My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 679

Karen Daly was expected to be due in these few days. As early as a month ago, Kevin Kyle forced her to put down the work in her hands and wanted her to stay home. Kevin also handed his job and tasks over to his subordinates a month ago. He followed Karen everywhere, for fear that Karen and the child would be in danger. Their first child, Little Karen, was taken out from her belly prematurely. The second child was lost because Karen had been injured and went into a coma. This was their third child. Kevin insisted on staying by Karen’s side and waiting for the arrival of their child. He would not allow any accidents to happen again. Initially, Kevin did not intend to have a child anymore. He even arranged to do a vasectomy like his father did. He didn’t know who leaked the news, and Karen came to the doctor’s office to stop him just in time. After they came back from their honeymoon, Karen worked hard to take care of her own body. She had been thinking about giving birth to another child every day and night. As she found out that he actually wanted to do the vasectomy behind her back, Karen was so angry that she ignored Kevin for half a month. At that time, Karen broke into the operating room and did not say a word. She just looked at him with tears in her eyes, and Kevin came down from the operating table obediently. “Mommy, I’m back.” When Little Karen came back from school, she immediately came to the hospital to visit her mother and the child in the belly. “Okay, come here.” Karen waved her hand gently. Little Karen immediately threw herself into her mother’s arms and put her little head on her round belly. She followed what her father did every day and listened to the baby carefully, “Mommy, the baby is talking to me.” “What did the baby say?” Karen asked with a smile. They didn’t check for the gender of the child. They wanted to be surprised. “The baby said I am so beautiful and the baby wants to meet me soon.” Yes, she would soon be an elder sister. She felt so happy as she knew she would have a baby to pamper soon. “Did the baby ask you to send a message to me? Does the baby want to see Mommy and Daddy?” Karen smiled and rubbed Little Karen’s head. A few years passed in the blink of an eye. Little Karen was ten years old now, and she looked even more beautiful and lovely than before. Not only was she beautiful, but she also had a sweet mouth. She could make her grandparents laugh everyday. “Okay, I’ll listen to her again.” Little Karen listened carefully again, and then cheekily said to her mother, “The baby said that she only wants to see me.” “The baby doesn’t want to see me? I feel so sad.” Karen pretended to be very sad, but she couldn’t resist smiling at Little Karen’s answer. When she was pregnant with this baby, she was worried that Little Karen would not accept it. However, she did not expect that when her little girl heard that she would have a little brother or sister, she was happier than anyone in the family Before the baby was born, Little Karen had already bought a lot of toys in advance. She said that she would give them to her younger brother or younger sister. “Mommy, I’m just kidding with you. Obviously, the baby wants to see you first. You must be exhausted being pregnant for 10 months.” This was their Little Karen. Even though she was young, she spoke eloquently. She could empathize with her mother very well. “Mommy, Little Karen.” Jayden Elias Kyle also came over. Now, he was already sixteen years old. He had grown up so much and grew very tall. Although he was just a little shorter than his father, he was definitely the tallest among his peers. He was also good-looking. In addition, he was the adopted son of the Kyle family. At such a young age, a lot of people had been eyeing on him. “Jayden.” Karen waved her hand and said with a smile, “Come here and sit with us.” “Brother, you’re back.” Little Karen greeted him in a very polite voice. When Jayden was about to sit down, Little Karen quickly got up. “Mommy, I’ll see what Daddy is doing in the study.” Jayden’s eyes darkened as he watched Little Karen run away. This little girl was so nice to everyone, yet she was never nice to him. Over the years, he had been working hard to improve their relationship, but Little Karen’s attitude towards him had not changed at all. In front of the elders, in order to maintain her lovely and sensible image, she would talk to him obediently. But when the two of them were alone, she would talk to him in an impolite way. She probably had never treated him as her elder brother. “Jayden, thank you for giving in to Little Karen all these years. She is sometimes a little stubborn, so i’d like to apologize on behalf of her!” She loved all her children well. As a mother, she could understand the children’s thoughts too. “Mommy, she is my younger sister, and I am the elder brother. Isn’t it normal for me to give way to her?” He had persuaded himself to play the role of a good brother all these years. “Jayden, you are our child. In our eyes, you and Little Karen are equal, so if you have anything to share, just tell us and don’t keep it to yourself.” Karen and Kevin had always regarded Jayden as their own child, so she hoped that Jayden could also trust them like his own biological parents. If there was a problem between the siblings, they didn’t want Jayden to just keep quiet. “I know, Mommy. Don’t worry” All this while, Jayden was always a sensible child in front of his parents. “Alright, then carry on with your tasks.” Karen tried to get up from the bed, but suddenly, she felt a burst of pain in her stomach and quickly sat back. “Mommy…” “Jayden, call Daddy over quickly. I think I’m due soon.” There was still a week left before the baby’s due date. Was the baby so eager to come out and meet everyone? “Karen, don’t move. I’ll ask the doctors and nurses to bring you to the delivery room right away.” Kevin did not dare to go too far. When he was working, he was working in the office outside the ward. He needed to make himself available for Karen at all time. He called for the doctor quickly. The medical staff who were responsible for Karen’s delivery were always on standby outside the room anyway as they waited for her delivery. The doctors and nurses were all very experienced and trained. They moved Karen to the delivery room quickly and professionally “Karen, don’t be afraid. I will accompany you and the child all the way.” This time, Kevin was excited and worried at the same time because he could stay with Karen and witness the birth of their child. Even though he was well prepared, he was still worried that Karen could not stand the pain. He had proposed a C-section before, but Karen felt that going through a C-section might not be good for the child, and she wanted to have a natural birth. Soon, they arrived at the delivery room. The doctor looked at Kevin and said, “Director Kevin, sorry, but you’ll have to wait outside. This..” Kevin shot a cold look at the doctor. The doctor shut up immediately. How could she forget how much the director cared for his wife? It was absolutely impossible for him to wait outside while his wife suffered.

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