My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 661

“Tradition?” Kevin Kyle frowned. What kind of tradition was that? For the first time, he was a proper groom. Why couldn’t he accompany the bride during her dressing up and witness her beautiful transformation? “Mr. Kyle, you have a lot of time with her from now on Please don’t take this personally.” The woman smiled ambiguously “What are you going to do?” Kevin was reluctant to leave. Karen Daly laughed when she saw the reluctance on Kevin’s face as he was acting like a clingy child. Kevin glared at the woman, then he stroked Karen’s head and said softly. “I’ll be downstairs. I’ll pick you up in a moment. Don’t worry.” “Oh, I’m so worried.” Karen looked at his extremely reluctant look and could not resist laughing at him. “I’m worried that I won’t even be able to tell you if you sold me away.” “How naughty!” Kevin lowered his head and kissed Karen hard. He did not care that there were still so many people around them. “Oh… No..” Karen was so embarrassed that she punched him on the back with her fist and thought, “Is this man crazy? There are so many people around us. How can you do this?” The people around them were very sensible and left them alone. Although they really wanted to check out their display of affection, they turned around and left them alone. If they looked and Director Kevin got angry at them later, they would not live a peaceful life after. Kevin’s kiss was domineering and passionate, which was a contrast to his calm appearance. Karen felt suffocated. Just when Karen thought she was going to suffocate, he finally let go of her slowly, but his face was full of dissatisfaction. “It’s been so long, and you don’t even know how to breathe when kissing.” Karen’s delicate and beautiful face blushed. He complained about her kissing in front of so many people. “I’ll teach you more in the future.” His rough fingers gently touched her mouth as he spoke seriously, Karen was at a loss for words. For the first time, she knew that Kevin was not only bossy, but also shameless. “You have to cooperate well with them. Call me if you need anything. I’ll be downstairs.” Kevin kissed Karen’s forehead and reminded her again, hoping that Karen would rest assured. Although he didn’t stay with her all the time, he was near her. As long as she needed him, he could come to her at any time. He really wanted to participate in the whole process of transformation of his bride, but he decided to respect the tradition. After all, this was his wedding with Karen, and he didn’t want any shortcomings. “Kevin, don’t worry. I’m not a child anymore.” Recently, this man was very worried about her. He really regarded her as a three-year-old child. It seemed that as long as he was not by her side, she would be lost. She knew that she almost scared him to death the last time she was injured and couldn’t wake up from her coma for 3 months, so he stayed by her side and watched her closely from that incident on “In my eyes, you are just as young as our Little Karen.” He meant that he was willing to protect Karen like a child in this life. He loved her and would never let her suffer any hardships again. “Kevin, you’re shameless.” Karen blurted out. If she was only a child, how could he behave so seductively with a child? “Carrie.” Kevin looked at the well-dressed woman. “I’ll leave my wife to you. Please take good care of her.” Carrie turned around and smiled faintly. “Mr. Kyle, you’re too polite. You two are my most distinguished guests. I will take good care of Mrs. Kyle.” After that, Kevin turned around and left. But after a few steps, he looked back. He didn’t want to leave Karen for a minute. Karen gave him a reassuring smile, indicating that she would take good care of herself, and then Kevin left with a peace of mind. As soon as Kevin left, the staff began to take action “Hello, Mrs. Kyle! I’m Carrie, my staff and I are very glad to serve you.” Carrie said. Karen nodded shyly. “Thank you!” Earlier, Kevin kissed her in front of so many people, so her face was still flushed and hot. They were acting intimately under so many people’s watch. How could she not be shy? “We’re so envious at how he treats you well,” Carrie said. “Do you know him well?” Karen asked curiously. Although Carrie called him Mr. Kyle, Karen could tell that her tone was not as polite as the others. On the contrary, it sounded like she was teasing him playfully. “Yes. We were classmates.” Carrie smiled calmly. “We were just regular classmates. Please don’t think too much about it, Mrs. Kyle. We all acknowledge Mr. Kyle’s love for you.” Karen did not comment more, but she just smiled shyly. She was worried that other beautiful women would attract Kevin’s attention. She scolded Kevin again and again in her heart. It was all Kevin’s fault. He was such a coy man. He was always well dressed and acted like a gentleman in front of others, but actually, he was like a beast deep down. “Mrs. Kyle, please come with me. We’ll put on your wedding gown for you first.” Carrie led Karen to the changing room. “Wedding gown?” Karen was confused again. She still didn’t know what Kevin was going to do today. “Does Kevin want to make up for us having had no bridal photos taken when we first got married?” Karen thought. “Yes!” “It’s very possible.” It seemed to be a good place to take wedding photos. It was a romantic and beautiful place. So it made sense to Karen. When they came to the changing room, Karen saw a wedding gown hanging on the rack. At a glance, she knew that this was the dress she designed for herself. However, it was not entirely her design. The train of the wedding dress was much longer than her design, and it looked like it was several meters long. Not only had the train of the skirt been modified, but the patterns on the dress had also changed. The hemline of the skirt was embroidered with white orchids. As the breeze blew, the petals fluttered gently, like dancing butterflies. “Is this the upgraded version of ‘Butterfly Love?” Karen wondered. Karen reassured herself. Maybe it was. Many years ago, she wore the ‘Butterfly Love’ dress to attend a dinner party. In the end, because Charlie Gook caused a scene, she and Kevin parted on bad terms. Many years later, he brought her to Santorini on the Aegean Sea for a wedding photoshoot. He probably wanted to make up for that night Kevin’s care for her was sincere and perfect. “Mrs. Kyle, can we help you with your dress?” Carrie asked politely. “Sorry for the trouble.” Carrie’s voice brought Karen back to reality, and then she smiled apologetically. When the staff helped Karen change into the wedding dress, the person she was thinking of was Kevin. Kevin probably would change his attire for the photos too. What would he wear?

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