My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 665

Kevin said patiently, “You’re going to be the most beautiful little flower girl today. You can’t cling on me today.” “But I want to be with Mommy and you!” Little Karen spoke firmly. She held her father’s neck tightly with both of her small hands, and did not show signs of letting go. “Baby..” Kevin was helpless. He really didn’t know what to do with this little fellow. Since he raised this child so lovingly since she was born, he could not bear to turn down her requests. “Kevin, leave her to me.” Karen reached out to hug Little Karen and kissed her. “Then, you can be with me.” “Okay.” Little Karen nodded vigorously. She loved to be with her parents. “Mr. Kyle, please go to the front and wait for the bride.” The emcee of the wedding interrupted the family. “Mr. Ken, you will hand the bride over to the groom later. Karen’s father had passed away. So it would be the most appropriate for her eldest brother, George, to walk Karen down the aisle and hand her hand over to Kevin. Everything was ready. Everyone stood in their positions. Kevin walked to the other end of the red carpet, waiting for his bride. As the Wedding March started to play, everyone’s eyes were fixed on the bride. Karen held Little Karen with one hand and George with her other. They walked toward Kevin on the other side of the red carpet. After a walking few steps forward, twelve helicopters flew over from the top of their heads. The planes formed a heart shape that hovered in the air and scattered flower petals down to the ground. All of a sudden, it was raining flowers. The petals were fluttering in the air. Along with the flowers on the ground, everyone was immersed in a sea of flowers. “Wow, it’s so beautiful!” A guest exclaimed in admiration. If a woman had a man who could host a wedding like this in their lives, that would be a life with no regrets. “Yeah, it’s too beautiful. It’s a pity that I would never live a good life like this.” “Director Kevin is handsome, and the bride is also so gorgeous. They are truly a perfect match.” The show did not end here. When the bride approached the groom slowly under her older brother’s lead, eleven of the planes threw out long banners at the same time, and each had a long line of messages. From Kevin meeting Karen for the first time to their separation… everything was detailed and shown to the public. Kevin told everyone their story. However, the ribbon that the leading aircraft released at the very end was what caught everybody’s attention the most. All the other banners were red, but this one was in white. The banner read, “No matter life or death, I’ll always be with you. I will hold your hand and grow old with you!” Kevin was never the kind who was good at expressing his feelings, and it was even more difficult for him to say it out to the public. So, he came up with this special way to express his love for Karen. When this long banner was released, Karen had walked down the aisle and finally came to Kevin’s side. She looked at him with eyes as gentle as a dove. In fact, no matter how breath-taking the set up was, the beauty of everything else still wouldn’t come close to the beauty of the man in front of her. There was only Kevin in her eyes, and without a doubt, Kevin only had her in his eyes too. He looked at Karen’s shy face lovingly. His gaze was so focused onto her, as if it was going to look through all of her Karen was the beautiful bride of the day. Right at this moment, she had finally gone through all kinds of challenges in life, and remained by his side despite it all “Mr. Kyle!” The usherer next to him coughed lightly, trying to remind Kevin to come to his senses because they needed to move on with the ceremony. Kevin regained his composure and took a small step forward. He knelt down on one knee and looked at Karen and George. “Brother, with your blessing, I will protect her with my life from now on, forever and always.” For the first time, Kevin addressed George as his brother because George was the only biological family member of Karen’s. George’s blessings would also imply that it was their parents blessing. By taking Karen’s hand away from George’s grip, it also signified that he had accepted the responsibility of taking care of Karen. “Okay.” George nodded with satisfaction and helped Kevin up. He handed Karen’s hand to Kevin and said, “I’ll pass Karen over to you today on behalf of my father. I hope that she will live blissfully in the future.” Kevin held Karen’s hand and kissed her gently. “Karen, are you willing to come with me?” “Yes!” Karen nodded vigorously. She had walked through storms to reach this far. After receiving the bride, Kevin took her hand and was ready to walk forward. But Little Karen, who was still holding Karen’s left hand did not want to let go of her Was it because she was too young and too short? Nobody saw her, and her parents did not kiss her. Little Karen was very disappointed to be ignored again. She did not want to leave them. Instead, she pouted and tried different ways to get the adults’ attention. The first person who noticed her temper was not Karen, nor was it Kevin, but instead it was Lionel, who was sitting amongst the crowd. He dressed differently and he had makeup on, so no one could recognize him. Yet, he did not look away from Little Karen all this while He wanted to go over badly and pick Little Karen up. He wanted to reassure her. Other people could ignore her, but Brother Lionel would never do so to her. But he knew he couldn’t, and he wasn’t supposed to… Little Karen was also another eye-catcher today, and a lot of people were looking at her. “Little Karen, what’s wrong?” After Karen took a few steps forward, she realized something unusual about Little Karen. “I can’t walk anymore.” Little Karen said pitifully after looking at her mother, then her father. In other words, she wanted her father to carry her. Kevin was never a person who cared much about rules so he picked Little Karen up immediately and said, “Okay, since you can’t walk anymore, I will carry you.” She became the bright star again. She held her father’s head happily and gave him a sweet and soft kiss. Finally, the family of three walked down the aisle and came up to the priest. Under the witness of their family, friends, guests, and media, the priest began his speech. He finally got to the point after giving a long opening speech. The grey-haired priest looked at the new couple standing in front of him and asked in a heart-warming tone, “Karen Daly, do you take Leo Kevin Kyle as your lawful husband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?” As soon as the priest finished speaking, everyone else held their breaths and were ready to listen to Karen’s “Yes, I do”. However, Karen did not say a thing for a long time. She turned her head slightly and looked at Kevin, who was standing next to her.

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