My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 666

Kevin took a big gulp of air, out of anxiety, absolutely eager to hear Karen say “Yes, I do” more than anyone else. However, Karen did not answer. She looked at him without showing much expression. Karen did not answer for a long time, and guests started whispering. Just as Kevin wanted to say something, Karen moved her hand slightly and let go of Kevin’s hand. The moment Karen pulled her hand away, Kevin could feel something poke through his heart. Yet, in the next second, Karen held his hand tightly again and gave him a bright happy smile. She looked at the priest and replied firmly, “Yes, I do!” Kevin’s racing heart settled down finally. Under Mia’s and Faye’s lead, a warm applause sounded behind them. The priest looked at Kevin, who was carrying their child, and asked again, “Leo Kevin Kyle, do you take Karen Daly as your lawful wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and cherish until death do you part?” Kevin nodded without hesitation. “Yes, I do.” Besides this life, he wanted to be with Karen in their next lives too. He wanted to protect her and to love her, forever and always! As soon as Kevin responded, an enthusiastic applause lasted for a long time in the church. The priest asked again, “Hale Kyle, Rana Brown, as Leo Kevin Kyle’s parents, do you bless their marriage?” Papa Kyle replied, “Yes, I do!” Mama Kyle was so moved she had already started crying long ago. She wiped off the tears of joy and nodded, “Of course I do!” The priest added, “Then I’m officially announcing.” “Grandpa, you still haven’t asked me yet.” Before the priest could finish his words, a soft and tender voice suddenly interrupted him. “Oh..” The priest responded very quickly. With a smile on his usually serious face, he added, “Karen Joy Kyle, do you bless your parents to be an officially wedded husband and wife?” Little Karen nodded vigorously and answered, “Yes, I do! I want my daddy and mommy to be together forever!” There was another round of applause from the crowd, and the priest continued, “Then, please allow me to announce officially that the bride and groom can now exchange rings, and the groom may kiss the bride.” The groom was still holding a third wheel in his arms. The third wheel was staring at them with her gorgeous big eyes. How was he going to kiss the bride? Perhaps they had been married for a while now and understood each other’s thoughts, Kevin and Karen approached Little Karen at the same time and kissed one side of her cheeks each. This was a one-of-a-kind wedding. The groom was unable to kiss his bride. However, their joy and happiness were something that everyone in the room could witness. Under the witness of the guests, Kevin and Karen’s wedding ceremony was completed successfully. “Karen.” At this moment, Kevin couldn’t think of anything else. All he could think about was their “wedding night” tonight. “Hm?” Karen blushed a little under his gaze, but she did not shy away from him. “We won’t be attending the wedding reception. My parents can take care of the guests.” He put Little Karen down and said, “Good girl, go to your Little Aunt, okay?” Karen Joy had received enough attention at the wedding. She was sensible enough to stop bothering her parents and went with her Little Aunt. Under everyone’s gaze, Kevin carried Karen up by the waist and left At this moment, nothing could stop the excitement of him wanting to return to their wedding suite immediately, Kevin left with Karen in his arms. Papa Kyle and Mama Kyle were busy attending to the guests in the wedding reception, and Mia was responsible for taking care of Little Karen. Just then, another helicopter flew across in the sky. The helicopter hovered in the air for a while, and then a ladder was thrown out. A man came down quickly along the ladder. Soon, Mia could see who the man was clearly. It was the man who betrayed her, Neil Brown. Mia looked at him from afar, then turned around and left with Little Karen in her arms. She didn’t want to see him at all. She had almost forgotten about what happened over the last two days. But she felt sick and disgusted again as soon as she saw him. “Sister, brother-in-law, sorry I’m late.” The main purpose of his attendance was not to attend Kevin’s wedding, but he wanted to capture Mia. “You should know Mia’s feelings for you better than us. She’ s always had a bad temper, so you should compromise a little. If you guys want to stay together for a long time, you must learn to understand each other more.” Mama Kyle knew the real reason Neil was here. She pointed at the direction where Mia left. “Go and chase after her. Communicate and talk things out, okay?” “I know,” said Neil seriously. He ran after her without saying anything else. Neil was a soldier and he could walk and run very fast. As Mia was restricted from holding Little Karen, he managed to catch up with her in no time. “Uncle!” Little Karen had not seen Neil for a long time so she threw herself into Neil’s embrace excitedly. “Baby, don’t talk to this bad guy.” Mia turned around with Little Karen in her arms and walked in another direction. She didn’t even want to look at Neil. “Mia, how long will you be f*cking mad at me for?” He had even put his ego down and came to see her from Chatterton Town, but she was still ignoring him. “Neil, can’t you f*cking understand human language? I’ve told you very clearly, I don’t like you anymore. We have broken up, and we have nothing to do with each other anymore.” He had done something so disgusting. Yet, without any explanation for what he’s done, he claimed that she was mad as soon as they met! “Ha-ha-ha-ha… Mia laughed bleakly. “I guess our relationship was a mistake from the very beginning.” “He clearly didn’t like me. I was the one who kept on pestering him. He had only accepted me out of pity” She thought silently. “Try saying that again!” If she dared to talk irrationally again, he would tear her into pieces. “Miss Kyle, are you guys going to fight?” These two were in a heated argument at the moment, yet Zuriel Perth decided to disturb at such a bad timing. As Neil saw Zuriel, his repressed anger was ignited immediately. He grabbed Mia and yelled, “No wonder you wanted to break up with me, because this guy came back to you again!” As Neil roared out loud, Mia’s heart seemed to have fallen into an ice cellar that instant, frozen and shattered into pieces. He was the one who had cheated on her. How blind was she before this to have fallen in love with such an irresponsible man? She was on the edge of breaking into tears. However, she smiled and said, “Exactly, I’m going to marry him back in Country A. He is the one that I was arranged to marry anyway. If I don’t marry him, who else should I marry?” “How dare you!” Neil held Mia’s wrist so tightly he could almost crush her. He looked at her as fierce as a sharp sword. Little Karen, who was in Mia’s arms, was scared to tears.

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