My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 677

 Karen Daly glared at Kevin Kyle fiercely with every step she took, secretly blaming him for being so wild earlier. She didn’t want to talk to Kevin. Kevin smiled and said, “I heard that Old Master Anthony likes women who are educated, polite, gentle, and considerate.” Karen glared at Kevin and thought, “What’s that got to do with me?” Old Master Anthony! Karen was a little slow, and it took a long time for her to understand the implied meaning. She was so excited that she clutched the corner of Kevin’s clothes and asked, “Kevin, are you referring to Master Anthony, the famous fashion designer?” Master Anthony was a legend in the fashion industry. He taught many apprentices and they became famous designers too. He was very well-known and appreciated by the industry. A big shot like him had already retired a long time ago and no longer accepted any apprentices. He wouldn’t be willing to meet any Tom, Dick, or Harry. Therefore, Karen did not imagine ever meeting Old Master Anthony in her lifetime. “Who else do you think I was referring to?” Looking at Karen’s excited expression, Kevin was very satisfied with his little surprise. Kevin was probably only willing to present his wife to another man just this time. Old Master Anthony was extremely well-respected in the industry. Kevin understood that it would be an honor for anyone to meet him. As he was in his old age and had retired, he wouldn’t want anyone whom he didn’t know to just visit him so casually. When Director Kevin approached him to request for a meet, it did not work. So Kevin asked his men to seek out the granddaughter of the Master who had been lost for many years, in exchange for this opportunity to meet him. “Is it really the Master Anthony?” Karen got into Kevin’s arms and snuggled hard against him. “Mr. Kyle, you have quite the guts.” “It’s not just my guts, I have his granddaughter to thank too.” Kevin rubbed her head. “Well don’t be jealous later.” “How can I be jealous?” Karen was a little confused. Would she be jealous if Old Master Anthony liked Kevin more? Kevin was her husband and if Old Master Anthony liked Kevin, she would be very happy. How could she be jealous? Karen reassured herself confidently at the moment, but when she arrived at Old Master Anthony’s house, she understood what Kevin meant earlier. She saw Annette. The pretty French lady from the airport that day. “Why is she here?” Karen did feel a little jealous. “She is Old Master Anthony’s granddaughter. The Old Master promised to see us because of her efforts.” Kevin held Karen’s hand tightly and said, “I’m a little flattered that you feel a little jealous, but just to clarify, I have had no romantic relationship with her before and will not have any relationship with her in future.” “I know.” She knew that, but she was still jealous at the thought of Annette flirting with Kevin through her body language and non-verbal cues. “Silly girl.” Kevin chuckled. “You know but you’re still jealous. I really don’t know what to do with you.” “Mr. Kyle, Mrs. Kyle, welcome.” Annette came up to welcome them. This time, she did not stare at Kevin anymore, but glanced at Karen politely.. “Yes.” Kevin nodded without saying much. “Hello!” Karen smiled politely. “Grandpa has been waiting for you two. Please come with me.” Annette smiled and politely led the way Walking into the yard, Karen saw Old Master Anthony in the living room Old Master Anthony looked much younger than his actual age. Although he was almost a hundred years old, he looked very well. “Since you two are here, then make yourselves at home. Have a seat.” He spoke in fluent English. As he spoke, he looked at Karen and Kevin attentively. “Thank you for helping me to get my granddaughter back. It’s a blessing to have her by my side at this old age.” “You’re welcome, Old Master. Thanks for agreeing to my request too.” Kevin was a merchant. A businessman would never agree to deal at a loss It turned out that Kevin thanked Annette because of this matter. Karen held Kevin’s hand silently and thanked him for doing so much for her. “My dear, come with me.” The Old Master looked at Karen, and with the help of Annette, he got up and walked to the courtyard. Karen looked at Kevin instinctively. Kevin nodded to her and said, “Go ahead. Don’t worry, I’ll wait for you here.” Karen followed the Old Master into the courtyard. “Grandpa, I’ll be leaving first.” Annette helped the Old Master take a seat and left shortly after. As soon as Annette left, the Old Master pointed to the seat opposite and said, “My dear, so sit down.” “Thank you!” Karen sat down properly. She was completely starstruck and was almost stuttering in nervousness. “I’ve seen some of your previous design drafts. They’re all quite good.” Old Master Anthony did not beat around the bush and went straight to the point. “Thank you for your kind words.” If Old Master Anthony could say that it was pretty good, then it would be absolutely excellent in by the standards of others. After all, the student that the Old Master was most proud of was the fashion design genius, Ivan. The praise he had received from the Old Master back then was only “fair enough”. With such a comparison, she knew how much Old Master Anthony favored her. Karen was almost overjoyed when she heard his remarks. She had worked so hard for so many years, and more and more people were wearing the clothes she designed. Now that she had Old Master Anthony’s recognition, how could she not be excited? “The secret talent we usually talk about, is actually love. When we are designing, the most important thing is love. You have to love your work, love the people around you, and love this world, then you will be able to design clothes that everyone likes.” Old Master Anthony’s words made perfect sense to Karen. Because of the love in her heart, the clothes she designed would give people warmth, and people could feel her passion from her clothes. For a long time, she always believed in both passion and love. She always designed to her heart’s satisfaction and worked very delicately through all her pieces. She earned her achievements. “Look at how happy you are. What did the Old Master say to you?” After leaving Old Master Anthony’s residence, Kevin held Karen’s hand, who was as happy as a bird. “Not going to tell you.” Karen smiled and ran forward. At this moment, she saw a familiar figure from the corner of her eye. She turned around and saw the person she was once so familiar with, Kristine Daly. Kristine wasn’t alone, she was holding a child. Kristine also saw Karen too. They looked at each other, but Kristine quickly looked away and entered a taxi in a hurry.

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