My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 682

 After realizing his family’s importance, Jason Lesley said excitedly, “Mr. President, don’t worry. I will protect Miss Kyle well, and I will not let any information get leaked out. If she ever lost a strand of hair, you can have my life.” “I trust you and your family.” The President nodded with satisfaction, “Then you should go back first. Please have Samantha take good care of her for me. You must remember that she must have a lamp on when she sleeps.” When Little Karen was almost four years old, she was caught and locked up in a sealed bucket. Since then, she had been particularly afraid of the dark. After so many years, she was still afraid. He remembered this detail very well, so he repeated the same detail to Jason too. Jason was the right hand man of the President, and Samantha was his younger sister. She went to New York to study three years ago, and she happened to become Karen Joy Kyle’s classmate. Surely, this couldn’t be a coincidence. All of this was arranged by the President. She placed his closest comrades to be alongside Karen Joy, so he could get updates about her too. More than a decade had passed. He had grown to be a mature man, and now he was the new President of Country A. His Little Karen had grown from being a little toddler to a graceful young lady. Besides, she remembered what he had told her before. If she wanted to see Brother Lionel, she could come to him with the special necklace that he had given her after she grew up. She was finally here, but he couldn’t see her due to many complications. He couldn’t meet her, so he could only protect her silently behind her back. After Jason left, Zuriel Perth came in. Seeing their new President staring at him in a daze, he was worried and said, “Third Young Master, the day after tomorrow is your inauguration ceremony. Everyone will be watching you. You can’t make any mistakes.” No one else knew what the Third Young Master’s intentions were, but Zuriel, who had always been with him and was several years older than him, knew that the Third Young Master had been worried about the child throughout all these years. He always prepared something for her birthday every year and asked someone to send it to her. However, because the gifts were sent anonymously, his gifts would drown in the pit of all her other birthday gifts. He had sent gifts to her for more than ten years now. Even if she had never opened up his gifts, he still sent them to her every year. He never missed her birthday and this year was no different. However, Karen Joy’s birthday gift that was sent to New York lately was ignored again. This time, Karen Joy flew to Country A alone before her birthday celebration. Lionel didn’t respond to Zuriel. His eyes were still looking at the photo on the desk. It seemed that he was so absorbed that he didn’t hear Zuriel’s words. Zuriel added, “Third Young Master, when the child grows up, she will have her own life, and she will fall in love with other men. Maybe she will meet a man who can protect her for the rest of her life soon.” “So what?” Lionel looked at the photo of Little Karen and questioned Zuriel without even looking at him. No matter how old the child was, no matter who she would meet in the future… As her big brother, couldn’t he protect her? “Nothing.” Zuriel coughed and said, “Your fiance, the daughter of the Silas family, is definitely going to attend the inauguration ceremony with you. I just want to remind you of that fact.” As a man who had been taking care of the little girl for more than ten years, Zuriel wouldn’t believe that he would have no feelings for her if she appeared in front of him looking like a beautiful young lady. “You guys can just arrange everything for me. I know what I should do and shouldn’t do.” He had been holding back for so many years now. Would he lose his cool at such a critical moment? He knew better than anyone how bumpy the road to climb to the peak of authority was. He knew what he needed to do. “Karen Joy, this is the room that I specially asked someone to prepare for you. Maybe it’s not as comfortable as your own room, but I think it’s not that bad.” Samantha Lesley took Karen Joy Kyle into the room that her helpers had cleaned up. Looking at the cartoon decorations, she liked it very much, and she believed that Karen Joy would also like it. “Alright, my dear Samantha, thank you for being so thoughtful!” Karen Joy gave Samantha a big hug. “It’s all thanks to you that I can receive such a high-class treatment in a foreign place.” In fact, she didn’t really like the colour pink that was painted in the room, but these were all thoughtfully prepared by Samantha for her. As her guest, she was very appreciative. “Haha. Karen Joy, don’t worry about it. In New York, you also took good care of me.” Samantha was secretly very happy to be praised by Karen Joy. “There are so many people in the world, and you are the only one who can skip grades with me and finish college in advance. If I don’t treat you well, then who else?” Karen Joy inherited her father’s high IQ, and she finished her course at a well-known college at a young age. Samantha was a clueless person in life, but she was a straight-A student when it comes to academics. Therefore, only she could keep up with Karen Joy’s learning speed. “Well, we’re good classmates.” Samantha said, “Karen Joy, if you’re afraid of sleeping alone at night, I can sleep with you.” “Scared? Have you ever seen me afraid of anything?” Even if she was really scared, Karen Joy would never show her vulnerable side to others.. If she could not overcome her little fears, how could she find her Brother Lionel? “Then, take a shower and rest early. I’ll be in the next room. If you need anything, call me.” Samantha answered calmly. “Alright, you should rest too.” Karen Joy threw herself in bed and rolled around comfortably. “Brother Lionel, I’m here to see you. You must recognize me.” Sometimes, she was really scared. She was worried that if she stood face to face with her Brother Lionel, they wouldn’t be able to recognize each other. Karen Joy did not want to think about it too much. Since she was here, she was sure that she could find Brother Lionel In fact, sometimes, she also did not understand why she needed to find a person whose face she couldn’t even remember. Perhaps there was a voice in her heart that kept telling her to find him, to make up for the times he wasn’t with her when she was little. She should be very tired after travelling for a whole day, but after she took a shower, she didn’t feel sleepy at all. There was always a pleasant boy’s voice in her ears that said, “Little Karen, don’t be afraid, Brother Lionel will protect you and beat up all the bad guys.”

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