My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 693

Karen Joy Kyle caught a cold and had high fever. The fever made her feel dizzy and groggy, and she felt so disoriented. She felt that she was being steamed alive. Her body had long been covered in sweat, drenching her thin pyjamas. “Water.” After a long time, she tried calling out painfully. Karen Joy felt that she had almost lost her voice, and the water in her body almost dried up. She really wanted to drink water, but she was so weak that she did not have any strength at all. She barely had any energy to move her lips. After struggling internally for a while, she fell asleep drowsily again. Her family had taken good care of her throughout her growing years and she had been practicing dancing and martial arts since she was a child, hence she was a healthy and fit person. However, since she was born prematurely and nearly lost her life during infancy, she had a poor immune system. Normally, when she was not sick, she was just a lively child in the pink of health. However, once she fell sick, it would be difficult for her to recover. She was like that since she was very young, so whenever she fell sick, her family members would be fussing all around her. Two years ago, when she was 16 years old, she attended her birthday party organized by her classmates. Since the party was outdoors, she was caught in the rain, and she caught a cold after going home, That time, her father was so worried and felt so bad that he wanted to demolish the event space where the party was held. Fortunately, her mother was more rational and dissuaded her father from doing so. During that time, she stayed in bed for half a month and recovered really slowly. She felt so terrible and sad. Therefore, she was especially afraid of falling sick. Usually, her diet was strictly planned by a nutritionist. She always tried her best to keep herself healthy She did not want her father and mother to worry about her. She couldn’t bear to watch them hurt. After a long time, Karen Joy felt as if she had just emerged from the depths of hell she finally regained some consciousness. Her head still felt heavy and her body was scorching hot, but she could vaguely hear people around her whispering. These voices sounded very unfamiliar. They were not voices of her father, nor her mother, nor any other family members. Karen Joy tried hard to open her eyes and saw an unknown man. He frowned and said, “Miss Kyle’s condition is very special. I can’t simply prescribe medications.” “Dr. Leopold, isn’t this just a high fever? Why can’t you give her medicine?” The one who asked the question was Jason Lesley, whose voice sounded very nervous. Of course, he was nervous. The distinguished guest that Mr. President asked him to take care of had fallen ill at his house. Now that Mr. President had personally arranged for his private doctor to come over, how could he not be nervous? “I could see that she’s physically different than others. The previous doctors must have given her some special antibody drugs. I can’t simply prescribe medications until I figure out what medicine the previous doctor had given her.” People with her physique were relatively rare. Once she took the wrong medicine, the consequences would be disastrous, so the doctor could not take the matter lightly. “But if this high fever continues..” She was burning up. If the fever continued, the organs in her body would get damaged. The doctor added, “Just talk to her family and have her doctor in charge tell me what antibody drug she used to take.” Karen Joy knew what kind of antibody drug she had taken. She tried hard to open her mouth and wanted to tell the doctor, but she was struggling to even make a sound. “Samantha, do you have the contact of her family members?” Jason looked at Samantha Lesley, who had been fretful and worried for a long time now that she was sobbing. “I… Samantha wiped her tears and said, “I don’t know her family’s contact. I don’t know anything.” She was so anxious that she scratched her head. She had been classmates and friends with Karen Joy for so many years. Why didn’t she have any other means to contact her family members? Jason said, “It’s okay if you don’t know. Don’t cry.” He shook his head helplessly at his sister. Just when he was caught in a daze, the mobile phone in his pocket rang. He took the phone out and saw that it was a phone call from the President’s office. He answered it immediately and greeted respectfully, “Mr. President?” Not knowing what Mr. President had said at the other end of the phone, Jason kept nodding. Finally, he said, “I know, I’ll tell Dr. Leopold immediately.” Jason really admired how the President knew about these petty matters before anyone else. However, Nathaniel didn’t need to assign someone else to investigate her personal affairs. When he was accompanying Little Karen in the past, the doctors would inject her with antibody drugs every week. He remembered them well. Jason updated Dr. Leopold, and he prescribed her medications appropriately. Not long after Karen Joy was prescribed the medications, she felt much better, but she still had fever. The thermometer showed that her body temperature was over 100 degrees. If she had been treated a little later, it would very likely result in pneumonia. Fortunately, the doctor used the same antibody drug she used to take and took immediate actions to reduce the fever in time. Karen Joy’s temperature did not rise any higher, but the fever was not going away to. The doctor was getting anxious, but he could not act in a hurry. He was aware that she couldn’t take high doses of the drug, so could only wait patiently for her fever to recede slowly. Due to the fever, Karen Joy lost most of her consciousness and she was very disoriented, but she was still mumbling subconsciously, “Brother Lionel, it’s not easy for me to grow up and meet you. You cannot just hide from me.” When Samatha Lesley found out that Karen Joy was sick, the news ad spread and made known to Mr. President. That was how Mr. President’s private doctor, Doctor Leopold, came to their house immediately to treat Karen Joy. Mr. President was talking to guests when he heard that Karen Joy kept mumbling about her Brother Lionel in her semi-conscious state. His heart sank, and he felt physically numb throughout his body. He was clenching his fists silently by his side. Over the years, he had worked harder than anyone else to gain the ability to protect the people he wanted to protect. However, what was he doing now? His Little Karen was sick and unconscious, yet he could not even stay by her side. The President was always professional and alert during his work. However, as he just found out that Karen Joy was calling out for him while she was terribly sick, he got distracted for the first time. “Mr. President, you are meeting a lot of important people, and this is a live broadcast. People all over the country are watching. The nation supports you because you are a capable President who brings hope. Hence, the people have higher expectations of you.” As an excellent diplomat, and the most trusted person beside the President, Zuriel Perth reminded their President gracefully.

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