My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 676

 The three words “I love you” were very simple. Many people could say it out loud, but for Kevin Kyle, it was as precious as a thousand bars of gold. So far, he had not said it out loud to Karen Daly. Kevin was not good with expressions or words. He always used actions to show his love for Karen. However, Kevin would occasionally overhear the secretaries chatting in the office. They would say that if a person loved someone, the person must let them know. If the words “I love you” were not said, he or she might not understand the person’s feelings for the rest of her or his life. After listening to the secretary’s conversation unintentionally, Kevin had been wondering whether Karen understood his feelings for her. Karen was wise sometimes. There were many things that he didn’t need to say, yet she could understand him. However, in terms of emotions, Kevin couldn’t understand her. He didn’t know if she could read his mind, After thinking about it, Kevin decided to tell Karen that he loves her, but he couldn’t say it out loud. Hence, he came up with a brilliant plan. Well, Kevin felt that he was quite smart and even felt a little bit proud. But when he looked down, he saw Karen wiping her tears quietly. His heart sank. “Karen, what’s wrong?” She was fine earlier. Why did she suddenly burst into tears? Did he do something wrong? “Kevin, you are really annoying.” Karen punched him and wiped her tears. “Why do you always do things that would make me cry?” “You are crying about something so small, don’t you think you are silly?” Kevin took her into his arms and whispered, “Silly girl, don’t cry.” He did such a little thing for her, and she was so touched that she didn’t know what to do. She needed to know that she was his wife, and he would do anything for her. He had always known Karen’s personality. When a person treated her a little better, she would be so touched that she would cry. She would gladly give her life to the person. “I don’t want to cry either, but I can’t take this.” Like Little Karen, Karen buried herself in Kevin’s arms and wiped all her tears and snot on his white shirt. “We’re on a honeymoon. On such a romantic day, I want to look beautiful and I want you to remember my beautiful face, but you made me cry.” Karen pretended to be fierce and said, “I must look terrible now. You can’t look at me, or I will end your existence!” She didn’t allow him to look at her, but he held her head and forced her to look up at him. Look at her tearful, red eyes, Kevin sighed and said, “If you continue to cry, you will really look terrible. What should we do when no one wants you anymore?” “Do you think i’m like Little Karen? You think you can fool me by saying that?” Karen pursed her lips. The more she thought about it, the more she felt offended. She added, “I don’t look terrible at all.” “Your eyes are swollen from crying and tears are flowing all over your face. Are you sure you don’t look terrible?” Although he said that she looked terrible, Kevin didn’t mind at all. Karen was so aggrieved that she wiped her tears. “No matter how ugly I am, I am still your wife. People all over the world know that I am married to you now. Kevin, let me tell you, I am bound to you for the rest of my life. You can’t abandon me.” “Now you’re finally speaking some truth.” Kevin felt amused. “You’re my wife. In my eyes, you are always the most beautiful lady in the world.” Yes, this was the benefit of holding a wedding. This silly little woman could proudly claim that she was his wife. She was his wife! These few words from Karen, were as simple as it could get Yet every time he heard these words, Kevin felt warm in his heart. “But you have never praised me for looking pretty.” For a long time, there had been a lot of people who complimented Karen, but what she wanted to hear most was the praise from Kevin. “Didn’t I already say it just now?” He blurted it out earlier. Now that he was asked to say it again, he couldn’t say it. “Are you going to say it or not?” Karen followed what Kevin always did and threatened him as he threatened her. However, instead of threatening Kevin, she let Kevin take advantage of her. He hugged her, grabbed her hand and placed it on his body, he then said in a hoarse voice as he moved her hand lower and lower down his body, “Touch me and see. It’s the best proof that you are most beautiful.” “Rascal!” Karen scolded him and wanted to move her hand away, but she was held tightly by Kevin. “Karen, it’s time for us to make up for our wedding night.” “Kevin, uh.. We haven’t. had dinner… Karen’s voice became weaker and weaker, and she made a whining sound in the end. After a long time, Kevin said, “I’m done with food, I’ll take care of you now.” Karen was taken aback. Sure enough, men must all be the same. When this man wore his smart outfit and glasses, he was considered as well-dressed and elegant… However, as soon as he took off his clothes, he turned into a wolf, a hungry wolf! There was a lot of action done last night, so when Karen woke up, it was already late in the morning. At the thought of sleeping in the hotel during the honeymoon, Karen felt so resentful that she wanted to bite Kevin However, the man who worked hard the night before was still dressed neatly as usual, sitting by the window and reading the newspaper. When he saw that she had woken up, he looked at her and said with an evil smile, “I’m sorry! I didn’t control my strength well last night. You must be tired.” Karen didn’t know what to say. This man was unbelievable! She quietly pulled up the quilt and was prepared to hide under the quilt like a turtle. However, as soon as she moved, Kevin got up and came over. “Is something wrong?” He sat down on the edge of the bed, and his voice no longer carried a sense of banter, but instead he sounded worried. Karen turned over and ignored him. Kevin reached under her nightdress, and Karen quickly grabbed his hand and said, “Kevin, don’t you go too far.” Listening to her crisp voice, Kevin understood that she was not hurt, but shy. He let out a laugh. “Get up quickly. After lunch, I’ll take you to a special place. “Where are we going?” Her shyness was immediately replaced by curiosity. Karen seemed to have forgotten that she had wanted to hide in the quilt and disappear. “It’s a secret!” Kevin pretended to be mysterious. “You’re not going to give me another wedding, are you?” Karen smiled and said, “Kevin, even if you are rich, you can’t spend money like this. Save it for our children.” “You’d better worry about yourself.” Since she didn’t want to move, Kevin pounced on her again. After that, when they went out in the afternoon, Karen’s legs were so weak that she could hardly walk!

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