth are you doing?” Kevin smiled calmly at her as he said, “You will know in a while.” Then, one of the female employees spoke politely to Kevin, “Mr. Kyle, according to tradition, you can’t be here at this time.”

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