My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 682

As she recalled what Brother Lionel had said, Karen Joy Kyle clenched the necklace that had a special totem around her neck unknowingly. In the past, she did not notice that in the very centre of the totem, there was a tiny engraving of the word Lionel. Because she remembered that this chain was given to her by Brother Lionel, so she had been wearing it all these years, treating it as her treasure. No matter what kind of clothes she wore, she would always wear this necklace. Due to her popularity, she even started a vintage trend in school. However, none of the necklaces those people wore had the same pattern as the totem that Karen Joy had. Karen Joy noticed something unique about the pendant, so she searched everywhere for information about the totem. She searched through the library in the school, the books in her house, and all the bookstores in New York, but she couldn’t find anything. Since she could not find any relevant information from books, Karen Joy searched tirelessly on the Internet for a hint. Finally, she found a piece of information about this totem on an antique website. With only a short explanation, it stated that the totem was a symbol of authority in Country A. This meant that Brother Lionel, who gave her the special necklace, must be in Country A. Therefore, on the day when Karen Joy turned 18 years old, she couldn’t wait to come to Country A to find Brother Lionel “Karen Joy, but it doesn’t matter, as long as you try very hard, you can achieve anything. You’re so adamant on looking for Brother Lionel, you will definitely find him.” Even though she couldn’t help, Samantha knew she needed to be supportive. “You fool, are you comforting me?” Karen took off her sunglasses, revealing her big watery eyes, and said firmly, “Of course I can find my Brother Lionel.” However, there was no plan at the moment. In such a big country, it was not easy to find a man with just a necklace. Therefore, she knew she couldn’t rush through the search process and needed to be safe. Although she was young, she inherited her father’s good genes. Since she was a child, she always planned ahead and did things efficiently. She was being a little stubborn to come over to find Brother Lionel this time. She did not think much about the consequences of coming over, but she did not regret doing so. She was already eighteen years old and she could be responsible for her actions. She knew what she was doing, At a loss, Samantha scratched her head again. “Karen Joy. I’m worried about you.” Karen Joy put her hand on Samantha’s shoulder and said, “Don’t think too much. I haven’t eaten for more than ten hours. Find me a place so I can eat my heart out.” “I know what you like to eat. I have already arranged it.” Samantha did not know how to find Brother Lionel, but as an experienced foodie, she was very good at looking for good food. In the capital city of Country A, Samantha would always try her best to look for great food no matter near or far. “Silly girl, you’ve finally done something that can satisfy me. Let’s go.” Karen Joy dragged Samantha and ran away. Her elegant vibe earlier turned into a youthful and lively vibe that she should have at her age. In the North Palace of the capital city of Country A. The North Palace was located in the center of the capital city and it was heavily guarded. There were special forces patrolling for 24 hours in the surrounding areas. It was where the President of Country A worked. In the past few days, security was even tighter. It was said that a lot of special forces were dispatched to guard in front of the president’s office, and they would ensure the safety of the President at all times. The current President was stepping down soon, and a new President was about to take office. After the national election, the third son of the previous President won the position of being the next President by winning over 60% of the people’s votes. The new President would be sworn in the day after tomorrow. This was a global news, hence security needed to be tighter. Just as a group of people were busy arranging procedures for the transition of presidency, a young man rushed into the president’s office without even knocking. When he opened the door and saw that the President was in a meeting, it was too late to turn back. He had to say respectfully, “Mr. President.” Before he could finish speaking, the President waved his hand to stop him. Mr. President signed a document, stamped it with a personal seal, and handed it to a secretary beside him. “Go ahead with the inauguration ceremony. Get busy.” “Yes.” The secretary took the document and led a group of people to leave the room. As soon as the staff left, the President immediately looked at the man who just walked over and said, “Speak.” The man quickly said, “Samantha has brought Miss Kyle back to the Lesley family home safely.” “Alright, you did a good job.” The President nodded, but he didn’t say much The man added, “I have arranged for the most elite people to protect her as you ordered. During the time when she is in Country A, her safety will be ensured.” After listening to the man’s words, the President’s eyes squinted a little. The man didn’t know what Mr. President wanted to say, so he plucked up the courage and asked, “Mr. President, just tell me if you need anything.” The President smiled and asked calmly, “Jason, how long have you been working under me?” Jason Lesley answered without hesitation, “Five years and two months.” “Five years and two months?” The President repeated his words and said, “Five years isn’t a long time, but I’ve assigned this special task to you. Do you know why?” Jason Lesley nodded and said, “It’s all because of you, Mr. President, that our family can still serve the country. You have done us a great favor, and we will never forget that.” The President said, “Regarding the incident a few years ago, the Lesley family was framed. I stood out to talk about it, to give your family justice, not because I am biased. I didn’t do much of the saving, but your own family did. Everyone knows the Lesley family’s integrity well.” The Lesley family was framed during the time when the eldest son of the former President was the most powerful. At that time, many people knew that the Lesley family had been wrongly blamed, but only the Third Young Master stood up and spoke on behalf of the Lesley family. At that time, the Third Young Master helped to clear the injustice of the Lesley family, but he was also sentenced to confinement by his eldest brother for half a year. From that time on, the Lesley family decided to follow the Third Young Master’s orders and requests loyally. They wanted to repay his kind deeds. Jason suddenly understood that their young and promising Mr. President didn’t want the Lesley family to repay his kindness, but he trusted them because of their nobility and loyalty. He entrusted the Lesley family to protect the person he cared about the most.

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