My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 694

 This was the first foreign official that the new President had to welcome after he took office. This meeting would affect the future of Mr. President’s political career. The meeting would develop good public relations between the two countries, and it was also a significant step for the new President. Everything needed to be perfect. Anyone sane person would know that this matter was more important than the little girl lying on the bed. Everyone knew what would happen if he mistreated the foreign official and offended the whole country just for the sake of a little girl. However, Nathaniel Cooper’s mind was no longer in the meeting room. Fortunately, he did not stand out among the many candidates just because he was the third son of the former President Even though he was worried about Karen Joy Kyle’s safety and wellbeing, Nathaniel sat down quietly and joined in the conversation seriously. He also made an important speech and shared the development direction of the country in the future, and everyone present praised him unanimously. Finally, after the meeting with the officials came to an end, Nathaniel requested that the driver drive him to the Lesley house as fast as he could. “Third Young Master, in an hour, you’ll be having dinner with the foreign ambassador.” Zuriel Perth’s words made Nathaniel stop. Nathaniel raised his wrist to check his watch and spoke coldly, “I will come back on time.” “But..” Zuriel still wanted to comment further, but Nathaniel had already left. Zuriel shook his head helplessly and murmured in his heart, “Third Young Master, your nation is your priority. Each of your decisions will affect the fate of our country. You can’t ruin our country just because of that child. Don’t forget how many eyes are watching you. They are waiting for you to make mistakes so that they can pull you down as soon as possible.” So many pairs of eyes were eyeing him covetously and trying to find a reason to nitpick… Nathaniel was very aware of this. Zuriel knew that Nathaniel understood clearly that it was wrong to do what he was doing and that his actions were very dangerous, but he still took the risk to do it anyway. Just like many years ago, Nathaniel disregarded Zuriel’s dissuasion and insisted on going to Santorini by the Aegean Sea to meet the little girl. He did get to meet her, but after they returned to their country, things got way out of hand. He stayed by Nathaniel’s side through it all. It seemed that the only way for their President to fully focus on his tasks at hand was to remove that girl away from his sight forever. Usually, half an hour would pass in a blink of an eye. However, in the car, Nathaniel felt that time was moving awfully slow. The drive from the North Palace to the Lesley house would only take less than 30 minutes if there wasn’t any traffic. It was only a short distance away but the car ride seemed dreadfully long today. Finally, the car arrived at the Lesley house. Before the car stopped, Nathaniel got out of the car eagerly. He rushed into the Lesley house. “Mr. President, you, you’re here? Even though Jason Lesley knew that Nathaniel cared very much about this little girl, he was still surprised to see him because he was scheduled to meet a lot of foreign officials today. “Lead the way.” Nathaniel went straight to the point and followed behind Jason to Karen Joy’s room. She was lying quietly on the bed. Her face, which looked healthily pink the day before, had long turned pale, and even her attractive pink lips were pale and colorless. Only one night had passed, and the little girl went from being lively to being unconscious. What on earth had she been doing the whole night? Was she torturing herself? Was she deliberately trying to make him feel sorry for her? He sat down beside her and held her hand tightly. When he was about to speak, he saw two pieces of paper on her pillow from the corner of his eye. He picked up the paper and saw an eye-catching title, “Brother Lionel, I will surely find you! The following pages included news about him in the past few years. Of course, some of them were real and some were fake. She searched for his information on the Internet last night and had been busy all night… If he did not deny his identity yesterday, would she still fall sick terribly? As he thought deeper, Nathaniel took a gulp and called out her name softly, “Karen..” “Brother Lionel…” Karen Joy seemed to have heard her Brother Lionel calling out for her. Unconsciously, Karen Joy moved her lips and responded to him gently. “Karen, don’t be afraid. Your Brother Lionel is here with you!” He adjusted the messy hair on her forehead and lowered his head to kiss her. From a brother to his sister, just like how he would treat her when she was a child. “Yes, I know!” When she heard Brother Lionel’s voice, she answered happily She had been thinking about meeting Brother Lionel for many years now, and she had dreamed of him countless times. However, every time she thought or dreamed of him, she could not see him clearly. Today, she could feel Brother Lionel by her side. Perhaps it was just a dream and Brother Lionel would disappear after she woke up… Therefore, she would rather sleep longer and have more dreams, so her Brother Lionel would accompany her for a longer time. For the first time, Karen Joy thought that being sick was actually pretty good. She could dream of her Brother Lionel well, and he called her so gently and didn’t act like he didn’t recognize her. She was terribly sick, but after hearing his voice, she raised the corner of her mouth slightly. Nathaniel felt an immense pain in his chest. He was so heartbroken that he could hardly breathe. From childhood to adulthood, this silly girl had been giving him strength in her unique ways. She showed him that there was someone who was willing to treat him selflessly and constantly care about him, apart from his own parents. In the past few years, everything that Karen Joy had done and achieved had never disappointed him. On the contrary, he had been hiding in the dark and did not have the courage to reunite with her. Perhaps it was because Brother Lionel was finally by his side, or maybe it was effects of the medications, Karen Joy fell sound asleep Nathaniel called the doctor over and asked, “How’s her condition?” Dr. Leopold answered respectfully, “Miss Kyle’s health condition is unique. She can’t be inserted with an IV tube, but I can use medicine to help break her fever. Mr. President, you can rest assured that as long as her condition is stabilized and she’s being looked after, everything will be fine.” After hearing the doctor’s words, Nathaniel breathed a sigh of relief and nodded. “Alright, give us a moment.”

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