My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 692

“Ahem.” Karen Joy Kyle covered her mouth and coughed politely to cover up her embarrassment. “Karen Joy, are you okay?” Samantha Lesley quickly poured Karen Joy a glass of water and spoke calmly, “The weather’ s a little hot these days. You need to drink more water. The small volcano in Karen Joy’s heart was about to erupt. She really wanted to dig a hole and bury Samantha in it. Forget it, she couldn’t understand her hint. She told Samantha blatantly, “Samantha, didn’t you just tell me that you want to wait until your brother gets home to have dinner together, since you have something to ask him?” After Karen Joy’s hint, Samantha finally remembered their plan. She smiled awkwardly at Karen Joy and then ran towards Jason Lesley. “Brother, you are back?” Jason shot her a glance and said nothing. Samantha scratched her head and continued with a silly smile, “Brother, you’ve had a long day today. I’ve asked the helper to prepare your favourite dish.” “If you have anything to say, just say it to me directly.” He did not appreciate Samantha for beating around the bush. His sister would not act like this usually, so she must have needed him to do something today. Jason could guess what was going on. “Brother, I just want to hear more about Brother Nathaniel and his past. When I was around four years old, and Brother Nathaniel was about sixteen years old, had he ever been to other countries for a few months before?” Samantha was straightforward. She was a frank person and did not know how to beat around the bush. The two flattering statements earlier were actually taught by Karen Joy. “You child, what do you think? Do you think that as a future President, it was possible for him to go to other countries and stay abroad for a few months?” While talking to Samantha, Jason was actually looking at Karen Joy instead, who was pretending to eat seriously and eavesdropping on their conversation. It seemed that their Mr. President really knew this little girl well and knew that she would not give up so easily. The President expected this already and gave Jason a heads up before he returned home. Hence, Jason practiced his answer well. “Oh, I knew it.” Hearing Jason’s answer, Samatha expressed her satisfaction and gave Karen Joy a proud look. She wanted to tell Karen Joy that she was right. Karen Joy was speechless. At this moment, Karen Joy had only one plan in mind, which was to stop being friends with Samantha and ignore this fool in the future. Samantha did not care much about anything else. She was so excited that she asked the helpers to prepare dinner. “Karen Joy, I’ve also asked them to prepare your favorite dishes today. You have to eat more later.” Karen Joy smiled politely and said, “Sure, thanks Samantha!” Actually, she was feeling very full. She was actually full of anger because of this silly Samantha. But, she had high emotional intelligence, so she would not show her emotions easily After hearing the conversation between the siblings, Karen Joy understood one thing clearly. To know if Mr. President was truly her Brother Lionel, the Lesley family was of no help. She had to find another way. Jason was Nathaniel’s trusted subordinate. Even if Nathaniel had been wandering overseas, this information would definitely be confidential, so how could he spread this information out? Early September was the best time of the year in Country A. The temperature in the capital city was cooling and breezy enough to feel comfortable. However, the temperature difference between the day and night was quite huge. During daytime, the weather was comfortable, but at night, it would get very chilly. Today, it began to drizzle suddenly after midnight, and the wind had gotten stronger too. After dinner, Karen Joy Kyle returned to her room alone and turned on her laptop to search for relevant information about the President on the internet. Regardless of whatever news she could find, which included both the good and bad news of the President, she recorded them clearly in a file as she wanted to compare the news later. If there was something wrong with the timeline of the news, or if there were other loopholes, she could definitely detect it. Since she was a child, Karen Joy had been very serious when she carried out her tasks, especially since this matter was related to her Brother Lionel. When she got busy, she would not even keep track of time. It was not until the sky outside the window had turned bright that she realized that she had not slept for a whole night. She was about to get up and wash her face when she sneezed several times. At night, the temperature was very cold and she forgot to close the windows. The cold wind blew into the room as she sat on her desk working. “Achoo.” She looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes and nose turned red. She looked like a poor little white rabbit. If her family saw her like this, they would definitely feel upset. Just like in the past, whenever she caught a cold or had a fever, it would wreak havoc at home. From her grandparents to her Little Precious, all of them were so considerate and caring towards her. Thinking of her family, Karen Joy felt very warm in her heart… But when she thought that her actions recently would make them worry, she blamed herself a little “Grandma and Grandpa, don’t be sad. When I managed to find Brother Lionel, and after I met him, I would definitely fly back as soon as possible.” Her grandparents were getting old, and it was their pleasure to take care of their granddaughter and grandson. When their youngsters were not by their side, they would feel very restless. The day before her birthday, her grandfather took her hand and said that he had prepared a special birthday gift for her coming-of-age celebration. He would give it to her on her birthday However, she left her family and ran away on her birthday, This was definitely not what a considerate child would do. “Daddy and Mommy… I know that you love me very much. I know that by running away, it would break your heart. However, for so many years now, I have only one wish. If 1 can’t find Brother Lionel, I will not feel at ease for the rest of my life.” “Daddy, Mommy… you will support me, won’t you?” Karen Joy was in a foreign land, and at this moment, she really needed her family to give her strength. After talking to herself in the mirror, Karen Joy smiled brightly, “Karen, come on! As long as you work hard, you will definitely find your Brother Lionel. Your parents love you so much, and they will definitely support you.” Yes, she believed in hard work and determination. Her father had told her the same words since she was a child, so she carried on the belief and did very well in her school and college. She graduated earlier than her peers. Now that she had to face society alone, she would certainly face many problems that she had never encountered before. However, it did not matter. As the saying goes, ‘When there’s a will, there’s always a way. Nothing could taunt her. She needed to trust herself. She took a nap first, and after she woke up, she would continue searching for Brother Lionel!

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