My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 669

 As Lionel sat down, Little Karen pounced on him immediately. She threw herself into his arms and then rolled around cheerfully and playfully. “Brother Lionel, I like you the most.” “Oh?” Lionel smiled and then pinched her nose and said, “If you compare me with Daddy, who do you like more?” “I like Daddy and Brother Lionel just as much.” A child would not lie. If she said she liked them the same, then it meant that Brother Lionel was just as important as her father. Brother Lionel’s heart almost melted with Little Karen’s answer. How could he ever be willing to leave such a lovely little girl? Lionel gave her a hug and said, “Didn’t you say that you want to dance for me?” Little Karen nodded vigorously and rubbed her head in his chest a few times. “I learned to dance so that I could dance for my Brother Lionel.” “The reason you learned to dance was so that you can dance for me?” Lionel was very surprised. This little girl was always so unpredictable. “Yes.” Little Karen clambered out of Brother Lionel’s embrace and said, “Brother Lionel, watch closely, I’m going to show you now.” “I’m watching closely.” Lionel looked at Little Karen. Lionel put on a serious attitude as if he was waiting for a world class performance. Little Karen took a few steps back and straightened the hem of her skirt. All her gestures and actions made it look like it was indeed a world-class performance. She was wearing a mini version of a white wedding dress today. The wedding dress made her pink cheeks look even redder, and made her look as cute as a Barbie doll. Little Karen danced around with steps and swirls, but because the beach was not the smooth as the dance room she normally practised in, she almost tripped over However, she tried her best to find her balance. After several attempts, Little Karen gradually got used to the softness of the sand on the beach and danced more naturally. She was spinning and skipping around. just like an angel bestowed upon Brother Lionel by the Gods. As Brother Lionel was watching closely, Little Karen seemed to be growing taller little by little. She was slender and gorgeous, and every single move of hers were of absolute brilliance His Little Karen… “Brother, did I not dance well?” Little Karen’s soft voice made Lionel come back to his senses. He wiped the sweat on her forehead and said, “How could that be possible? I think no one can dance better than you.” Little Karen continued to ask, “Then why don’t you clap for me?” “Because the dance was so good, I was too fascinated and forgotten to clap for you.’ Lionel picked Little Karen up and rubbed his forehead against hers. “You’re always the best in my heart.” With Brother Lionel’s praise, Little Karen held Brother Lionel’s head and gave him a sweet and intimate kiss without hesitation. Little Karen replied in a soft voice, “Of course I like it.” “Yes please!” Little Karen responded excitedly. As long as Brother Lionel stayed by her side, she would say yes to anything. Little Karen was extremely excited as soon as she saw the water. She wanted to go into the water to collect sea shells, Lionel had to do as she requested and joined her in the waters to collect sea shells. “Brother Lionel, this beautiful shell is for you.” Little Karen picked up the first shell and gave it to her Brother Lionel. “Good, this is a gift you gave to me. I promise to take good care of it.” Lionel didn’t just ignore all these meaningless gifts of young children, instead he cherished it very much. To be missed by someone and kept in someone’s heart so dearly without any ill intentions, all because she liked him. This kind of relationship was too valuable and special for a person like Lionel, so he cherished this relationship very much He knew that everyone came close to him with a certain purpose. Everyone but Little Karen. She has given him a different perspective with her innocence, cuteness, and kindness “Brother, this is for you too.” After walking along the beach for a while, Little Karen picked up another seashell and immediately thought of giving it to Brother Lionel again. “Thank you!” Lionel carefully put away the seashell that Little Karen had given him. Little Karen found another pretty one, and another unique one, and another huge one… Little Karen gave every single seashell she found to Brother Lionel. When Lionel realized that there were already ten seashells in his palm, he was a bit confused and asked, “Little Karen, don’t you like seashells?” Little Karen replied in a soft voice, “Of course I like it.” “If you like it, why do you give them to me?” Lionel did not understand. “Because I like you more.” Little Karen’s answer was very simple, but it touched Lionel very deeply. She implied that she liked Brother Lionel a lot more and was willing to give everything she liked to Brother Lionel. The seashells she collected might be worthless in terms of monetary value, but Lionel knew that these shells he was holding were absolutely invaluable. They were also the most valuable gift he had received in his life. “Buzz, buzz, buzz-” The phone in his pocket suddenly rang. Lionel took it out and saw that it was Zuriel’s number. When he answered the call, Zuriel said, “Third Young Master, I can’t stop the people of the Kyle family anymore. Send the child back quickly. Let them find her. Your identity must not be exposed.” Lionel knew exactly how serious the consequences would be if his identity was exposed. It was time for him to send Little Karen back after being so headstrong all this while. He rubbed Little Karen’s head and said, “Little Karen!” “Brother Lionel?” Little Karen blinked her big, beautiful eyes and sweetly called his name out. Lionel took a deep breath and said, “Little Karen, your father sent someone to pick you up. I have to go back to my own home, so..” “Brother Lionel, are you leaving me again?” Little Karen pursed her lips. She wanted to hold back her sadness, but when she thought that Brother Lionel was going to leave, she couldn’t help but burst into tears. “Please don’t cry!” Lionel wanted to wipe her tears away, but the more he wiped, the more the little girl cried. “Little Karen…” “Brother, if you leave, I will be scared. Do you want to leave still?” Little Karen said sadly while wiping her tears away with her tiny hands. “Little Karen, I’m so sorry!” Because of his background, he could not stay with her and grow up with her. “I don’t want you to say sorry!” Although Little Karen was desperately trying to stop Brother Lionel from leaving, she didn’t want him to apologize to her, because she didn’t want to see him sad too. Lionel held Little Karen in his arms and hugged her tightly. “Then, promise me that you will grow up quickly, so that you can find me in the future.” Little Karen nodded and said, “I promise.” Lionel still wanted to speak more, but the phone calls from Zuriel were ringing non-stop Brother Lionel knew that the Kyle family was getting closer and closer. As much as he didn’t want to leave Little Karen, the reality was forcing him to do so. So he took Little Karen back through the secret path they came from and left Little Karen by the main road. He rubbed her little head and kissed her little face. “Little Karen, I’m leaving now.”

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