My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 683

 Karen Joy Kyle held a pillow in her arms and patted it, “Brother Lionel, I’ve grown up and I’m no longer an innocent child anymore. I don’t need you to help me take out the bad guys. I just hope that I can find you as soon as possible. I’ve been missing you a lot.” As for what she would do after telling Brother Lionel that she missed him, Karen Joy wasn’t sure. She turned over and looked at the ceiling. Maybe Brother Lionel had already gotten married and had children. His children might have already grown up too. As she thought about the possibility of Brother Lionel having his own family, Karen Joy’s heart suddenly twitched. She felt so downhearted. Was she being too selfish? She did not want to see Brother Lionel getting married and having children. She hoped that he would wait for her to grow up. But she knew that that might be impossible, For the entire night, Karen Joy thought about too many things, so she could only fall asleep after midnight. The next morning, she only woke up in the afternoon. When she woke up, she thought she was at home. She habitually reached out to pick her phone so her little precious brother could sing her a wake-up song. She was used to doing this so that she would feel energised. However, she stretched out her hand and touched around her side table for some time, but she could not get hold of the phone. Then she remembered that she was in a foreign land and could not see her cute brother. She was wondering if the Little Precious back home missed his sister? He would probably think of her. Although he was only eight years old, he always put on a proud and cold look like their father. She guessed that he would not miss her. If her Little Precious did not miss her, her grandparents and parents would definitely worry about her. She left her mobile phone at home, thus they could not get in touch with her. Would they wonder if something bad had happened to her? She thought that she needed to call her parents and tell them that she was safe so that they could rest assured. Ruffling through her untidy hair, Karen Joy lay on her bed lazily for a few more minutes before she got up slowly from the bed. “Karen Joy, are you awake?” Samantha Lesley knocked on Karen Joy’s door right on time. “It’s already noon. If you don’t get up now, the sun will go down soon.” “Dear Miss Lesley, are you my mother?” Karen Joy opened the door in her unkempt state and let Samantha in. “Haha..” Samantha wore her usual silly smile and said, “My brother is at home today and wants to have lunch with us.” “Your brother?” Karen Joy pondered for a moment. He was like the parent of the family, so she had to present herself well as to not leave a bad impression on him. Samantha’s parents passed away early, and she was raised by her older brother. Naturally, her brother was like a father to her. In front of strangers, Karen Joy dressed up very well and acted like a pleasant young lady. She showed her elegance well. When she saw Jason Lesley, who handled affairs for the President, she did not lose her confidence at all. “Hello, Miss Kyle! Welcome to our place.” This was the person whom their Mr. President wanted to protect. Jason treated her so well as though he was dealing with Mr. President’s wife. “Hello, Mr. Lesley!” Karen Joy smiled politely. “I hope I didn’t cause you any trouble.” “Not at all, not at all.” Jason reassured her, “You are Samantha’s classmate, and her home is also your home You don’t need to worry about anything.” “Thank you, Mr. Lesley!” She did not intend to be polite, but after all, he was still a stranger, so she had to be courteous. After lunch, Jason still lazed around at home. Samantha asked, “Brother, isn’t the new President’s inauguration ceremony tomorrow? Don’t you need to help out?” “Yeah, I’ll be going over later.” The President gave him an off day. His task was to take care of the distinguished guest in his home, so he did not have to go to work. However, since his silly sister asked him about work, and he did not know how to answer her, hence he had to pack up and leave. A few days ago, the national elections in Country A stirred up the headlines. Karen Joy knew about it, but because it had nothing to do with her, she did not pay much attention to it. What she was concerned about was how to find her Brother Lionel in the shortest time possible. After Jason left, Karen Joy took out her notebook and came up with different plans to search for Brother Lionel. Samantha approached her and blabbered non-stop, “Karen Joy, tomorrow is the inauguration ceremony of the new President. Let’s just go and see what it’s like.” “I’m telling you, you must see our new President. He is young and handsome. Many girls dream of meeting him.” Thinking of their new President, Samantha almost drooled. “Wipe your drool!” Karen Joy shot Samantha a look. She couldn’t care less about ‘handsome’ men out there. Her father, her uncle, and her brother Jayden Kyle, were all extremely handsome men. She did not believe that anyone could be more handsome than them. “Are you sure you don’t want to go?” Samantha nudged her and said, “Karen Joy, let’s go. It’s just a day’s time. I won’t hold you up looking for your Brother Lionel.” “I’m not going.” Karen Joy declined immediately. She was not in the mood to do anything else apart from finding Brother Lionel Upon hearing Karen Joy’s rejection, Samantha was a little disappointed, but soon she cheered up again. “Karen Joy, let’ s go. Think about this. There will be so many people attending the ceremony tomorrow. People from all walks of life. Who knows you might bump into your Brother Lionel.” “Well then, let’s go.” The more people there were, the more information and clues she could get. She did not have high hopes of finding Brother Lionel tomorrow, but it was also good to find some clues. The inauguration ceremony of the President was a grand occasion that occurred every few years in Country A. On this day, many people with high ranking positions would come to the capital city, and the newly-appointed President would make a declaration in front of the whole nation. Early in the morning, cars were forbidden from entering and exiting several streets near the North Palace. Pedestrians had to go through strict security checking before entering the speech arena. The land and air forces prioritized security in all aspects to ensure that the ceremony could be carried out safely and well. Because of Samantha’s special status, Karen Joy did not have to squeeze through the crowd outside. She could watch the young and handsome new President from a close distance. “Karen Joy, put this work pass on properly. Don’t lose it. Otherwise, you might be arrested.” Samantha began to nag like an old woman again. “Do you think I’m as careless as you?” She understood that the work pass served as her identity. She would not be so absent-minded as to lose something that proved her identity. The inauguration ceremony had not started yet. Karen Joy looked around and saw that everyone was busy. Meanwhile, Samantha and her looked like the only fools who were out of place.. Samantha suddenly exclaimed excitedly, “Karen Joy, look, that’s our new President.” Karen Joy looked in the direction where Samantha pointed, but she only managed to catch a glimpse of the new President with his back turned.

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