My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 686

“Sorry! It’s my fault!” Karen Joy Kyle blinked and soon hid her disappointment. With a confident smile on her face, she said, “Thank you, Mr. President, for your mercy, and for not punishing us for trespassing your office.” She looked at him, but she no longer looked eager and hopeful. She looked at him like a stranger. Seeing Karen Joy’s change of expression, Nathaniel’s heart sank, but he still said calmly, “Little girl, go home early. If you are alone outside, your family will worry about you.” She smiled slightly out of courtesy instead of showing her bright smile. She answered politely, “Thank you, Mr. President. You are really a good President who cares about your citizens.” Yes, in his mother’s eyes, he was a filial and good son. In the people’s eyes, he was a good President who loved the people as if they were his children. But he was not Karen Joy’s good brother! She had waited for a long time and battled through the odds just to look for him. It had not been easy for her to come to his side, but he could not reconcile with her. When she was very young, he had promised her that he would definitely stay by her side and protect her as she grew up. In the end, he chose to return to his own country and take up the responsibility that he had to fulfil, so he abandoned her. When she was very young, he also told her that when she grew up, he wanted her to bring the necklace he had given her and find him. Now that she finally appeared in front of him, he denied being her Brother Lionel… This little girl had been clever since she was a child. She was able to see people and things clearly. He expected that she might recognize him when she saw him. But when she asked him to confirm her doubts, he was still stunned. When she saw him for the last time, she was less than five years old. Now, more than ten years have passed. How could it not be shocking that she could still recognize him at first glance after more than 10 years? No one knew how much he wanted to hold her in his arms and tell her that he was her Brother Lionel and that he had been waiting for her all these years. But the responsibility on his shoulders involved the progress of the entire nation. In the past, he could not do whatever he wanted, and now it was still the same. He could only wait until he completed the two main tasks at hand and he could completely ensure her safety. Perhaps he would tell her the truth, then. “Yes, Little Karen, I am your Brother Lionel!” He would say. “Then I’ll leave first.” Karen Joy nodded to the President. She walked away without turning back. She walked away confidently and held her head high. It was as if she did not mind that she recognised the President wrongly She knew that she had mistaken him for someone else. This man named Nathaniel Cooper was just the new President of Country A. He had nothing to do with her Brother Lionel. Because if he were her Brother Lionel, he wouldn’t lie to her face when he met her. All these while, she had been so sure that her Brother Lionel would never do anything that would make her sad. When Brother Lionel was by her side, although she was still very young back then, she still remembered clearly how he treated her. As soon as Karen Joy turned around and walked away, Nathaniel looked at her carefully. Subconsciously, he wanted to reach out to grab her, but just as he was about to do so, he held back. “Little Karen, give me a little more time!” He spoke silently in his heart as he watched her walk away helplessly. “Karen Joy, wait for me.” Samantha Lesley hurried up to catch up with her, but Karen Joy walked too quickly and she was shorter than her, it took her quite some time to catch up with her. “Karen Joy, don’t be sad. Mr. President is not your Brother Lionel.” “I’m not sad..” Karen Joy did not want to admit that she was sad because she couldn’t let a stranger’s words affect her. She did not like this side of herself, but she could not control her emotions well. This had never happened to her before. “Karen Joy, don’t worry. As long as your Brother Lionel really does exist, you will be able to find him.” Samantha comforted Karen Joy innocently. Upon hearing this, Karen Joy was a little uneasy. “Samantha, what do you mean? Do you think that my Brother Lionel is just someone that I made up?” Samantha waved her hand and said, “Karen Joy, I didn’t mean that…” Karen Joy continued, “Then what do you mean?” Samantha bit her lips and blurted, “Karen Joy, I’m not trying to dampen your enthusiasm in locating Brother Lionel. To be honest, you don’t even have a photo of Brother Lionel whom you kept mentioning every day. Back then, you were still very young. There might be a possibility that he might not be real.” Karen Joy was so distressed that she gritted her teeth and yelled out, “Samantha!” Samantha continued, “Besides, if your Brother Lionel really loves you like how you have claimed, how did he not visit you at all throughout the past decade?” Karen Joy bit her lips and balled up her fists. Her lips and palms bled a little, but she acted as if she could not feel any pain Samantha carried on, “Maybe, he loves you very much, but he did not bother to visit you all these years. What do you think is the reason behind it? Karen Joy, your Brother Lionel might not even be in this world anymore.” Not in this world anymore! Karen Joy raised her eyebrows and squinted at Samantha. “My Brother Lionel must have his reason for not coming to see me. And I believe that he will remember me. Samantha, if you do not think before you speak in the future, try me.” Karen Joy had actually pondered Samantha’s assumptions before, but she always justified for her Brother Lionel. Perhaps he had been occupied by other things over the years, so he could not visit her. As she saw how sad Karen Joy looked, Samantha worried about her. For a moment, she did not watch her words and just blurted out all her thoughts. It seemed that the more Samantha spoke, the sadder Karen Joy looked. Samantha regretted a lot. “Karen Joy, I did not mean what I said entirely. Don’t take it to heart. Don’t worry, I will accompany you to find your Brother Lionel.” “That’s okay.” Karen Joy brushed off Samantha’s hand and said, “Thank you for your hospitality these two days. I’ll move to a hotel after this.” All these years, her faith in Brother Lionel and her hope that he had been waiting for her keep her grounded. Brother Lionel could not visit her because of many reasons, and it was not that he did not want to see her. Due to her faith and hope, she went on a journey to look for Brother Lionel hopefully, “Karen Joy, don’t be angry…” Samantha was so upset that she almost cried. “Samantha, I’m not angry at you.” Karen Joy smiled. “But I have my own plans. I can’t disturb you guys all the time.”

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