My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 675

“Mrs. Kyle, are you still jealous?” As soon as Annette left, Kevin Kyle immediately looked at Karen Daly and asked with a smile. “Who’s jealous? Do you think that everyone is as childish as you?” Karen did not want to admit. Kevin chuckled, “Are you really not jealous?” Karen turned her head away from him, “No, I’m not.” Kevin said again, “That’s good. In the future, I don’t have to avoid Annette deliberately anymore.” Karen responded, “Kevin, how dare you!” Kevin smiled with a sense of satisfaction, “Since you don’t allow me to, then I will follow your wishes in the future.” Karen was speechless. This man was getting naughtier by day! She glared at him and was about to leave. Kevin grabbed her quickly and held her in his arms to comfort her. “Alright, I’m just fooling around with you. I won’t tease you anymore.” Karen glanced at him and whispered, “So you know that you are teasing me.” But in fact, she didn’t mind it. She liked this playful side of Kevin’s. The hotel they were going to stay in was one of the most distinctive five-star hotels under Rovio. A lot of couples chose to stay in this hotel for their honeymoons. The hotel was located near the Eiffel tower in Paris, and the French window in the room was the best place to enjoy the beautiful view of the Eiffel tower. From the window, one could see the Eiffel tower, as well as the pedestrians on the street, who were resting and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Kevin was a germaphobe. If he ate out, he would take his private chefs with him. It was a norm for him. But if they lived in a hotel outside, it was impossible to bring a specific bed with them. Hence, any hotel owned by Rovio would have a suite and with a specific bed exclusively prepared for the director and would be taken care of regularly The room they stayed in today was no exception. When she walked into the room and saw the decoration and renovation, she knew that this was her husband’s property. However, she had experienced this many times, so she didn’t feel surprised. “I’m so tired!” She walked into the room and plunged into the quilt. “Kevin, I’ll sleep for a while. Don’t disturb me.” “Okay!” Kevin followed her into the room and helped her take off her coat. He pulled back the quilt and tucked her into the quilt. “Kevin, let’s not spend so lavishly, okay? This money can be kept for Little Karen’s wedding expenses in the future.” Karen buried her head in the pillow and muttered in a low voice. “Silly, are you worried that I won’t have enough money for her in the future? If Little Karen wants a castle when she gets married, then a castle she’ll get.” Kevin smiled and rubbed her head, only to find that she had already fallen asleep in just a few minutes. Karen might not even remember what she said earlier. “I work so hard every day not to make money not for our daughter’s wedding, buy to let my loved ones live a good life.” Kevin stared at Karen’s sleeping face and whispered. Many people said that as long as their family was safe and healthy, happiness goes beyond superficial means. In Kevin’s mind, he wanted his family to be safe, healthy, and happy. He also wanted his family to enjoy materialistic things and he had the ability to provide so. Karen fell asleep, but Kevin was in good spirits. He took his laptop and sat beside her to do some work. Over the years, Kevin had trained a lot of people under his When he didn’t have time to take charge of many things, his subordinates could always do things well and wouldn’t let him worry much. He only needed to manage the bigger decisions. A few hours had passed when Karen woke up. She opened her eyes but did not see Kevin. She called him again, but he did not respond. “Did he go out for something?” Karen got up and walked around the room but did not see Kevin. He seemed to have gone out As the night fell, the colorful neon lights lit up the city of love, and the Eiffel Tower was also lit up. The color of the lights changed from time to time, and it looked dreamy. This city looked very beautiful and romantic. You could see couples everywhere holding hands with each other. Their smiles were so sweet and moving. During the years when she lost her memory and lived in Milan, Karen had also been to Paris for work. But every time she went to Paris, she would always be in a rush and wouldn’t have time to walk around the city. This time, when they came to the city again, Karen was no longer here for work, but for a vacation. She felt much more relaxed and could feel the romance of the city. More importantly, she was accompanied by Kevin this time. Kevin entered the room and saw Karen admiring the night scenery as if she was intoxicated. He walked up to her and hugged her from behind. He lowered his head and touched her face gently. “Is the night scenery even more attractive than your husband?” Karen did not answer. The first thing she did when she got up was to find him. She was only attracted by the night view because he was not there. Kevin kissed her on the face, “Hmm?” Karen dodged him quick, “No?” Kevin grabbed her back and said, “Wifey, tell me, which one is more attractive, the night scenery or your husband?” “Kevin, when did you become so insecure?” In the past, Karen had never thought that Kevin would nag her and ask such a childish question. No, that’s not right! The question was not childish, but he was such a petty person when it came to their relationship. Every time he was with her, he would only have his eyes on her, and he also wanted Karen to only have eyes on him. That was why he could even compare his attractiveness with Paris’ night view. “Will you admit it? Hmm?” Kevin bit her earlobes gently and teased her. “It tickles!” Karen shrunk her neck because of his bite, but she couldn’t stop chuckling. “Are you still not going to say it?” Kevin insisted on getting the answer, otherwise, he would not let go of Karen. He was such a domineering man. “No!” Just because Kevin insisted on an answer, Karen felt rebellious and refused to adhere to him. Soon, Kevin took action. He grabbed Karen and pressed her against the thick glass panes with some force. Karen was shocked and struggled out of his force, “Kevin, don’t mess around. Others can see us here.” “Through this window, you can see the scenery outside, but the people outside can’t see us.” As he was done explaining, Kevin’s fiery kiss followed. His cold and thin lips kissed her soft, pink lips. When they touched each other, it was like how the thunders hit the ground, or how the wind and clouds collided. “Kevin..” Karen called out Kevin’s name softly, as if she wanted his name to be engraved in her mind. “Karen..” He hugged her tightly and kissed her. At this moment, the lights of the Eiffel tower that was opposite their hotel room slowly changed, and several giant characters appeared, “Karen, I love you!” The line of words appeared in both French and English. He wanted to assure her of it, and he wanted to show the world too, so that the whole world could be witnesses of their love.

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