My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 687

“Karen Joy..” No matter how Samantha Lesley called out for her, it could not change Karen Joy Kyle’s determination to move out and stay in a hotel alone. The reason why she was so determined was not because she was angry at Samantha, but because she carried a secret in the bottom of her heart. It was a secret that no one knew. Samantha’s words earlier reminded her of that secret. Over the years, she did wonder if Brother Lionel was a character that she imagined in her mind. Maybe, he did not exist. Since she had this thought before, that was why she was so angry when Samantha said that, and she was unable to control her emotions for a moment. These past few years, her mother had always said that she was someone who had learned how to control her emotions since a young age. She always acted much more mature beyond her years. At home, her grandparents, parents, Little Aunt, and Uncle Neil, all doted on her as if she were a treasure. They allowed her to be capricious. However, she was not capricious at all, instead, she was rational and thoughtful. Over the years, she had been so sensible and thoughtful. She never needed her parents to worry about her, but this time, she might have let them down. After all, it was not Samantha’s words that hurt her, but her failure in reconciling with Brother Lionel made her doubt herself. The more Karen Joy thought about this matter, the more upset she felt. It was as if someone had grasped her heart and caused such excruciating pain that she almost suffocated. At this moment, she touched the necklace hanging on her neck. This necklace was given to her by Brother Lionel, and it was also the most powerful evidence to prove the existence of Brother Lionel. As long as Brother Lionel existed, what could stop her from finding Brother Lionel? Gradually, Karen Joy felt that the dark clouds over her head had dispersed, and the sky was clear again. Everything was still so beautiful. It did not matter if she failed once. It could not stop her from looking for Brother Lionel When she just came out of the East gate of the North Palace, a car quickly drove to Karen Joy’s side and stopped. A man in a suit came out from the back seat of the car. Karen Joy glanced at him, turned around and ran in another direction. She did not want to talk to him. The man quickly caught up with her. “Karen, where do you want to go?” Karen Joy covered her ears and pretended not to hear anything. She knew it was Jayden Elias Kyle who was looking for her. Only her family called her “Karen” like how they used to refer to her as “Little Karen”. Everyone else, her friends included, called her by her proper name Karen Joy” now that she had grown up. She ran faster and farther. “Karen, do you still think you are a three-year-old child? You can leave as you wish? Have you ever thought about how our family will worry about you?” Jayden’s voice echoed from behind. Karen Joy stopped running, then she turned around and looked at him provocatively. “Jayden, this is my matter, you have nothing to do with it.” Jayden emphasized, “I am your brother.” “You’re my brother, so you can control my freedom?” Karen Joy snorted and added, “Jayden, don’t think that I don’t know what you have done these years.” “I control your freedom?” Jayden raised his eyebrows. “Over the years, father entrusted me to take care of you and our little brother. I think I did a good job as your brother.” “Jayden, do you think that as long as you keep mum, no one will know about what you have done?” Karen Joy chuckled, “People will find out eventually. If you don’t want people to know what you have done, then don’t do it.” Jayden raised his eyebrows and appeared slightly unhappy. “Karen, what have I done?” “Just pretend! Keep pretending! You can continue pretending to be a good grandson in front of our grandparents, pretending to be a good son in front of our parents.” Karen Joy looked at him coldly. “Jayden, I’m telling you, you can hide it from all of them, but you can’t deceive me.” Jayden’s face turned gloomy, “Come back with me.” Since she thought that he was a villain, he would just let her be. There was no point explaining his stance and defending himself to someone who was biased towards him. Karen continued, “Jayden, you can erase the traces Brother Lionel left in his house in Chatterton Town, but you will never erase the traces left in my heart.” Jayden reached out and grabbed her. “Karen, what nonsense are you talking about?” Karen Joy shook her hand off and continued to say, “Whatever you have done, I know about all about them, so save your act for our family. Don’t pretend to be a good brother in front of me. I will feel sick when I see it.” Yes, throughout all these years, she had been in discord with Jayden. The more she looked at him, the more she disliked him. It was not because his brother was problematic, but he was just too perfect that it was unbelievable. However, his perfect image was probably just an act for the family. When she planned on going back to Chatterton Town to find the only photo of her with her Brother Lionel, Jayden went back first and destroyed that photo. The evidence which proved that Brother Lionel did exist was destroyed by Jayden mercilessly. How could she remain calm? Jayden clenched his fists and said, “I’m here to bring you home.” Regarding the incident that Karen Joy brought up, if he did not deny, that meant that he was guilty of it. “I will explain to the family. You don’t have to worry about me. I will not leave until I find my Brother Lionel, so don’t bother trying.” Karen Joy turned around and wanted to leave, but she was grabbed by Jayden as soon as she took a step. Jayden held her delicate wrist and spoke sternly, “Dad and Mom are very worried about you. You have to go back with me.” “Jayden, didn’t you hear me?” Karen Joy wanted to cast Jayden’s hand away, but he was so strong that she could not get rid of him. Karen Joy got agitated. She calmed down, clenched her fist, and raised her other hand to punch Jayden right in his face. She had been practicing Taekwondo since she was a child. Recently, she had just gotten her Black Belt in Taekwondo. Karen Joy was trained extensively in Taekwondo, but she was still young and she was also a girl. Compared to Jayden, who also received his Black Belt recently, she was way more inferior. As soon as Karen Joy waved her fist, he reached out and held her fist. He gently pulled her into his arms, and she was encircled in his arms and could not break free. “Jayden, let me go!” Karen Joy raised her foot and tried to trample him hard. However, when she was about to step on him, he moved slightly and dodged her attack again. At this very moment, a team of guards armed with guns rushed over and surrounded the two of them. A car stopped next to them. Jason Lesley got out of the passenger seat and walked towards them. He did not pay attention to Jayden, but spoke to Karen Joy respectfully, “Miss Kyle, Mr. President is in the car. He wants to thank you for helping him today. We’re wondering if you could do us a favor.” Karen Joy knew that Jason was helping her to get rid of Jayden. She knew it was impossible for the President to be with him. She immediately nodded and said, “Yes, I can.” After all, he was in a foreign country, so Jayden had to let go of her and watch Karen Joy get into someone else’s car. Karen Joy was “fleeing”, and after obtaining her freedom, she hastily got into the car. She did not expect that the President would be in the car as well!

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