My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 672

 As Neil roared, Mia muttered, “Who would know if you were really too greedy or you couldn’t resist the temptation of women?” Neil refuted, “Because I like you very much. Since you become an adult, I have been thinking about you day and night and wanted you to be my woman. But there were many reasons that prevented me from approaching you, and I was afraid that I would hurt you.” Neil never intended to tell Mia what he just said, but he couldn’t predict what the little girl would do if he didn’t say it now. “Are you serious about this, Neil?” Mia had always thought that it was her own wishful thinking. She was the one who had pestered Neil so much that he finally decided to become her boyfriend because he was annoyed. She was a confident person, but she did not know if Neil really had a place for her in his heart. Therefore, as soon as Neil expressed his thoughts and feelings, Mia was very surprised. She even thought that she was hallucinating Neil glared at her fiercely and didn’t say a word. He tried his best to persuade Mia. If Mia was still doubting his loyalty, he would just tie her up and bring her back to Chatterton Town. He would prove his loyalty to her regardless “Neil, are you sure you don’t have another woman?” Although Neil did not clarify that yet, Mia really liked him. Hence, as long as he said he didn’t have another woman, she was willing to believe him. Some people had said that if a man was willing to deceive you, then that meant that he still cared about you and was willing to continue the relationship with you. Mia always acted aggressively and impulsively. But when she was with Neil, she would still have a lot of uncertainty and insecurities deep down although she looked tough on the outside. “Apart from you, I have never had another woman.” Neil put on his serious look. With Neil’s assurance, the haze in Mia’s heart finally disappeared that instant. She came close to his face and said complacently, “Neil, you said you never had any other women before. So how could you be so skillful the first time we did it?” Mia had always thought that Neil must have dated others before her. After all, when they got together, he was already more than 30 years old. If a man was still a virgin at that age, then there must be some problems with him! “Mia!” Neil yelled out. Before they got together, this bitch would look for porn videos from time to time and asked him to watch with her. They even discussed the sex positions. The more they watched, and the more they discussed, the more experience they had. Thought, it was quite a pity he had to take cold showers and run naked on the playground in the winters to calm himself down. Mia’s emotions would always come and go really quickly. As soon as she believed what Neil said, she rushed over to wrap her arms around Neil and announced arrogantly, “Well, for the sake of your poor situation, I decided to continue being with you. If I don’t like you, no one will ever want you in this life. So, you ought to remember how kind I am to you.” Mia acted proud and arrogant as she said so, and that was exactly what Neil liked about her. This was the Mia that he grew up with He rubbed her head and did not fight back. He would like for her to annoy him all day and call him non-stop. In the past 2 weeks, she had turned a blind eye to him. He felt so empty. He knew he lacked Mia’s presence in his life. “Neil, is it painful?” Mia touched Neil’s face. She had hit him too hard earlier, so there were some scars and bruises on his face. If she had known earlier that he did not cheat on her, she wouldn’t have hit him so hard. She didn’t enjoy hurting him either. “Why don’t you let me slap you so you could feel it too?” This little girl was looking for trouble. “Well, then hit me!” Mia put her face in front of him and stuck out her tongue complacently. “If you want to.” As she just learnt that Neil had liked her for a long time too, and also waited to get together with her, she was incredibly proud and satisfied! If someone were to give her a pair of wings now, her pride would fly her to the sky. Being secretly adored by a man, and the fact that he liked her for so many years, the feeling was indescribable. She had always envied her sister-in-law who was so loved, spoiled, and cared for by her cold brother. From now on, she didn’t need to envy her anymore, because Neil would also spoil her like how her cold brother spoiled Karen. “Mia, stop being so proud.” Neil was embarrassed. If he had known that this girl would be this proud so easily, he wouldn’ t have told her. She would definitely be gloating a lot from now on. “Mia, since you guys are back together, why don’t you guys register for marriage?” As soon as Mama Kyle, who had been eavesdropping in the next room, heard that they had reconciled, she came by immediately to show her concern about their future. Mia had a bad temper and would mention about breaking up in future if she wanted to, so it would just be better for them to get married and be locked to each other. “Mom, I’m still young. I’m not in a hurry.” Mia looked at Neil to see what he would reply. If Neil was sensible enough, he should have said that he was not young anymore. He was also the only son of the Brown family, he should get married soon to ensure the continuation of his family tree. However, Neil did not reply as Mia had expected. Instead, he replied calmly, “Your son just got married and they’re about to go on a honeymoon soon. You’ll be busy taking care of your grandchildren. So, we can wait.” Neil’s explanation was clearly an excuse to not get married. Mia gritted her teeth and said, “Neil, do you have some other woman?” Neil refuted angrily, “Mia, what’s in your head?” So those two started to quarrel again. No one was willing to admit defeat. Mama Kyle didn’t want to help either of them, so she just covered her ears and walked away. It was an ‘out of sight out of mind’ situation for her. As soon as Mama Kyle left, the argument between Mia and Neil turned into a heated session on making up. This was their way to tell each other how much they’ve missed each other and how much they couldn’t leave each other. “Are you sure you don’t want to marry me, Neil?” Mia would ask from time to time. “I thought you were the one who didn’t want to marry me.” “Since when did I say that I did not want to marry you?” Mia wanted to kick this man so hard. How could he be so stupid? “You just said that.” In Neil’s opinion, Mia was much younger than him. Besides, she was a charming girl. It seemed a little unfair for her to marry him when she was still young, so he did not want to pressure her. When he saw Mia’s hesitation, Neil wanted to give her freedom. After all, he liked her because he wanted to see her happy and joyful forever. Mia didn’t know what to say. In fact, the marriage registration was just for formality. As long as both of them liked each other a lot, it didn’t matter if they got their marriage certificate or not.

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