My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 668

Lionel responded patiently, “Little Karen, do you still remember what you’ve promised me?” “I can’t remember anything.” Little Karen pursed her lips and was about to break into tears as she spoke. “I only want you here Brother Lionel. I don’t want you to disappear for a long time.” Little Karen could no longer remember anything at this moment. She only knew that if she let her Brother Lionel go, she would not be able to see him for a long time. She hoped that Brother Lionel could stay with her, and he would accompany her to school every day and beat the bad guys who bullied her just like before. “Little Karen…” Not only was Little Karen reluctant to leave, but Lionel was also reluctant to go. He took a big risk to come all this way when the situation in Country A was still very tense just to see this little girl. They just reunited briefly. He hadn’t given her enough kisses yet nor did he spend enough time with her, so how could he bear to leave her behind? “Brother, I won’t let you go!” Little Karen pursed her lips and her tears streamed down her crystal clear eyes. She cried with so much sadness as if she was showing her yearning for Brother Lionel all this while. Lionel was heartbroken when he saw Little Karen cry. He immediately wiped away Little Karen’s tears and said, “Don’t cry, Little Karen. Let’s play for a while more.” “Okay.” Little Karen nodded and continued hugging Brother Lionel tightly, as if he was going to abandon her and leave the moment she let go of him. “Zuriel, you will attend to the Kyle family. I will need half a day.” With those orders, Lionel hugged Little Karen and turned around to leave. Zuriel tried to persuade him, “Master..” It was quite unfortunate for him to be working for such an emotional master. Did he really think that it would be easy to attend to the Kyle family, or their people? He could bite the bullet for a lot of other things, but his master had taken away the daughter of an established family, who also happened to be the apple of everyone’s eye. Would the Kyle family give up so easily if they couldn’t find her? But no matter how difficult it was, he still had to do his best. Otherwise, when he returned to Country A, he would be in big trouble. His master was a good brother to Little Karen, but the real him was quite the opposite. He had his ways and no one ever had the courage to offend him. When they were attacked in Chatterton Town during that deadly incident, his master almost died. It was that little girl from the Kyle family who saved his master’s life. After returning to Country A, his master did not go easy on the mastermind behind the attack… Their First Young Master had been stripped off of all his official positions. He was rather powerless now. “Oh… Oh no…” He was about to get into some serious trouble, why would he worry about their First Young Master right now? “Little Karen, are you afraid to follow me?” Lionel ran quickly with Little Karen in his arms. He did not want to care about anything else. He didn’t want to care about being the heir of Country A, or whether she was the gem of the Kyle family. All he wanted to do was to be capricious and have fun with this little girl for once. “I am not afraid as long as I have you.” Little Karen wrapped her arms around his neck tightly and rubbed his face against his from time to time to express her joy and excitement. “Okay, then hold onto me tight.” Lionel rubbed her head and pressed it against his chest. This scenery of this island was out of the world. The place was more suitable for couples on dates. Since arriving, Lionel has been paying attention to places suitable for children to hang around. After two days of observation, he found a private beach area on the island with an amazing view and he was planning to bring Little Karen there. This island was actually quite big. It would take an hour or so to walk to that beach area. After avoiding the eyes of the Kyle family, Lionel and Little Karen got into a buggy. “Brother Lionel, there was a big bad guy that captured me and mommy last time.” Little Karen hasn’t seen Brother Lionel for a long time, so she nestled into Brother Lionel’s arms and talked about what she had encountered. Although Lionel was in Country A and he was constantly busy, he had arranged for informers to stay around Little Karen. He knew most of the things that happened to Little Karen. A few months ago, he heard that Little Karen had been kidnapped. He wanted to go to New York that time, but it was the end of the year and he had too many things to do at hand. He was under close supervision and couldn’t get away, hence he could only leave silently now. As he imagined how scared Little Karen must have been, Lionel hugged her a little tighter and asked gently, “Were you afraid?” “Yes, I was.” Little Karen nodded honestly and then replied in a soft voice, “But when I think of Daddy and Brother Lionel, so I was not afraid anymore. I know deep down that Daddy and Brother Lionel will save me and mommy. A child always said whatever that came to their minds without hiding anything. On top of that, she believed that her father and Brother Lionel were her heroes, and that was a fact she remembered deeply. Lionel didn’t know what to say. He just patted the little girl’s head again and placed her close to his heart. He wanted to let her know that he would protect her forever. Just like what happened last time, he would protect her even at the cost of his life. “Brother, I have learned to dance.” When she recalled her dancing skills, Little Karen was very excited. She got up and jumped on Lionel’s lap, trying to show her Brother Lionel her dance steps. Lionel responded with a smile, “Then, why don’t you show it to me later?” Little Karen nodded and said, “Exactly, I want to show my dance to you.” Lionel pinched her blushy cheeks and said, “Good girl!” “Brother Lionel.” Little Karen blushed and plunged into Brother Lionel’s arms, giving full play to her coquetry skills. Outsiders were not allowed to enter the private beach area. Lionel decided to bring Little Karen there anyway because he had discovered a gap on the cliff in the east. If they entered through that remote area, no one would discover them. “Little Karen, let me carry you on my back. I will carry you down.” It was dangerous to go down from the cliff, but Lionel was sure that he could protect Little Karen well. “Okay.” Little Karen did not hesitate at all. She climbed onto Brother Lionel’s back as she was told and wrapped her tiny hands around his neck. He supported himself on the small tree beside the rock and walked carefully forward. Within seconds, they have reached the private beach area behind the rock. The beach was very clean as there were staff who would clean the place up often, but Lionel did not let Little Karen to sit on the sand. Instead, he took off his suit, laid it on the sand, and asked Little Karen to sit on his suit instead. “Brother, I want you to carry me still.” Little Karen did not want to sit down. She asked Brother Lionel to sit so that she could remain in his embrace. Maybe then, Brother Lionel would not be able to run away. “Alright” Brother Lionel always accepted Little Karen’s requests without much hesitation.

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