My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 670

Little Karen nodded obediently. She did not cry or make any more noise. She acted as if his departure did not bother her at all. Lionel forced himself to look away as he tried to leave. He turned around and took a step forward. Behind him, Little Karen lifted her long hem up and followed him. He had long legs. For every step he took, it would take Little Karen two or three steps just to keep up with him. Within a few steps later, Lionel couldn’t take it any longer. He looked back at Little Karen, and when he turned around, Little Karen was still following him like a persistent shadow. At this moment, Lionel desperately wished that he could just leave everything behind. He wanted to stay with Little Karen and watch her grow up; or he could bring Little Karen with him and take her to his country… But he couldn’t do any of that. No matter what ideas he had, he couldn’t do that. He could not act recklessly. The country was his responsibility. Since he promised his mother that he would take up these responsibilities, there was no way for him to quit. Little Karen’s identity was also very high-profile. Her father would never let anyone take her away. None of these two methods would work. If he took the wrong step at this moment, he would end up in a miserable position. The country could be destroyed! “Little Karen, please don’t follow me. The people sent by your daddy will be here soon.” Lionel stiffened up and ignored Little Karen. He turned around and continued walking forward. Little Karen couldn’t care less. She lifted the hem of her dress and continued to follow behind Brother Lionel. Every step that Brother Lionel took, she would chase after him with more steps. She kept on chasing him. No matter what, she did not want to stop “Little Karen, you’d have to listen to what I said!” Little Karen kept on following him. Lionel stopped his steps again and turned around to remind her. “Brother Lionel, I want to follow you.” Little Karen tried to grab him, but as he took a step forward, she could not hold him at all. She knew what Brother Lionel had said to her, but in the meantime, she didn’t quite get what he meant… All she knew was that, if she let him go now, it would be a long time before she could see Brother Lionel again. As a young girl, she really tried her very best to hold back her tears. But after all, she was still too young, Brother Lionel walked away faster and faster. When she finally couldn’t catch up with him, she cried desperately. Her cry was so loud it attracted the attention of the people who were looking for her immediately. When those guys came over, she wiped her tears and looked over in the direction where Brother Lionel left, but he was nowhere to be found Without Brother Lionel, Little Karen cried even more bitterly. No one was allowed to get close to her. She kept on crying and crying, without saying anything. She only cried less when her parents rushed over to her later. Karen hugged Little Karen tightly, and she kept on kissing and coaxing her. “Baby, why are you so sad? Tell me, what happened? Karen did not know what had happened, but Kevin knew… When he learned that Zuriel was also on the island, he instantly knew who had taken Little Karen away. Because he knew who had taken Little Karen away, he figured that person would never hurt her as well. Hence, he wanted to drag Karen away to continue their “wedding night” Surprisingly, as soon as he mentioned this request, Karen fell out with him immediately. Their child had gone missing, and not only was he calm, he was still thinking about other things. Of course, Karen would be angry without knowing what was going on. However, Kevin did not want to explain much to her either, so he had to hold back his desire for Karen temporarily and came out to look for their daughter. Little Karen’s tiny little body kept twitching in her mother’s arms. She looked so pitiful as if everyone in the world had bullied her. “My little Karen, please don’t cry, please don’t cry. We are both here now, and we will never ever leave you.” Karen blamed herself as she watched Little Karen cry sadly. She thought the reason Little Karen was so sad because her parents had left her as soon as the wedding ended. This little fellow was always more emotionally reactive than other children. It was not strange for her to have such a reaction. “Woo…” Little Karen wiped her tears and snot on her mother’s outfit. Without Brother Lionel, she knew she still had her father and mother. “Baby, tell me what happened, okay?” Karen kissed away the tears on Little Karen’s face, and checked if there were any injuries on Little Karen. Karen was relieved to see Little Karen completely fine. Kevin took over Little Karen and rubbed her head. “Baby, it’s alright. We’ll go back together and you can’t cry anymore.” Little Karen nestled into her father’s embrace, and the sound of her crying faded slowly. She fell asleep in her father’s embrace eventually. When Kevin left with Little Karen in his arms, Lionel, who had been hiding in the dark, was watching them until they disappeared from his sight. “When will be able to see Little Karen again?” He wished to see her as soon as possible. However, no one could predict what would happen tomorrow. Perhaps, they would see each other very soon, or perhaps, they would never meet again. Little Karen was found, and there was no trace of injury. It was a false alarm, Kevin and Karen brought their child home, and the matter was settled The search for Little Karen was over. And the fight between Neil and Mia, which had been put on hold for the search for Little Karen, continued. Neil glared fiercely at Mia, and Mia also stared at Neil defiantly. No one was willing to give in. After a long time, Neil spoke first. He said fiercely, “Come back to Chatterton Town with me.” With his overpowering tone as if he was commanding his subordinates, Mia became even angrier. “What a bastard! Who on earth did he think he was?” Mia was yelling out in her heart Mia gritted her teeth, turned around and left. As soon as she stepped forward, Neil pulled her back and yelled, “Mia, stop before you go too far.” He had taken a step back, and let his ego down by many notches. He was definitely running out of patience. Mia looked at his hand that was holding her wrist and sneered, “Neil, I’m not fooling around. It’s impossible for us to be together.” Neil was furious, “Have you forgotten that you were the one who had been pursuing me all this while and wanted my hand in marriage. So what now? I’ve accepted you and now you want to run away? Mia, stop dreaming. If you want to escape, I would break your legs.” Mia smiled coldly and replied, “I admit that I’ve been pursuing you all this time, but I have my own dignity too. I don’t want a jerk like you.”

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