My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 664

 “If I could guess it, I wouldn’t have asked you.” Karen tilted her head and looked at Kevin ruefully. But she was wearing a blindfold, so Kevin wasn’t able to read her expression. “Well, it’s better that you can’t figure it out.” If she managed to guess what was going on, then there would be no surprise, and it would have been a waste of effort trying to hide it all from her. Karen didn’t know how to respond. “Why the hell is he so annoying?” “I want to punch him so bad!” The carriage went along the coastal road of the island and finally pulled over after half an hour. The motorcade that was following the carriage also stopped. It was a majestic sight. Karen still did not know what Kevin was up to today after arriving at their destination. Without her vision, she could only hold onto Kevin’s hand tightly. Kevin became her eyes at that moment. Kevin appeased her and patted her hand. He helped her out of the carriage and whispered in her ear, “Karen, I’m going to take off your blindfold now.” “Okay,” Karen replied gently. For some reason, Karen suddenly felt a little nervous. She didn’t know what she would see after taking off the blindfold. When Kevin uncovered the blindfold, Karen closed her eyes by instinct. She took a deep breath, and then slowly opened her eyes. What appeared in front of Karen was a majestic and beautiful church. The church was surrounded by a plethora of flowers, which made it look like a mystical fairyland. With that dreamy setting, Karen could not believe her eyes. It looked like a beautiful dream come true. She was standing on a long red carpet, and the red carpet led directly to the entrance of the church. The two sides of the red carpet were also surrounded by guests and reporters from all walks of life. As she looked ahead, Papa Kyle, Mama Kyle, Mia, George, Faye, Sebastian, and their baby were standing in the middle of the red carpet with smiles on their faces. Of course, the ones who had Karen’s attention the most were Jayden and Little Karen. They stood out in front of the crowd. The two children were wearing a suit and a dress respectively, and each of them were holding a bouquet of flowers. They looked extremely adorable. When they arrived, the media aimed their cameras on them. Flashlights were everywhere as the cameras tried hard to record every single moment of this wedding of the century. George, who was wearing a black suit, took a step forward. He held Little Karen in one hand and Jayden in the other. Then, he walked slowly toward Karen. Watching them getting closer and closer, Karen wanted to say something but her emotions left her speechless. And everything in front of her slowly became blurred. How could Kevin do this? Why didn’t he inform her about this wedding in advance? How could he allow her to cry in front of so many guests and the media? Just when Karen’s emotions were making her all flustered, a familiar hand gently wrapped around her waist and pulled her to his side. He said, “Karen, this is our wedding. I’ve owed you this for five years now. I’ll make it all up to you today. I hope you won’t blame me.” Kevin’s voice was still deep and seductive as usual. It sounded so enchanting and charming. She was basking in her excitement and joy, so why would she be blaming him? She never even expected a wedding ceremony. Right now, the dreamiest wedding ceremony appeared in front of her eyes, and she was the bride. She became too emotional to know what to do next. She didn’t know how to face this sudden situation because she had not prepared for it. “As long as you’re with me, you can just follow me.” Kevin assured Karen in his familiar, deep voice again. Karen calmed down a lot hearing what Kevin had just said. She was not ready for this, but she had Kevin. “Yes!” She nodded. “As long as he’s here, I’ll just follow him.” He was her eyes. He was the direction to guide her forward. He was everything to her! Kevin raised his hand and gently held Karen’s face. He lowered his head and kissed away her tears. “From today on, everyone will know that you are my wife. And from now on, whoever’s brave enough to cause you hurt, I will not spare that person, including myself.” Kevin did not speak loudly, but every word he said was clear as day His short speech was captured by all the photographers in the room and was also streamed live on the internet. He wanted the world to hear his vow. Karen was his wife, that someone he would protect with his life. Whoever was brave enough to come after her again would suffer the consequences at their own expenses! Kevin would not share his tactics to deal with those who messed with his loved ones. Chace Yale Men’s incident was a good example after all. “I won’t cry!” Karen didn’t want to cry, but she couldn’t hold back her tears. She was moved by what Kevin had just done. “Good girl, stop crying!” Kevin reached out his hand and gently wiped away her tears with his thumb. “If you cry, my heart will ache.” “I am happy!” Karen bit her lip and tried her best to control her tears. She didn’t want Kevin to experience heartaches because of her again. Finally, George arrived in front of them with Jayden and Little Karen George smiled and said, “Our most beautiful bride. There are so many cameras from everywhere in the world looking at you right now. Aren’t you afraid that your makeup will be a mess when you cry?” Karen glared at him warningly! “Daddy!” Little Karen let go of George’s hand suddenly and threw herself to her father. Early this morning, all the elders in the family had told her over and over again that she was not allowed to ask for hugs from her father as he was busy. She was supposed to be the most beautiful flower girl for her parents’ wedding. However, as soon as she saw her parents, she couldn’t stand still anymore. She had already forgotten what the adults had asked her to do, and threw herself into her father” s embrace with the flowers in her hand. Kevin caught her little body that was running his way and picked her up to kiss her. “My baby, what’s wrong?” “I miss the both of you.” She leaned over to kiss her father, and then moved to kiss her mother as well. “You look so beautiful.” “Thank you for your praise, baby!” Karen smiled with tears in her eyes. To Karen, being praised by her daughter was more precious than anyone else’s praise. “I’m as beautiful as you!” The little fellow was really a genius. It turned out that she was just praising herself instead of her mother. Karen rubbed her little head and said, “No, you’re the most beautiful one of all.” After getting the praise of her mother, Little Karen turned to look at her father, hoping that her father could praise her too. “Mommy is right. You’re the most beautiful.” Kevin pinched the little fellow’s face and said, “But today, mommy is the star. You have to listen to what grandpa, grandma, and little Aunt says.” “But I don’t want to.” She had been around her grandparents since early in the morning, so she really wanted to be with her father and mother now. She didn’t want her parents to only see each other in their eyes and ignore her completely!

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