My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 689

Karen Joy Kyle looked at Nathaniel Cooper and noticed every slight change in his expression. This was her last hope. If she showed him the necklace and he denied it again, he most probably wasn’t her Brother Lionel then. Nathaniel did not deny it immediately, so this gave Karen Joy some hope. While waiting, Karen Joy was so nervous that she gulped several times and unconsciously approached him a little. “Mr. President, this necklace was given to me by my Brother Lionel. Brother Lionel told me that after I grew up, I could come to him with this necklace.” He might be hesitating, but it did not matter. She would try harder to remind him of something that he might have forgotten. He might be able to recall their special relationship. “Silly girl, this is just an ordinary necklace. Your Brother Lionel asked you to bring this necklace along to find him, but this is what an adult would say to lie to a child, how can you take it seriously?” After a dreadful wait, Nathaniel finally responded. His tone was very monotonous and he did now show any expressions, as if he was talking about something that had nothing to do with him. “An adult lying to a child?’ Karen Joy took back the necklace and put it back on her neck. A person like you will never understand what a promise means to a child.” “Maybe… I really don’t understand.” His hands balled into fists tightly. God knew how much strength he needed to mutter out those words that he knew would hurt her tremendously, but he had to seem relaxed. Karen Joy bit her lips and said with certainty, “Maybe some people would think that children don’t understand anything and they can’t remember anything, but my Brother Lionel wasn’t that type of person.” Over the years, Karen Joy had heard a lot about this. Even her father would sugarcoat matters with her, but she firmly believed that Brother Lionel was not joking with her when he made his promise. “Little girl…” “Don’t call me that.” She was 18 years old. She was an adult. Her family would not address her as a little girl, so how could he? Did he really think that he was her Brother Lionel? Karen Joy bit her lips, turned around and wanted to open the door. However, the door was locked as the car was still moving, so she could not open it at all She was so anxious that she hit the driver’s seat and exclaimed, “Stop the car. I want to get out.” She did not want to stay with this man as he demoralised her efforts to find Brother Lionel If she stayed for a second longer, she might lose control of the emotions welling up in her body and furiously beat him up. “Bad guy!” How could he say that about her Brother Lionel! “Karen Joy, this is not your home, and these people around you are not your family. No one will tolerate you if you cause trouble.” He glanced at her and said coldly. “Of course, throwing a tantrum is my own business. It has nothing to do with you, so you don’t need to tolerate me too. Now I want to get out of the car. Tell him to stop the car and let me go.” Similarly, Karen Joy also stared at him and replied him coldly. Nathaniel pressed the dial button next to his seat, then he spoke in a deep voice, “Stop the car.” Hearing his order, the car decelerated almost immediately and slowly came to a stop. Karen Joy glared at him, opened the car door and was about to get off. However, as soon as she got out of the car, she saw that Jayden’s car was not far behind. It was obvious that he would never let her go and insisted on bringing her home. She would definitely be caught by the Jayden after getting out of the car. However, she did not want to stay with that man in the car for another second longer either. This time, Karen Joy could neither get out of the car nor return to the car. She desperately wished that she could fly away and flee the scene, She bit her lips and hesitated for a moment. Karen Joy chose to get out of the car this time. She would rather be taken home by Jayden than having to look at this man’s face again. After making up her mind, she heard the man’s voice behind her. “We’re near Samantha’s house. You need to stay at her place during your time in Country A, and you are not allowed to stay in a hotel.” “Are you ordering me? On what grounds?” This man was not her Brother Lionel. What rights did he have to order her? But… if she did not stay at Samantha Lesley’s place, she might be taken away by Jayden. It seemed that Karen Joy had no other choice but to stay in Samantha’s home. “Karen Joy!” Samantha popped out of nowhere and rushed over to hug Karen Joy. “I’m so worried that you will ignore me. Fortunately, you’re back.” As she spoke, she noticed the car behind Karen Joy. The car door was not shut, and the President was looking at them with his broody eyes. Samantha smiled shyly and said, “Brother Nathaniel, thank you for sending Karen Joy back. We will stay away from trouble in the future.” The Lesley family had a good personal relationship with the Cooper family. Nathaniel also maintained close relationship with the siblings of the Lesley family in private, Since childhood, Samantha hung out a lot with her brother and Nathaniel, so he naturally treated her as a little sister. In private, she would address him as her brother. “Alright.” Nathaniel nodded. “Head back first.” “Okay, we’ll go back first. Samantha held Karen Joy’s hand and started running, as if she was afraid that she would be taken away by a big bad wolf if she ran too slowly. Watching them safely return to Samantha’s house, Nathaniel added, “Jason, make sure your security guards at home watch her carefully. As long as she doesn’t want to leave Country A, no one is allowed to force her to leave.” “Understood.” Jason Lesley answered respectfully and immediately made a phone call instruct the guards. After they entered the house, Nathaniel looked around the housing area for a long time before asking the driver to return to the President’s office. As soon as he returned, Zuriel Perth, who was so anxious that his forehead was drenched in sweat, hurriedly greeted him and whispered, “Third Young Master, it’s your inauguration ceremony today. Many people are watching you. If you make any mistakes this time, you may get caught by others. Then all our efforts these years will be in vain.” If he had known that the little girl of Kyle family would come to Country A, he would definitely find a way to stop her, because the child was the only weakness of their President. Throughout these years, in order to climb up the political ladder, Nathaniel had put in a lot of effort, and he could not let that little girl ruin anything “Everyone is here?” Nathaniel knew that what he had just done was inappropriate, but he did not regret it. He owed his Little Karen too much, so it was impossible for him to watch someone forcing her to do something which she was unwilling to do. “Everyone has been waiting in the conference hall.” Everyone was waiting for their President to discuss national affairs patiently. The media reporters were all present, but their new President slipped away quietly. If this news was spread out, the image he had established all these years would collapse instantly Nathaniel did not speak another word. He took the lead and walked towards the conference hall. Zuriel followed him obediently. Although he had a lot to say, he just kept quiet. “Mr. President…” Along the way, many people greeted Nathaniel respectfully. Nathaniel nodded and responded one by one. Throughout his way, he wore a warm smile on his face, looking like a well-deserving Mr. President..

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