My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 681

 The story of Little Karen and Brother Lionel is officially ready to go! I look forward to seeing my companions who are looking forward to Little Karen and Brother Lionel’s story It all began in Broadway, New York, the United States of America. The familiar hustling and bustling, the big city, and the famous streets. People from all over the world lived their own wonderful stories here every day. Today, there was a major event that was going on in one of the concert halls. It was a celebration of the 18th birthday of Rovio’s global leader’s daughter. The stage, the lights, the props, the actors, the audience, everything was ready. The Kyle family had already been waiting for a long time in the VIP seats. After today, the apple of their eyes would become an eighteen-year-old young lady. They were excited to watch their little loved one dance to the public. However, at this moment, the bodyguards who often followed the eldest daughter of the Kyle family came in a hurry and handed a letter to the First Young Master of the family. They said gingerly, “First Young Master, she left a letter, and she went missing.” “What?” The First Young Master put on a gloomy look. He was obviously angry, but he quickly concealed his emotions. He quickly opened the letter, and there were a few short sentences written on the letter, “Daddy, Mommy, I have become a grown up today, and now, I want to see the outside world alone. Don’t worry, and don’t miss me! Love, Karen.” Although the letter was brief, you could tell how happy she was when she wrote the letter. “Get someone to chase her right away.” Jayden Elias Kyle raised his hand and checked the time. “We must bring her back before the banquet starts.” “First Young Master, she left for the airport three hours ago. Now she’s on the plane heading towards the capital city of Country A.” Another bodyguard rushed over and reported the news he just received to his master. “You guys..” When Jayden heard this, he was very angry. He specifically asked them to keep an eye on her, but he didn’t expect that she could still run away “If she wants to be free, then just let her be. When times get hard, she will know the love of her parents and family.” An adorable little boy suddenly interrupted his words. Any stranger would know that this young boy seemed wise beyond his age! Country A, Capital International Airport. The huge electronic screen at the arrival hall showed that flight HH389 from New York to Country A had arrived on time. However, after waiting for half an hour, Samantha Lesley still didn’t see the person she was waiting for. Not only did she not see the person she was waiting for, but she couldn’t get through to the person’s phone too. She was getting worried. Samantha waited and waited. When she was about to head to the information counter to ask for help, the guest she was waiting for finally arrived. The guest was a tall, young girl. She was wearing a white T- shirt and denim jeans. She had a cap on her head, and donned a pair of sunglasses. Samantha couldn’t see her eyes. She only knew that even though her guest wore casual clothes, she still couldn’t hide her elegance. It was the elegance of the rich! Yes! Samantha admitted that Karen Joy Kyle looked like a typical young lady from a respectable family. She always appeared calm as she knew how to mask her emotions well. She treated everyone politely and spoke eloquently. She ticked all the checkboxes of a perfect young lady. In fact, that was only the side that Karen Joy was willing to show to others. “What does she really look like?” Samantha thought of three words to describe her. a little devil! Yes, she was just a little devil! Karen Joy would always mess with people terribly, but no one had ever suspected her of her mischief. It was not because her family was rich, but because this girl was too good at disguising her deeds. Even Samantha, who would always help her run errands, would doubt if Karen Joy meant her words when she asked her to do those bad things. “Hi, Karen Joy, I’m here!” Samantha waved at Karen Joy and tried to jump, hoping that Karen Joy could see her in the crowd. However, things didn’t happen as she wished. Samantha was not noticeable, yet Karen Joy was too noticeable. In the short distance that Karen Joy walked over to the exit, a lot of people cast their eyes on her. She hated people who would stare at her, but she didn’t show it. She just raised her hand and adjusted the sunglasses that could cover almost half of her face. Samantha understood her and knew that it was a sign of her being annoyed. As she imagined the consequences of annoying Karen Joy, Samantha couldn’t help but shudder. She rushed through the crowd and came to Karen Joy’s side. “Karen Joy, where have you been? I waited for you for a long time and couldn’t get through to you. I was so worried.” “I sneaked out from home. Do you think I can take my mobile phone with me?” Karen Joy glanced at Samantha through her sunglasses. How can she still be so ignorant after being her friend for so many years? Because she had been kidnapped before when she was a child, her dearest father had installed a tracking device on her mobile phone. No matter where she went, her dear father would know. She was not stupid. She clearly knew that the mobile phone was equipped with a GPS. Did Samantha want Jayden to grab her back to New York after just half a day? “Oh..” Samantha scratched her head and smiled awkwardly. “How could I forget about this?” “What else can you forget?” Karen Joy didn’t know why such a high IQ person like herself would become friends with a fool like Samantha Perhaps they became good friends because Samantha was always so innocent and simple-minded, so she couldn’t bear to see Samantha get bullied. “Ha ha..” Samantha couldn’t refute any of her words, “Let me guess, you couldn’t get anything when I asked you to help me find the person right?” Karen Joy did not expect Samantha to help her find the person she was looking for. The reason why she contacted Samantha in Country A was because she needed a place to stay. If she went to the hotel, she would be taken back by Jayden very soon, so it was wiser to stay in Samantha’s place. Samantha replied, “Karen Joy, you don’t remember what the man looks like, and you don’t even remember his full name. Even if you ask a famous detective to find him, he may not be able to find him either.” Hearing Samantha’s words, Karen Joy’s face turned gloomy. She felt a little painful and powerless. She was right! Samantha was right. The Brother Lionel whom she missed so much was just a person who lived in her memory. She did not know what Brother Lionel looked like and she did not know his name. She did not know where he was. Everything about him was so unfamiliar to her. She only vaguely remembered that Brother Lionel was very tall and looked good when he smiled. He liked to hold her in his arms and kiss her… She still remembered that Brother Lionel asked her to bring the chain he gave her and find him when she grew up. As for the other memories about him, they had long since disappeared from her memory.

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