My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 673

Mia was always a cheerful person, and she never held grudges on things for long. Since Neil made things clear to her, the two of them were as good as before. They held hands wherever they went. Mama Kyle was also relieved to see them back together again. Before they were ready to return to Chatterton Town, she took Mia’s hand and reminded her again to control her temper better in the future. They needed to be more considerate of each other for their relationship to last. Mia hugged Mama Kyle and acted like a spoiled child. “Mom, Neil is so much older than me. It’s quite unfair for me to be with him. He should be more considerate to me instead.” Papa Kyle was a few years older than Mama Kyle. However, whatever decisions they made, he would always consider Mama Kyle’s opinions first. Her cold brother was another example. All these years, no matter what he did, he would always think of Karen Daly first. Whenever her sister-in-law coughed, her cold brother would be extremely nervous. He would serve her tea and hot water, and do whatever she asked for. Sometimes, she couldn’t stand how loving they were with each other. “Little Aunt, children should listen to the elders.” Little Karen, who was following Mama Kyle around, stood with both hands on her hips and spoke like an adult “Yes, whatever my Little Karen says.” Mia pinched the little girl’s pink face and then kissed her. “I will be going back to Chatterton Town, and you’ll be going back to the States to study. We won’t have much time to see each other in the future. Little Karen, please don’t forget to call me more when you have time. I will miss you very much.” “Don’t worry, little Aunt. I will remember you.” Little Karen nodded confidently and smiled widely. “What a good girl.” To leave her family and return to Chatterton Town with Neil, Mia was not the most reluctant to leave her parents, but she was most reluctant to leave the beloved Little Karen instead. If everyone else was in Chatterton Town, she could hang out with Little Karen when she was in a bad mood, then she would be happy again. Without Little Karen in Chatterton Town in the future, if Neil ever made her angry, it wouldn’t be so easy to meet this little girl again. Karen continued the conversation, “Don’t worry, Mia. There’s still a year before Little Karen attends elementary school. I’ll bring her back to Chatterton Town more often these days.” Mia got up and hugged Karen. “Sister-in-law, I’m so sorry!” Karen was stunned. “Why are you apologizing to me all of a sudden?” Mia murmured, “It’s all my fault. I didn’t take good care of Little Karen yesterday. I almost lost her and got everyone worried about her.” Karen was indeed worried that Little Karen went missing yesterday. She was even considering keeping her sight on Little Karen always. But when she saw that Little Karen returned safely, she was relieved. And therefore, she would not blame Mia either. Karen shook her head and said, “It’s not your fault. Besides, Little Karen is back. Don’t worry anymore.” Mia added, “Sister-in-law, your wedding night was destroyed yesterday because of what happened to Little Karen. Since you guys are not too busy now, you newlyweds should take this time to enjoy your special moment.” Karen didn’t know what to say. Karen blush from embarrassment. She raised her head and looked at Kevin, who was talking to Neil. Both of them had their serious faces on, but no one knew what they were talking about. Perhaps Kevin could sense Karen’s gaze, so he tilted his head slightly all of a sudden. Their eyes met. His serious expression disappeared instantly and he smiled at her gently With that smile, Karen knew that it shouldn’t be anything too big of a deal. Kevin was just always emotionless and acted coldly. Karen also smiled back at him and then looked away shyly. “Little Aunt, I will miss you too,” Since Little Karen expressed her thoughts, Jayden needed to speak out too. “I will miss you too.” Mia patted Jayden’s head. “Jayden, take good care of your sister. If anyone dares to bully her, you must help her out.” Jayden nodded, “I will.” Karen praised, “Our Jayden is the most sensible boy.” “Mommy, I’m the one who’s the most sensible.” Perhaps she was used to being the only child in the family, the sudden addition of another boy who always fights for the elders’ love and attention with her had caused a little tension. “You are sensible, and so is your brother. You two are very loved.” Karen shook her head helplessly. She was really having a tough time dealing with this little elf in the family. Little Karen always pulled some tricks out that Karen couldn’ t even keep up with her sometimes. Little Karen gave a proud look to Jayden Jayden lowered his head and did not say anything else. No one quite knew what he was thinking about either. “Let’s go!” Neil waved at Mia like he was calling his pet over. “Mom, sister-in-law, Little Karen, and Jayden, see you guys soon!” Mia waved to everyone and immediately ran towards Neil. She ran to the side of Neil and hugged him really tightly. Regardless of the crowd around them, she planted a kiss on his face. “Captain Brown, let’s go.” As soon as Neil held Mia’s hand, they turned away immediately without bidding farewell to everyone else. Mama Kyle was busy wiping her sad tears as she watched Neil and Mia leaving. It would be another few months before she could see them again. “Mom..” Karen wanted to comfort her, but she did not know how. “Enjoy your honeymoon. Your father and I will take care of the two children.” Mama Kyle wiped away her tears as she spoke. “But…” It would be too tiring for the two elders to take care of both their children. Karen did not want Papa and Mama Kyle to be too tired. “There’s no ‘but’. Both of you haven’t spent much quality time as a couple all these years. It’s time for you both to have some time together.” The older she got, the more she wanted to be surrounded by family. It was a total blessing to have her grandchildren by her side. Therefore, Papa and Mama Kyle packed up. With the company of George, they brought Little Karen and Jayden back to New York first. As for Kevin and Karen, they were setting off from the Aegean Sea. They planned to tour around the world and enjoy all the beautiful and breathtaking destinations across the globe before returning to New York. After sending off the elders and children, Karen felt like something was missing in her heart. She felt really empty and she was reluctant to part with them. Kevin pulled Karen’s head over to face him. He asked out of jealousy, “Karen, in your heart, at which place am I ranked actually?” “Oh almighty Director Kevin, are you jealous of your own daughter?” Karen cracked up as she stared at a jealous Kevin “Yes,” Kevin replied firmly. And Karen was left quite speechless. What a childish man.

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