My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 688

Karen Joy saw a still figure sitting in the back seat with her. She backed off slightly and wanted to get out of the car. However, just as she took half a step back, she saw Jayden staring at her menacingly, waiting for her like a predator. She was trapped! After thinking a lot, Karen Joy chose to stay with the President as he seemed approachable. She wanted to get rid of Jayden first Well, he donned a nicely ironed black suit and looked smart. He looked exactly like a typical gentleman at first glance. In reality, was he really like what he looked like from the outside? Karen Joy was very sure that he was not like how he portrayed himself. His eyes betrayed him. There were too many things hidden in this man’s eyes. Karen Joy could not figure out what kind of secrets he had been hiding. Anyway, he was not her Brother Lionel. She did not need to care about what he was hiding in his eyes. She would be fine as long as he did not renege upon his words and convict her and Samantha Lesley’s offence of trespassing his office earlier. Nathaniel Cooper was sitting on the right side of the car, and Karen Joy was sitting on the far left. She sat very close to the door, trying to stay as far away from him as possible. “Hmph-” She snorted in a low voice without looking at him. She looked proud but a little cute. It seemed like she was deliberately mad at him. Why should she be angry at a stranger? She did not know either. Maybe she was angry that the President might be concealing his true identity. She just wanted to be angry at him! She puffed out her cheeks and looked like a child. Her face was still as pink and cute as it was when she was a child… In fact, she was just a child who had not grown up yet. “Sit a little closer.” Finally, after the man stared at her for a long time, he spoke out. His voice sounded deep and gentle, which was pleasing to hear. “Hmph, I don’t want to sit closer…” He was not her Brother Lionel. Why should she listen to him? “Come here!” He raised his voice a little, but he was not angry. Karen Joy obediently moved slightly towards the middle. As soon as she moved slightly over, she leaned against the door again. She hated herself so much. Her ego forbade her from listening to the man’s words, but deep down, she wanted to just get close to him. However, before Karen Joy could move away, the man suddenly reached out and grabbed her wrist. “You’re sitting so far away. Are you scared of me?’ “It hurts!” Karen Joy cried out in pain and blinked her eyes. She looked so pitiful as if she was about to cry in front of him. “What’s wrong?” The man let go of her hand and saw that her wrist turned red. Her skin was delicate and fair. Her skin had turned red from being held tightly by Jayden earlier. Now that he had grabbed her again, her skin looked even redder. When she was caught by Jayden, Karen Joy did not cry out in pain because she didn’t want to show that she was weak in front of him. “What happened to me has nothing to do with you. You are not my Brother Lionel, will you still care about me?” Karen Joy withdrew her hand and arrogantly turned her head away. “Sit closer.” He ordered her again. The President had strong charisma, as if he could strangle her to death if she dared to disobey him. “No, I don’t want to!” She did not want to listen to him. She turned away and looked out of the car window. She admired the buildings of the city as the car drove swiftly by. This man was not related to her at all. Why did she get into his car in the first place? Why should she care if he really ignored her? Karen Joy tilted her head slightly and wanted to see the President through the corner of her eye. At one glance, she saw a bottle of ointment in his hand that came out of nowhere. She did not want to get close to him, so he took the initiative to get close to her. Regardless of her struggle, he forcibly held her hand and gently smeared some ointment on Karen Joy’s wrist with his fingertips. The ointment was very cooling and instantly eliminated the burning pain on her wrist. Looking at his caring look, it seemed like he felt sorry. Karen Joy’s nose suddenly twitched, and she felt a lump on her throat. “Why are you so treating me so well?” After asking this question, Karen Joy clenched her fists quietly and gulped nervously. She hoped that his answer would be the one she had been looking forward to hear. “Because. I am your Brother Lionel. I want to treat you well, and I can’t bear to see you get hurt.” He thought silently. He knew he could not tell her the truth yet. He put out the same smile he showed the whole nation on the podium earlier. “Because I am the President. It’s my duty to protect my people.” “I’m not one of your people. I don’t need your concern.” As she did not hear the answer she wanted to hear, Karen Joy pulled her hand back and angrily took a tissue to wipe off the ointment on her wrist. He did not stop her either. After she vented her anger, he applied the ointment on her wrist with his finger once again. After that, she wiped it off with a tissue again. They repeated this for a few more times and they did not seem impatient. It seemed that they were deliberately trying to spend more time with each other. Finally, Karen Joy was tired and stared at him with her red eyes. “You know what? My Brother Lionel is good to me. If he knows that you bullied me, he will not let you go.” When she talked about her Brother Lionel, her eyes looked as bright as the stars, and her face was full of pride, as if her Brother Lionel was her knight in shining armour. Upon hearing her words, Nathaniel’s hands froze slightly as he tried to keep the bottle of ointment away. After a moment of silence, he said, “Perhaps your Brother Lionel isn’ t as good as you think. Perhaps he has abandoned you for others.” “Watch your words, he’s not like that!” Karen Joy was so angry that she bit her lip and said, “I don’t care who you are, but if you insult him again, I will not let you go.” Brother Lionel was so perfect in her heart. She had been thinking of him since she was a child. No matter what, she would not allow anyone to speak ill of him. Nathaniel fell silent. He spoke the truth, but she thought too highly of him. In fact, he was not worthy of her efforts and sacrifices to look for him. “Mr. President, can you do me a favor?” Perhaps she still held a little hope and hoped that he would admit that he was her Brother Lionel. “Tell me, I will try my best to help you.” Apart from reconciling with her, he could help her with everything else. Karen Joy removed the necklace from her neck. She held it carefully in her palm and said, “You are the President of Country A. You probably know a lot of things. Have you ever come across this necklace with such a special totem before?”

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