My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 663

“So, will you object to the thing I’m going to do next?” Kevin Kyle stared at Karen Daly and asked again. Karen nodded and answered without hesitation, “No matter what decision you make, i’ll listen to you.” Since she had decided to spend the rest of her life with him, she was willing to respect every decision he made. Most importantly, Karen believed that Kevin could make the most accurate decision when faced with anything, so she was willing to listen to him. “Very good.” After getting Karen’s answer, Kevin smiled. He held the back of Karen’s head and pushed her to him. He lowered his head slightly and kissed her hair and forehead, then from her forehead to her nose, until he reached her lips. He held her lower lip as he bit it gently. He only used a little strength but Karen felt hurt. She opened her eyes and looked at him with a confused face. She didn’t understand what had happened to him today. “Don’t look at me like that.” Kevin’s voice was low and hoarse. She didn’t know how cute she looked. She was like a little white rabbit that had fallen into his hands, and he was the big evil wolf. He could tear her down at any time and eat her. “Kevin, don’t scare me, okay?” This man had been acting strange since last night. They were just taking wedding photos. Why was he so nervous? Was something about to happen? “How could I be willing to scare you? I’m going to take you to a place. Before we get there, you can’t see anything.” Kevin waved around like he was performing a magic trick. Suddenly, a blindfold appeared in his hand. “Put this on and we’ll set off.” “Kevin, I know.” Karen pursed her lips and smiled gently. It was just a wedding shoot. She was not a fool. She had a wedding dress on her. How could she not guess it? “You already know?” Kevin asked. When did she find out? He didn’t tell her a single word. How did she find out? If he knew that someone leaked the news to her, he would catch the man and tear him into pieces. “It’s just a wedding photoshoot. Don’t worry. I will co-operate with your demands.” It was rare to see such an expression of surprise on Kevin’s face, so his expression brightened up Karen’s mood. Kevin raised his eyebrows and asked, “A wedding photoshoot?” Karen pouted her lips and said, “I’ve put on the wedding dress. Do you think you can hide it from me? I’m not stupid.” Hearing her words, Kevin laughed out loud. He thought she was silly. However, no matter how silly she was, he would not dislike her. Since Karen thought it was a wedding photoshoot, then he would roll along with that excuse. Kevin took out a blindfold and put it on her. “Are you afraid?” “I’m not afraid!” Karen shook her head confidently. Even if she could not see anything else after wearing the blindfold, she was still not afraid as she trusted him. “Well, let’s go.” Kevin picked Karen up and walked happily away. Karen pushed him and said, “Kevin, don’t do this. There are so many people downstairs.” Kevin replied in a deep voice, “I want to hold my wife. It’s none of their business.” Karen didn’t know what to say. “Well, this is the real Kevin. He is bossy and doesn’t care what others think of him.” With her eyes blindfolded, she could not see anything. She could only try to listen and feel everything around her After going downstairs, there were many cars parked in front of the red building, and there was a long line of motorcades. The cars were all expensive luxury cars. There was a driver in a black suit next to each luxury car. They stood straight and looked very orderly. Each car was equipped with a wreath. The car in front of the line had two dolls fastened on its bonnet. The male doll was wearing a black suit and the female doll was wearing a wedding dress. The two of them were kissing as they faced each other. However, compared with these luxury cars, the luxurious carriage in front of them was more eye-catching. The carriage was decorated with flowers like the British Royal Family’s carriage. There were two white horses pulling the carriage. One of them had a tie around its neck, and the other had a white veil on. They looked like a couple who were about to get married too. This was the procession that Kevin had prepared to welcome the bride, but at this moment, the bride could not see anything Kevin gently put Karen on the carriage, and then whispered in her ear, “Don’t be afraid.” Karen nodded. Because the train of the wedding dress was too long, Kevin assigned four young and beautiful women to hold the train for Karen behind the carriage. When everything was ready, Kevin set off officially with his bride. Four helicopters hovered above their heads, and there were cameramen on the helicopters. They recorded the entire wedding with their cameras. The horses galloped off, heading towards the wedding venue. Looking down from the sky, the long wedding dress looked like layers of waves. At this moment, Karen couldn’t see anything. She was curious about everything around her. Under her blindfold, she tried hard to peek through. She couldn’t wait to see what kind of surprise Kevin wanted to give her. However, she clearly knew that there were a lot of people around them, and Kevin ordered them to do things, but none of them spilled the beans. “Hold on a little longer!” Kevin, who was sitting next to her, suddenly reached out and held her hand. His hand was very warm, and she could feel his love and care transmitted through his warmth. “Mr. Kyle, is it not just a wedding photoshoot?” If it was just a wedding photoshoot, Kevin would not be so bothered. “But what is Kevin planning for?” Karen tilted her head and thought, “If it is not just a wedding photoshoot but she put on a wedding dress, could it be a wedding ceremony?” This idea suddenly came to her mind and she tried hard to brush that thought away. Planning a wedding needed a lot of preparation. As the bride, she had not heard any news about it. How could there be a wedding? “Well, you can keep guessing!” Kevin rubbed her hand. As he saw her red lips, he wanted to kiss her again. He always had strong willpower, but today, his willpower was almost zero. He wanted to hold Karen and kiss her hard. In the end, Kevin realized that he could not blame his willpower, because Karen was too attractive to resist. She was so delicious that he wanted to eat her up. As soon as he had this idea, Kevin salivated slightly and he gulped. Damn it! He still had to endure it for a whole day!

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