My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 674

 Setting off from the Aegean Sea, Karen Daly wanted to go to explore Athens a little as she wanted to see the famous Temple of Zeus. Kevin Kyle turned her request down without any explanation. Karen asked him repeatedly, but he did not say why. Only after they landed in Paris that Kevin gave her an answer. He explained very calmly, “If you want to look at a mighty gentleman, there is one right in front of you.” Karen was at a loss for words. Kevin was not only cold and domineering, but also narcissistic Well, she couldn’t deny how good looking Kevin was. He looked much more attractive than some of the celebrities out there. More importantly, she liked how he was considerate towards her and doted on her. Since Kevin was brave enough to proclaim how mighty he was, she would just let him gloat. She did not mind to follow Kevin around Kevin took Karen to their first stop, which was Paris. The reason why he chose to come to this city for a honeymoon was not only because the city was full of romantic vibes, but it was also a fashion capital. Many designers would gather here for their exhibitions, and since designing was Karen’s interest, so he wanted to accompany her as she immersed herself in her passion. Before coming here, Kevin had already sent people to contact the most famous Parisian designers, so that Karen could meet them and learn from them. She would be very happy about it. “Kevin, thank you!” Karen was very moved. No matter what she wanted to do, she did not need to say anything. Kevin read her mind and had already arranged it for her. “Thank me?” Kevin raised his eyebrows. “How are you going to thank me? Karen looked around and realized that there were many people walking past them at the airport. Fortunately, no one paid attention to them. She tiptoed, hooked her arms around Kevin’s neck, and gave him a quick kiss. After kissing him on the lips, she left immediately. However, Kevin grabbed her and said deeply, “That’s not enough.” “Ah, how is that not enough?” Karen just plucked up the courage to kiss him because no one noticed them. At this moment, many people around them were looking at her, so she was too embarrassed to kiss him again. “If you don’t want to, then I will.” He smiled, and there was a hint of evil flashing across his smile, which made it impossible for her to hide away. Karen seemed to have expected that if she rejected him, he would do something even more embarrassing towards her. Karen pursed her lips and took a deep breath. Then, she went and kissed Kevin very passionately. As soon as her lips touched Kevin’s, Kevin got a hold of the back of her head and deepened the kiss aggressively. How naughty! Karen pounded his chest and pushed him away. However, the more she resisted, the more she aroused his lust for her. Kevin’s hands moved and grabbed her slender waist and pulled her closer. Karen could clearly feel the warmth of his body and his strength, which were so strong that she couldn’t pull herself away. After some time later, Kevin let go of her. Looking at her blushing face, his mood has gotten better. “If you want to thank me in the future, you’ll have to thank me like that.” “Bastard, you promised you won’t mess around if I kissed you first.” Karen used his words against him. “Did I say that?” He refused to admit it. “You…” He really didn’t want to admit anything. Maybe she remembered wrongly. Kevin had changed a lot. She did not think that this version was the real Kevin anymore. Or maybe, this was the real side of Kevin The blood of dominance of strength from being the leader of Rovio filled his body, and he was born with a strong ambition to conquer the world. He was domineering and acted very coldly, but he only showed her his gentle side to her. This made him very irresistible. “Oh?” He smiled. “How annoying!” Karen pinched his waist, but the man’s figure was so strong and muscular that she was hurt instead. She looked at him plaintively just like how Little Karen would look like when she wanted her father’s pity. “Yes, I’m annoying.” Kevin held her in his arms and patted her back gently. Then he added, “In this world, only you can turn me bad.” He emphasized on the word “bad”, which meant something else. Hearing that, Karen blushed even more. Ah, ah, ah. What should she do? She really wanted to bite him to death and stop him from embarrassing her. “Mr. Kyle, welcome to Paris.” A blonde beauty appeared in front of them. It seemed that Kevin arranged for an assistant She spoke perfect French. Her voice was sweet, and she looked very beautiful. She had a good physique and it seemed that she spoke to Kevin very comfortably. Karen secretly pinched Kevin again. This man was jealous of her daughter earlier, yet he arranged such a beautiful woman to serve them. Didn’t he know that she would be jealous too? “Annette, have you done the things I asked you to do?” However, Kevin replied in English, and his expression and attitude had turned cold, just like how he would usually talk to outsiders. His attitude changed completely compared to when he was being playful earlier. Kevin responded in English, so that Karen, who did not understand French, could understand the conversation. Karen knew his intentions and she felt touched. In fact, it was not that this man didn’t care about her feelings, on the contrary, he was thinking about her all the time. If he didn’t think of her, at this moment, he wouldn’t be responding to Annette in a language that she could understand. Karen pursed her lips and smiled quietly. She held Kevin’s hand and interlocked with his fingers. “Mr. Kyle, everything has been arranged. You and Mrs. Kyle can head over any time.” Kevin spoke English, and Annette also responded in English. She also watched her tone and spoke more courteously. Kevin understood Annete’s intention earlier.. Annette could speak English, and Karen could not speak French. If he continued to communicate with Annette in French, Annette would feel like she had an opportunity to flirt with him. He would never leave a chance for other women to take advantage of him, hence, a lot of people would say that he was heartless. But they didn’t know that he was hopelessly devoted to his wife. “Alright, go arrange it then. Kevin raised his hand and looked at his watch, “We will go there tomorrow at 2:30 in the afternoon. “Yes. I’ll arrange it right away.” Annette responded courteously. She spoke such fluent English that no one could tell that she was French.

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