My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 678

 “What are you looking at?” Kevin Kyle came over and asked worriedly when he saw Karen Daly staring at the distance. “Nothing.” Karen shook her head, unwilling to tell Kevin, because she knew that Kevin had something to do with Wilis Corporation’s fall from grace. Wilis Corporation went under and Mr. Wilis committed suicide. Mr. Wilis got what he deserved and that was enough As for Kristine Daly… Karen was happy for her when she saw that Kristine was alive and had a young child with her. Regardless of the child’ s background, Karen was still happy for her. Although Kristine had done a lot of bad things to her in the past, it was all in the past. Karen almost forgot how much pain she had suffered in the past. Time has passed, and Karen was not willing to hold grudges. She was only able to meet Kevin and appreciated him because of all the bad people in her past anyway “Then let’s go for a walk again.” Karen did not want to say more, and Kevin did not probe further. This was a way for him to show her respect. “Okay, let’s go boating by the Seine River.” Karen took the initiative to hold Kevin’s arm and leaned onto him. She was as happy as a child. “Okay.” Kevin liked to see Karen as happy as she was now. She was carefree and happy around him. After staying in Paris for a few days, Kevin accompanied Karen to Milan. They were on their honeymoon, but Kevin was willing to accompany Karen as she studied fashion design too. They had been travelling for more than two weeks now, and they could only see Little Karen through the phone using video call. Karen was beginning to miss her tremendously. Little Karen also looked pitiful as if she didn’t have her father and mother’s love during this time. Therefore, under Karen’s insistence, they returned to New York earlier than planned. After returning to New York, Karen devoted herself to her design work. She hoped to start her own personal studio that promoted her own work. She wanted to launch her designs publicly. The headquarters of Rovio was in Chatterton Town, and the focus of Kevin’s work was in Chatterton Town too. However, for his wife and children, he flew often between Chatterton Town and New York. He had never complained that he was tired. Everything was going smoothly for the young Kyle family. The whole family lived a busy yet fulfilling life, and they lived lovingly everyday After a few years. Mia Kyle looked at the negative sign on her pregnancy test, her pretty face turned gloomy instantly and she was almost crying with anger. “Neil, you… tell me now, did you bribe the doctor when we went to the hospital for a check-up?” They had been together for so many years now, but she wasn’t pregnant yet. They went to the hospital for a full check-up, and found that they were both physically fit and healthy They didn’t have any problems with their body, they didn’t use contraception, yet they still couldn’t get pregnant. What the hell was going on? Neil Brown, who was cleaning his new gun, answered casually, “We went to the hospital for the examination together. What do you think I could have done?” “If you didn’t do anything, why can’t I get pregnant? Besides, you are so powerful, if you did anything, would I have known?” Mia was sure that she couldn’t get pregnant because Neil must have done something behind her back, She squeezed to his side, looked at him, and said, “Neil, if you are impotent, just tell me honestly. I won’t dislike you for that.” Mia wanted to have a little child for years now. Little Karen was already ten years old, her sister-in-law’s second baby would be due anytime soon, but her belly was still flat. Her period was late this month. She thought she got pregnant, so she rushed to the pharmacy to buy a pregnancy test kit. After a simple test, she was still not pregnant. Neil did not take her concerns seriously. “Why does it matter if we have a child or not?” “Why does it matter?” Mia bit her lip. “Yesterday, someone said that I am a hen who doesn’t lay eggs. Am I not supposed to care? Truth be told, Mia didn’t care about what others said. She was more worried for Neil’s family. Neil was the only son in his family, and yet, he didn’t have a child. The Brown family tree would soon be a barren one. In the past, Mia had never thought about these too much. But as she got older, she became more mature. In the past, she thought that as long as they lived together happily, it would be fine. But now, she had to think about Neil s family. “Do you really want a child that much?” Neil put down his gun and pulled Mia into his arms. “Then let’s have one.” “We have been trying hard to get pregnant, but we kept failing. Do you think we can have a baby just because you said so?” Mia glared at him and stepped on him angrily. Neil responded, “My parents passed away early, and I lived in the military base all year round. You have your own career too. How can we take care of our children if we can’t even take care of ourselves?” Mia answered immediately. “Don’t worry, we can hire a nanny. I will try my best to work less after we have the baby” As for the future, Mia planned it all out. After she gave birth to the baby, she will put her focus on the family. After all, she liked Neil so much. She was willing to sacrifice her acting jobs for the child for Neil’s sake. Nothing else was impossible. Neil stroked Mia’s head and opened his mouth. He wanted to say something, but he didn’t have the courage to. Mia’s parents’ death was like a thorn stuck in his throat. From time to time, the mere thought of him would hurt him still. It always reminded him that his father was involved in her parents’ death. “Are you still worried about what happened to our parents, Neil?” Mia guessed that this was the reason why Neil didn’t want to have children, but she was not sure. Two years ago, she went back to Country A to investigate what had happened to their parents that year. Neil’s father and her parents were from different countries. They were both serving their own country. They were national heroes and were great people in their own ways. She knew that her parents wouldn’t blame her for being with Neil if they were alive. However, Neil replied to her question, “Yes” “Neil, I’m already f*cking married to you, why do you still care about this. Why are you such a douche?” As she spoke, Mia had a thought in mind, “Neil, did you deliberately avoid impregnating me all these years?” Neil replied solemnly, “Yes.” Mia was so angry that she gnashed her teeth and stomped her feet. “You bastard!” Neil grabbed her and said, “You like me because I’m a bastard.” Mia bit him and responded, “Bastard, if you won’t let me have a baby, I’ll fight you.” Neil replied, “Let’s try now.” Neil was a person who would never say sweet words to Mia, but he loved Mia with his own clumsy ways. Now that he knew Mia had let go of the past, what else would he be worried about?

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