My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 691

Karen Joy Kyle lay face down on the bed, she stared at her wrist. It seemed that there were still traces of the warmth from the President’s fingertips when he applied the ointment on her wrist. When he applied the ointment for her, he was so focused and serious, and she saw some hint of sympathy on his face. He was a dignified President of a country. There was an inauguration ceremony today, but he actually took time to save her from Jayden Elias Kyle’s hands. Not only did he save her, but he also asked her to get in his car. Moreover, he personally applied some ointment for her and sent her back to the Lesley family. He also ordered her to stay with the Lesley family instead of a hotel. As she thought deeper, Karen Joy’s heart was beating faster.. If he was not her Brother Lionel, how could he, the formidable President of a country, be so free and available to spend this time with her? She was very skeptical However, if he was her Brother Lionel and he treated her nicely, then why wouldn’t he admit it? Karen Joy could not understand. She turned around anxiously, and then tossed herself to the side of the bed. She remained on her bed for a few hours, but she did not feel tired at all. She tried hard to make sense of everything, “Karen Joy, say something. If you don’t say a word, you will suffer along.” Samantha Lesley did not dare to get too close. She was worried that Karen Joy, who was in a fit of anger, would kick her away. “Samantha!” Karen Joy suddenly jackknifed into a sitting position and looked at her dear friend. “You just called your President as Brother Nathanael. Are you close to him?” Samantha scratched her head and said, “I’m not very close to him. It’s just that my family has a good relationship with him. Five years ago, my brother was officially transferred to work by his side. I don’t have my parents anymore, so he probably felt bad, I guess, and he was okay that I call him brother.” In fact, Samantha had a stronger sense of admiration for him. To her, Nathaniel was a perfect being who was larger than life. She already felt happy enough to be able to look at him from a distance. Actually, Samantha was a little afraid of Nathaniel. Most of the time, even though she saw that he was smiling, she still did not dare to approach him. She always felt that he hid his true self and seemed unapproachable. “Samantha, you have a brother who loves you very much, and you are also a very amazing person. You don’t need anyone’s sympathy. Don’t belittle yourself in the future.” In Karen Joy’s view, everyone was an independent person and had their own purpose in life. Everyone was irreplaceable. “Haha! Karen Joy, you’re the one who treats me the best.” Samantha was a girl who would get satisfied easily. When she first arrived in New York, she was a new student in the class and she did not like to talk. Hence, she was often left out by her classmates. Only Karen Joy was willing to play with her. Karen Joy was a well-known figure in school. People paid attention to her not only because she was the precious daughter of the Kyle family who owned Rovio Corporation Inc, but also because her academic performance was exceptionally outstanding. She only needed two years to complete a course that would take others about three to four years to complete. She had a powerful family, she looked beautiful, her EQ was high, and her academic performance was superb. She was perfect, and everyone was nice to her. Hence, in her school, everyone watched and followed her every move. Naturally, anyone would also notice the friends she kept around her. After Samantha became Karen Joy’s friend, no one in the school dared to push her away. She became a middle person for everyone to get closer to Karen Joy. In school, in order to flatter Karen Joy, many people would find a way to give Karen Joy some valuable gifts through Samantha Samantha was hesitant to accept them at first. Karen Joy asked her to accept those gifts anyway, so she would donate them to the children in the welfare home after. From then on, Samantha knew Karen Joy better. On one hand, she could be as evil as a demon, but on another hand, she could be as beautiful as an angel. As for her, she had a passive character. Throughout her life, her brother was in charge of her affairs. After she became friends with Karen Joy, needless to say, she listened to Karen Joy’s words. Karen Joy glanced at Samantha and said, “Don’t pretend to be good in front of me. You have to remember that your brother is the one who treats you the best.” “Your brother is also very kind to you.” Samantha had met Jayden Kyle before. That person was usually not talkative, but he was really good to Karen Joy. Not only did she meet Jayden before, she had also met Karen Joy’s eight-year-old brother and her parents from afar. She admired the Kyle family’s genes tremendously. Every single one of them was extremely good-looking. “Don’t mention that person in front of me.” Karen Joy did not want to talk about that person at all. He was not her brother No brother would destroy a photo after knowing that his sister was going to look for it. Karen Joy pursed her lips and said, “Could you ask your brother on my behalf? Did your President ever leave Country A when he was about 16 years old?” Although Nathaniel was unwilling to admit to her, Karen Joy still believed in her guts. She would never give up until she figured everything out. “You don’t have to ask my brother about these things. You just need to ask me. Our new President is the third son of the former President. He had been staying in the country all the time. It’s impossible for him to wander outside for so long.” Samantha was completely sure. Although she was not close to him, her brother told her a lot of stories, “No way, you need to get another confirmation again.” If she could still not prove that the new President of Country A was her Brother Lionel this time, then she would give up. “Karen Joy, I can ask my brother for you, but you have to promise me that we need to calm down in the future. You can’t leave me and abandon me like today anymore.” Samantha had never seen Karen Joy lose control of her emotions before. Fortunately, the President was kind and sent Karen Joy back to her house personally. Otherwise, as a host, she really did not know what to do. Since the President disappeared for an hour without prior warning, the meeting was delayed for an hour. Hence, the meeting ended very late. It was even later in the night after Jason Lesley completed his work and got back home. As soon as he entered the house, he saw the two little girls sitting at the dining table in the dining hall. They tried to keep themselves busy but their heads kept dropping down. They were so sleepy but still they refused to sleep. “Cough!” He coughed heavily to awaken the two girls. Karen Joy and Samantha woke up with a jerk at the same time. When they turned around, they saw Jason’s serious face. Karen Joy quickly pulled the corner of Samantha’s shirt and gave her a wink. However, Samantha was so sleepy that she forgot what they had discussed earlier. She asked stupidly “Karen Joy, is there something in your eyes?” Karen Joy’s face changed. How could she ever get things done being friends with this foolish person? How could she trust Samantha that she could help her get things done well? Maybe Samantha wasn’t the problem here, but instead, Karen Joy was too anxious to find Brother Lionel as quickly as possible.

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