My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 680

“Wah, wah, wah…” After being in his mother’s belly for ten months, the baby finally came to this brand new world. The first thing the little baby did was to cry out loud. These newborns always used the most unique way of telling the world that they have arrived! The doctor said happily with the baby in her arms, “Director Kevin, congratulations, Mrs. Kyle has a new born chubby baby” However, Kevin Kyle did not even look at the child. He stroked Karen Daly’s sweaty hair and leaned over to kiss her. “Karen, I’m sorry!” All the pain she suffered today was because of him. Ten thousand apologies were not enough to express the guilt in his heart. Karen shook her head, pressed her dry lips together, and said, “I’m really happy to be able to give birth to our child again.” Compared to the fear of being cut in the belly when she gave birth to Little Karen, she felt much better this time as Kevin accompanied her all the way. Kevin didn’t say much, but she could feel his strength and warmth when he held her hand tightly. The process of labour was extremely painful, but it became bearable with his love and support through the entire process. “Silly woman.” He rebuked her in a soft voice and gently kissed her again. He kissed the sweat and tears on her face. His movements were gentle, as if he was protecting his treasure. Karen raised her head slightly and looked at the child in the doctor’s hand. “Doctor, can I see my child?” The doctor wrapped the baby up and brought the baby over. Before the doctor got close to Karen, Kevin reached out to take the child immediately. He held the child towards Karen and said, “The child is healthy and cute. When he grows up, he will look more like you.” “I hope that our child will look more like you.” Since the baby was a boy, she hoped that the child would look like his father. The baby must be as tall and handsome as his father. Then in the future, she would not have to worry about the child’s luck in the love department. Karen really wanted to hold the child, but since she just gave birth to the baby, she felt extremely tired and physically drained. She held her hands back in disappointment. “Don’t rush. When you are better, you can hold him every day.” Kevin wanted to give the child back to the doctor, but when he saw Karen’s eager look, his heart ached. She must be worried that the child would be taken away. Many years ago, when she gave birth to Little Karen, she couldn’t remember anything when she woke up. She didn’t even see what her child looked like. Now, she was afraid that the past would repeat itself. She was afraid that after the doctor took the child away, she would never see their child again, Kevin assured her gently, “Karen, I will get someone to take good care of the child. We can go back to the ward to rest. The doctor will bring the child to us in a while.” “Kevin, why don’t you stay with the baby? I’m still afraid.” The trauma that had been buried in the bottom of her heart was not something that could be forgotten easily Kevin wanted to stay by Karen’s side badly. He was also afraid of the past. No one would believe that a strong man like him would be afraid. But at this moment, he was really scared. He was afraid that if he left her and came back, Karen disappear from his life completely just like she did many years ago Kevin was not afraid of anything. Even if everything collapsed in front of him, he could still remain calm, but Karen was his only weakness in his life. He was afraid that she would disappear in front of his eyes again. Kevin had his own concerns, but he could not show them to Karen. He wanted Karen to be rest assured, so he had to accompany the child. When Karen came out of the operating room, Papa Kyle, Mama Kyle, Mia Kyle, and Faye Reed were waiting outside the room When they saw that Karen was pushed out, they all gathered around and looked at the doctor holding the child, then they looked at Karen. “Karen, are you okay?” Faye glanced at the child and focused on Karen “Faye, I’m fine. Thank you for taking the time to come and see me.” Karen smiled weakly at Faye. Kevin’s eyes swept over the people in front of him, and finally spoke to Faye, “Faye, please look after Karen for me.” Kevin trusted his parents. But he remembered how Karen still went missing while his parents were around. Therefore, when it came to caring for Karen, Kevin was more willing to entrust Karen to Faye. He knew that Faye was devoted and loyal to Karen. In the years when he was searching for Karen, Faye was also trying her best to find Karen. She was the only person who had the same belief as he did. Both of them believed that Karen was still alive! “Karen is worried about the child, you can go and accompany the child. I will keep an eye on her.” Karen was worried. As her best friend, Faye understood both their personalities very well. Since Karen was pregnant, she had been going for check ups regularly to ensure the child’s health. As she had a natural birth, the child was in good health. He didn’t need to be put in an incubator like Little Karen was, as she had been born prematurely. After cleaning the child, the doctor quickly brought the child to Karen so that they could reunite with each other. Looking at the little baby lying next to her, Karen’s heart melted. She really wanted to reach out to touch him, but she was afraid that if she touched him a little, she would poke through his tender little face. Therefore, Karen could only look at the child with eager eyes and tried to reach out to hold him several times. She was not brave enough to carry the child. Although Little Karen was ten years old now, it was the first time that Karen had seen her own newborn baby because she missed out on Little Karen’s infant years. As she witnessed how tiny and fragile her baby could be, she felt so happy that she felt like she conquered the world. “Karen, please sleep for a while.” Kevin tried to persuade her several times, but she just shook her head as she did not want to close her eyes. In fact, after giving birth to the baby, she felt so tired and painful that she almost fainted, but she still refused to sleep or rest. She felt that she needed to be strong for her newborn child. “Mommy, I will accompany you and the baby here. Don’t worry.” Little Karen was sensible and knew how to comfort her mother. “That’s right. Karen and I are here with you. What are you worried about?” Kevin stroked her forehead and spoke gently “Alright, I’ll just sleep for a while.” Karen looked at Kevin, then looked at Little Karen, and then she looked the new member of their family. In a trance, she felt like the child was smiling at her. Slowly, she felt less worried and less scared. They were the closest people in her life. With them by her side, she knew she would be fine. After reassuring herself, Karen felt a little relieved and closed her eyes to sleep. She closed her eyes, but she still couldn’t fall asleep. Her mind was playing scenes from her past, and she recalled everything that had happened over the years. The sudden marriage, finding out that her newly married husband was a big boss of a company, the people who abandoned her came to find her, then her mother committed suicide, and her father was killed… She thought about all the things that had happened in the past, and she would still be sad. However, she would not be afraid anymore, because she had Kevin and their children. As she thought about it, she slowly calmed herself down and gradually fell asleep. She said that she was not afraid anymore, but she was still holding on tightly to the blanket that was used to wrap the baby when she slept. Her actions still revealed that she was worried and afraid deep down. Kevin reached out his hand and gently touched her forehead. He held her tightly with his other hand as he tried to reassure her… Perhaps Karen could sense Kevin’s comfort, her frowning eyebrows gradually relaxed and her grip from holding the blanket loosened a little. In this life, he had her, and she also had him. And that was enough!

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