My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 685

The setting and design of the presidential office looked quite classic, with a design almost similar to that of the presidential offices which Karen Joy Kyle had seen before. The office looked elegant, luxurious, and well-maintained. Karen Joy looked around and found that there were no cameras in the office, so they would not be discovered for the time being But Samantha Lesley was worried. The thought of being grounded in the house for a month by her brother really scared her off. She pulled Karen Joy’s sleeve and said, “Karen Joy, let’s hide behind the bookshelf, shall we? I am worried that my brother will come in with Mr. President. If he sees us, we will be doomed.” “Okay.” Karen Joy agreed immediately. Her main purpose was to meet their Mr. President and ask him if he was her Brother Lionel. If there were many people, she might be kicked out before she could open her mouth. Hiding behind the bookshelf, Samantha was trembling in nervousness, but Karen Joy was calm as usual. She held Samantha’s hand and said, “Samantha, don’t be afraid. I’ll take responsibility if anything happens. I won’t let you get punished because of me.” “But my brother is really scary when he loses his temper.” Her brother usually treated her very well. He gave her everything she needed and more. But if she made a mistake, her brother would not spare her easily. Karen Joy was about to say something to comfort Samantha when she suddenly heard the door being opened. Then she heard footsteps, which seemed like there were several people walking in. She immediately kept quiet and was ready to judge the situation first before making her next plan. “Mr. President, the inauguration ceremony went very well, and the nation’s degree of satisfaction towards you is as high as 80%.” It was Jason Lesley who spoke up. Hearing the voice, Samantha was so scared that her legs went limp, as if she had been caught red-handed by her brother. “Karen Joy, what should we do? I am so scared!” She mouthed her words to Karen Joy. Karen Joy grabbed her hand and gave her a reassuring look, but Samantha was so frightened that she could not stand still and limped, so her body fell on the bookshelf. “Who is it?” Jason roared, and guards immediately barged into the room with guns in their hands and rushed towards Karen Joy and Samantha. “Brother, it’s me. Please don’t shoot.” Compared to being killed accidentally, Samantha would rather be punished by her brother “Samantha, you are too mischievous. Bring her to me…” Jason was about to lose his temper, but he saw Karen Joy standing beside Samantha. “Mr. Lesley, we mean no harm here. We just want to see what kind of person the President is, as he was able to win the love and respect of the people.” Karen Joy came out from behind the bookshelf and stood in front of Samantha, then he looked at Jason calmly. As he saw Karen Joy, Jason knew that he could not take any action. He waved his hand and signaled the guards to leave, and then looked at their Mr. President. Karen Joy also looked at their Mr. President and smiled, “Mr. President, you love the people as if they are your own children. You won’t punish the people who love you, will you?” What a smart girl. She was flattering and giving Mr. President a high-hat as soon as she opened her mouth. If Mr. President really wanted to punish them, it would seem like he did not love the people as if they were his own children. Karen Joy looked at Nathaniel Cooper attentively, and he also looked at her. His Little Karen’s voice sounded very pleasant, and he could vaguely remember her voice when she was young. He imagined how she had called him “Brother Lionel” softly. His Little Karen’s smile was so beautiful, and it was different from the adorable and child-like smile she had when she was a child. She looked elegant and exquisite now, and she still had that scar on her forehead. He knew that she had sneaked into the North Palace with Samantha, and he had asked the guards not to make things difficult for them. But he never expected that she was so courageous and dared to sneak into his office… She appeared in front of his eyes so unexpectedly. From the moment he first saw her, his heart was already in a turmoil. But due to his experience from working in the political scene, he was good at putting on poker faces already. He placed his hands behind his back, clenched them quietly, and spoke in a low voice, “What if I punish you both for trespassing the President’s office?” “You won’t!” Karen Joy answered with absolute certainty. “Oh?” He snorted and squinted at the pink rosy face that still looked childish. “Why are you so sure that I won’t punish you? If he really wanted to punish them, they would have been taken away long ago, and he would not ramble with her anymore. “Because you are…” Perhaps it was not only because he was a good President who was respected by the nation, but also because she thought that he was her very familiar Brother Lionel Her Brother Lionel was her hero and her shield. How could he hurt her? “Jason, bring them back. But do remind them to not make such mistakes again in the future.” Undoubtedly, he wanted to pinch her face like he did when she was a child, and tell her that Brother Lionel had not care for her enough yet, so how could he hurt her? But now, he wore a different name, and his every move would affect the whole country. There were many things that could not be done at will. She was no longer as small as she used to be. Instead, she had grown up to be a lady Both of them could never return to the old days. What he could do for her now was to protect her when she remained in Country A. “Brother Lionel?” Karen Joy suddenly shouted these two words out, which made Nathaniel’s body stiffen, and he almost blurted out the two words, “Little Karen”. “My name is Karen Joy Kyle. My family and those people closest to me, they used to call me Little Karen, so does my Brother Lionel..” She slowly introduced herself. Her clear and pure eyes were full of anticipation as she looked at him and asked carefully, “Are you Little Karen’s Brother Lionel?” It was just a short question, but it took her almost all the strength from her body to ask that. She asked him very cautiously Because she was too afraid to hear him say “No”. “No!” he replied. He answered firmly and confidently, without a second of hesitation “Are you really not Little Karen’s Brother Lionel?” Karen Joy asked again. “No!” He answered even more clearly. Karen Joy’s bright eyes darkened in an instant. She did not understand why she would feel sad when this stranger told her that he was not her Brother Lionel. In the past few years, except for the times when she missed her Brother Lionel, she had never been so sad. Her heart seemed to turn empty all of a sudden. Looking at her gloomy face, Nathaniel clenched his fists behind his back, but he smiled and said, “Little girl, I won’t punish you today. Please don’t go around and call someone random as your brother. It’s not a good practice.”

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