My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 684

There was a group of people following behind the new President. Karen Joy Kyles’s view was obstructed by the group of people behind the president, so she could only catch a glimpse of his back. “Karen Joy, he’s handsome, isn’t he?” Samantha Lesley’s eyes sparkled as she looked at him. She was almost drooling, and she looked like a fangirl. “Samantha, wipe your drool again.” How could a back view fascinate this girl so much? Karen Joy really wanted to see this new President’s face and see if his looks could beat her father’s. Samantha really lifted her hand to wipe her drooling saliva. She grabbed Karen Joy and said, “Karen Joy, come with me. I know a position where we can see the President clearly.” “Samantha, slow down!” Karen Joy slowed down. With this work pass, she had to look like a staff member. It would be easy for people to notice she was out of place if she was shoving and barging around. “Oh, Miss Kyle, besides me, no one will notice you here. What kind of image are you still trying to maintain?” Samantha was anxious and keen to see her Prince Charming They passed through the lobby on the first floor of the office building, then sprinted up to the second floor along the spiral wooden stairs. After a while, they stopped at the end of the corridor on the left side of the stairs. Samantha opened the door and led Karen Joy in. “Karen Joy. come in. If we look down from the window, we can see the position where Mr. President would deliver his speech.” Karen Joy walked towards the window and looked up. Sure enough, she saw a podium on the opposite side, and Mr. President was standing in front of the towers of the North Palace. There were many high ranking officials by his sides. Seeing that man and his handsome face, a vague image of a boy suddenly appeared in Karen Joy’s mind. That boy often held the little girl in his arms and gave her pecks on her chubby cheek. “Little Karen, ‘ll be leaving now. When you grow up, take my necklace and look for your brother Lionel.” “Brother Lionel?” Karen Joy could not help but exclaim the name that had been buried deep in her heart for many years. She stared at the President’s every move. He waved his hand at the crowd below the tower. With a warm smile on his face, he began his speech. Karen Joy did not listen to his speech. She fixed her eyes on his face as if she wanted to find something from his face. A face that she had not been able to remember clearly, She vaguely remembered that there was a beautiful voice that said to her. “Little Karen, you have to be good.” “Little Karen, don’t be afraid. I will protect you.” Little Karen…” The indistinct face in her memory gradually morphed into the face of the new President, and in her mind, they were the same person. “Karen Joy, our President is so young and excellent, and his fiancée is also not bad. They’re the perfect match for each other. Samantha did not notice Karen Joy’s unusual behavior. She was dancing with excitement. The word “fiancée” was like a bucket of cold water poured onto Karen Joy’s head, and she was suddenly brought back to reality by the cold splash. She gently shifted her gaze and looked at the graceful and elegant woman standing next to Mr. President. They stood hand in hand, appearing before the whole nation. The new President and his fiancée were such a dazzling couple. Just looking at them from afar was enough to make anyone admire how perfect they were. “Samantha, what’s the name of your new President?” Karen Joy grabbed Samantha and asked anxiously. “Mr. President’s name is Nathaniel Cooper, and his fiancée is Serene Silas. She also comes from an influential family.” Samantha replied. “Nathaniel Cooper?” Karen Joy repeated this name in her mind. There was no “Lionel” in his name, so was he related to her Brother Lionel? The new President of Country A, and Brother Lionel from her memory. how could she suddenly think that the new President was her Brother Lionel? Perhaps in her heart, her Brother Lionel indeed had the looks of a President. He was handsome and had great facial features. Whenever he smiled, his smile was like a warm sun in a chilly winter and he could radiate warmth. Seeing Karen Joy in a daze, Samantha reached out and waved her hand in front of her eyes. “Karen Joy, what’s wrong?” “Samantha, I want to meet your new President. I have something to ask him.” Karen Joy was not a person who would flinch in case of trouble. On the contrary, she was a little lady who would never give up until she achieved her goals. Instead of worrying a lot, she wanted to ask him directly If he was her Brother Lionel, then he would definitely remember her. Even if he did not have a vivid memory of her, since they spent a great deal of time together before, he would remember her anyhow. If she remembered him at such a young age, so her Brother Lionel would definitely remember her too. “Karen Joy, do you really think our new President is your Brother Lionel?” Samantha’s eyes widened and her face was full of disbelief. Had this girl gone crazy looking for her Brother Lionel? As long as she saw a man who was pleasing to her eye, she would think that he was her Brother Lionel? “Don’t ask so many questions. I must see him today.” When she needed a job done, Karen Joy became dominant and acted like a leader. “The only person that might help is my brother, but my brother will definitely not let me mess things up.” Samantha scratched her head in awkwardness. “Karen Joy, the new President is definitely not your Brother Lionel. Just give up already.” Their new President was the third son of the former President. Very few people had seen his face since he was a child. His family shielded him so well. How would he be able to travel and wander in foreign countries and get to know the young Karen Joy Kyle? Karen Joy changed the subject and said, “Mr. President will go back to his office later right?” “Of course. After the speech, they should have a meeting to attend.” While speaking, Samantha felt that something was wrong. “Karen Joy, no way, I don’t have the guts.” “Well, I know you don’t have the guts. I can go by myself.” Karen Joy ought to do things right away once she had decided to do it. She was very persistent. “Karen Joy, how are you going to get in?” Samantha realised that she was causing trouble again, and it was a big, big trouble this time. “Don’t we have work passes? We can always think of a way to sneak into the President’s office.” Brainstorming for ways had always been Karen Joy’s forte. “Well then, this is my turf, so I can’t let you take the risk alone.” Samantha closed her eyes and took a deep breath. “It’s no big deal. At most, my brother will ground me at home for a month.” During this period, all the attention was focused on the President who was delivering his speech. The security inside the North Palace was relatively lax, but it was still not easy to sneak into the President’s office. On the way to the President’s office, there was a guard after every few steps. It was absolutely impossible for them to sneak in Fortunately, the work passes they had came in handy. The guards did not ask anything after seeing the work passes They walked all the way to the President’s office effortlessly.

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