My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 667

Mia Kyle and Neil Brown were furious during that time. They didn’t notice that Little Karen was also frightened by their argument. Mia let go of Little Karen, and then she turned around to hold Zuriel’s arm. She looked at Neil provocatively and said, “You think I wouldn’t? We have been living together the past two days. What else won’t I do?” Since Neil had already thought that there was something going on between Zuriel and herself, she might as well use it to her advantage. She wanted him to know that she could live well without him. Was that wise? Mia didn’t want to think about protecting anyone’s feelings now. She couldn’t forgive Neil for betraying her with that disgusting act. She wouldn’t care much about other things. But when it came to relationships, she wouldn’t tolerate infidelity. “Living together?” Neil’s eyes were staring at Mia’s hands. She was holding onto Zuriel so tightly. Had she forgotten how she had held him like that before and was so worried that he would slip away from her? Mia said coldly, “Captain Brown, you…” “Mia! I am not someone you can get and dump at anytime!” Neil roared angrily, then he grabbed Mia and put her over his shoulder, walking away. They had completely forgotten that Little Karen was left behind with Zuriel. Seeing Mia being taken away, Zuriel was a little disappointed, but he was overjoyed because he had a chance to grab Little Karen now! He knelt by the little girl and said in his most gentle tone, “Little girl, come with me to meet someone, shall we?” Little Karen stepped backwards immediately and looked at the stranger with caution. “I won’t go with you, uncle. My parents will protect me.” She remembered the elders’ teachings to never follow strangers. This uncle didn’t look like a good person. So she could not go with him. mummy and Daddy, okay?” “Little girl, I’ll bring you to your Zuriel was eager to get Little Karen. He wanted to bring this little girl to his master. “Bad guy! Big, bad guy! Don’t touch me!” Little Karen waved her little hands to prevent Zuriel from walking closer. “I am not a bad guy. I will take you to find your parents.” How could this little girl be so difficult to deal with? “Bad guy!” As she imagined being taken away by a bad guy again and no one would come to save her, Little Karen was scared to tears! “Little Karen!” Suddenly, a pleasant yet very familiar voice called Little Karen from the back. She turned around and saw a strange boy. He sounded like Brother Lionel, but he looked different. Little Karen blinked her big black eyes and stared at that person. “Could he be her Brother Lionel?” The boy came to her and bent down so that the little girl could look at him in the eye. “Little Karen!” He touched her little head and called her name again gently. It was impossible for Zuriel to approach her. Yet, this big boy with a voice just like Brother Lionel came and touched her little head without her givingany resistance. “Brother Lionel!” Little Karen plunged into Brother Lionel’s big and warm embrace. Her small hands were grabbing onto Brother Lionel’s shirt tightly. Brother Lionel looked different, but his height and voice, as well as his eyes, had remained unchanged. So she was sure that this was her Brother Lionel. “Little Karen!” Lionel hugged Little Karen’s little body as if he was protecting a treasure. He had put on a lot of makeup, but Little Karen was still able to recognize him. That was certainly an indescribable joy. “Brother Lionel, I want you to carry me!” Little Karen rubbed against Lionel’s embrace, waiting for Brother Lionel to pick her up. “Ok, I’ll carry you!” Lionel stood up with Little Karen in his arms and kissed her pink blushy cheeks. “Did you miss me?” Little Karen rubbed her little face against Brother Lionel’s and replied softly, “Of course, I’ve been thinking about you every single day!” “How much?” Lionel added. “This much!” Little Karen held onto Brother Lionel’s head and gave him a little smooch on the cheeks. “I miss you this much, Brother Lionel!” Little Karen’s lips were super soft. She also had that familiar, sweet scent on her. Everything about her could soften his tough heart He smiled and lifted her up, turning her around. “I miss you a lot too. That’s why I’m here to see you. I want to see if you’ ve grown taller.” “Brother Lionel, Mommy and Daddy are married now. Will my Brother Lionel get married to me in the future?” The children’s world was extremely simple. She thought that anyone could get married as long as they were happy together. Lionel was slightly stunned by the question and really didn’t know how he should react. He liked Little Karen very much and always spoiled her. He also wanted to protect her because she was so adorable and lovable. He loved her like a little sister, and he never had any other thoughts about her. He was twelve years older than this little one. He was almost seventeen years old now, yet she was still a young little girl. Kids say the darndest things sometimes. How could he take her words so seriously? However, he was not willing to make Little Karen sad. Brother Lionel laughed and rubbed her head. He replied with a smile. “When you grow up and find me one day, and if I am still single, then I will marry you, okay?” Lionel said so to make Little Karen happy, but the young Little Karen kept that promise in her mind very seriously. When she grew up, she would find Brother Lionel and she would be his bride. “I will grow up very soon.” Little Karen continued to snuggle in the embrace of Brother Lionel. It was the best thing to have Brother Lionel by her side. When everyone forgot about her existence, she still had Brother Lionel by her side. “Third young master, the Kyle family is almost here.” Zuriel reminded him. “Brother, he is a bad guy!” With Brother Lionel around, she was not afraid of any other bad guys. “Little Karen, I am leaving.” He ran off this time regardless of the opposition of his people. With this record, it would be even more difficult for him to go abroad in the future, “Brother, I won’t let you go!” Little Karen held onto Lionel’s hand and refused to let him go. Although Brother Lionel had explained to her why he could not stay, she had long forgotten it. All she wanted was for Brother Lionel to be by her side all the time. “Little Karen, be good for me, okay?” Lionel patiently coaxed Little Karen and could not bear to push away her hand that was holding onto his shirt tightly. “I don’t want to!” As she imagined Brother Lionel leaving again, Little Karen was almost in tears. Lionel rubbed her little head and said, “You must be a good girl, Little Karen.” “I want Brother Lionel, I don’t want to be a good girl.” She didn’t want to be a good girl. She only wanted Brother Lionel to be by her side. “Little Karen.” “Brother Lionel!” Little Karen hugged Lionel’s head and rubbed her little head against his. “I don’t want you to leave.”

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