My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 671

Mia Kyle called him a jerk and repeatedly said that she didn’t like him. She didn’t want him anymore… As Neil Brown looked at her babbling mouth, he walked over to her and pressed his hand against her mouth. He didn’t want to hear her speak. As soon as Neil touched Mia, his heart trembled, as if his soul connected deeply with her through that touch. Neil and Mia hadn’t spent time together for months. He had spent too many painful and sleepless nights alone from missing her. Every time he had trouble sleeping, he could only see her virtually, and used her voice over the phone to relieve his pain of missing her, just by a little. But he was a man after all, plus he was also a captain in the Chatterton Town Military Region. He knew how to restrain his desire. Therefore, he had to restrain himself over and over again, hold himself together and wait for Mia’s return. When he finally got her back, and just as he was full of joy. Mia dampened his enthusiasm mercilessly. He had missed her for so many months. Yet, she was spreading so much negativity when she met him. He became furious and could tear her into pieces that instant. He was worried that if he stayed on any longer, he would really tear her into pieces, so he decided to leave her alone for a while. They needed some time and space to calm down. However, without any explanation, she left as well… As a member of the military, it was more difficult for him to get a visa whenever he wanted to go abroad. Yet, when he completed that fussy application and rushed to Santorini as fast as he could, he saw Mia and Zuriel Perth together. Neil bit Mia out of anger. He injured her tongue, and they could taste blood. “Ouch..” Mia punched him again and again and struggled to pull herself away. But as soon as she tried to do so, Neil would press onto her even tighter, restraining her from moving completely. His kiss was dominant and fierce. It gradually took Mia’s breath away and she stopped struggling. Mia stopped struggling. Neil let her go, but as soon as he did so, Mia slapped him real hard and said, ” Neil, who do you think I am to you?” It had been over half a month since she discovered that Neil had another woman. Yet, Mia had not shed a tear. She kept telling herself that it was alright. Without Neil, she could still lead a good life. It was not worth her time and effort to fall for a bastard who would have an affair behind her back However, she knew it was not easy to move on. She had been thinking of marrying Neil since young. After overcoming all the challenges to be in a relationship with him, he had betrayed her. How could she not be heartbroken? Nonetheless, she decided to keep all this pain to herself and chose to endure it all alone… Perhaps some day in the future, she would be able to completely forget about this man who had hurt her. For now, she couldn’t. She really couldn’t forget this man. The scene she saw at Chatterton Town that day would appear in her mind over and over again just like a movie scene. She desperately wished that she could be like before, where she would grab Neil and confront him blatantly. But she did not have the courage. Many people would think that she was bold and absolutely fearless. She could go anywhere without fear. However, in the face of this man, she was just a coward. She was afraid to hear Neil’s answer. If he admitted, there would be no more hope. She wouldn’t even be able to live with the truth. She was the one who hit Neil. Yet, she ended up crying, broken down in tears with absolute sadness. In the eyes of Neil, Mia has always been a very strong and bold girl. He had hardly seen Mia in tears throughout all the years he had known her. Those tears that were streaming down from Mia’s eyes felt like they were poking onto Neil’s heart. It was excruciatingly painful! He didn’t care that she slapped him. Instead, he dragged her into his embrace and gently stroked her back. It was rare for him to sound so soft and humble. “Mia, tell me, what happened?” many unfathomable things This girl would not go crazy for no reason. She had done so many unfathomable things all of a sudden. He was sure something must have happened. “What happened? How dare you ask me what happened?” Mia was getting even angrier after hearing Neil’s question. “Neil, did you think it was completely fair to betray your woman behind her back?” “Betray? Who the f*ck has been betraying you behind your back?” Neil was not one who would go by trivial rules, but in terms of a relationship, he had always been loyal. “You still want to deny it?” If she had known that he wouldn’t admit it, she should have taken a video on her phone as a form of evidence so that he couldn’t fight back. The lighting in the room was a bit dim that night, but she could hear the sound very clearly. The sound of the man’s heavy breathing and the woman’s moaning was combination that she would never forget. If the man in the room wasn’t her man, she would’ve just sat aside and enjoy the free sex show. “What denying?” Neil was losing his cool. “I will admit whatever I’ve dont, but I will not be stupid to take the blame for other people.” “Taking the blame for other people?” Mia wiped her tears and yelled, “Neil, are you trying to tell me that it was someone else who sneaked into your house that night and made all those noises.” Neil frowned and asked, “Which night?” Mia gritted her teeth and said, “The night before I returned to Chatterton Town to meet you.” Neil had a good memory. He remembered how he was finally able to meet Mia that day. She said some nonsense as soon as they met so he got angry and left. After Mia went to New York, he spent all his time in the military region and didn’t go home at all. His deputy general had requested to stay at his house for a few days as his fiancee had come to visit him all the way from her hometown. It would’ve been easier and more convenient for them to stay outside the military region. The house was empty anyway. So without any hesitation, Neil allowed them to stay at his house. Who would have thought that this little bastard would create such a ruckus for him, causing a lot of misunderstanding between Mia and him. As he finally understood the root of the issue, Neil sighed. “That was not me. “Neil, are you still a man?” How could Mia trust his words? Talk was cheap “Mia, can you please trust me?” Neil raised his volume again. “I haven’t touched any other women all these years. If I were still having sex with other women when I’m with you, wouldn’t I be too greedy?”

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