My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 695

After he sent the people around him away, Nathaniel Cooper looked at Karen Joy Kyle again. Looking at her pale face, he couldn’t help but to reach out and touch her. He still remembered that he used to hug her and kiss her pink face, and she would also give him a soft and sweet kiss. In the past, he didn’t understand why adults like children who were playful and talkative. But after he met Little Karen, he finally understood why. As he heard Little Karen calling his name out gently and innocently, he felt like he owned the world. A child’s world was the most innocent of all. They do not hide much and they were innocently honest. It felt really good to have an innocent child like her to rely on him deeply. When she was happy, he was happy too. When she was sad, you would want to try your very best to bring her bright smile back. In fact, Karen Joy was not much different from when she was a child. She was no longer chubby, but had grown taller and slimmer. However, despite not seeing her for many years, he was able to recognize her at first glance. She looked almost the same from when she was a child. “Karen, just hold on and wait for me for awhile.” He held her hand and pinched it again and again. In a trance, Nathaniel remembered that the last time he saw Karen Joy was more than a decade ago. At that time, she was only four years old and looked very cute. On that day, he told her to be good, but she pouted and cried at him. “I don’t want to be good. I only want my Brother Lionel.” Only God knew how badly he wanted to let go of everything and secretly take her away to keep her by his side. Then, they would always be together. However, he thought a lot more from a rational approach. On that day, he saw her at her parents’ wedding. He saw her wearing a small, white wedding dress, and saw her father holding her throughout the ceremony. Even when the priest asked the newlyweds to recite their vows, they didn’t leave the little one behind. At that time, he understood how important she was in her parents’ hearts. It was impossible for him to take her away secretly. She was too important in her family, but he was just an outsider to her. When she still remembered him, she would still rely on him and could not bear to part with him. However, as she grew up, maybe her dependence on him would decrease, and their relationship would fade away… He had never expected that after more than a decade, this girl would still look for him persistently with the necklace that he had given her. “Mr. President, you have to return now to have dinner with Mr. Louie. We are twenty minutes away from the dinner place. We can’t afford to waste even a second.” The secretary who came with Nathaniel interrupted him abruptly. It took 20 minutes for him to arrive at their house, so it would take approximately 20 minutes to get back too. Dinner was about to start, so he really couldn’t afford to stay any longer Nathaniel went from looking at Karen joy’s face to looking at the time on the watch on his wrist. He knew that he was running late, but he still didn’t want to leave yet. He didn’t want to go, but he had to go… He let go of Karen Joy’s hand very reluctantly. As soon as he let go of her, Karen Joy, who was sleeping soundly, seemed to be frightened and reached out to grab his hand. Nathaniel couldn’t bear to leave her hanging, so he continued to hold her. After holding her hand, her panicked face gradually faded away and she appeared calm. This time, Nathaniel did not pull back his hand. Instead, he turned to the secretary and said, “Tell Zuriel that I can’t go back. He can do as he sees fit.” “What? Do as I see fit? He’s not coming back?” Zuriel disregarded his cool and yelled out loudly. Even though he knew that their President cared too much about that girl and he would do something unexpectedly, he was still shocked when he heard his secretary’s message. “Yes, Mr. Perth, that’s what Mr. President said.” The secretary stuttered. He repeated Mr. President’s original message and did not leave a single word out. “He. He really pisses me off.” He could only get mad and curse out loud when the President was not around. If the President was there, he could only stay quiet. The secretary asked, “Mr. Perth, what should we do now?” “Tell Miss Silas right away. Tell her that Mr. President suddenly fell ill and she would need to hold the fort.” At this period of time, Zuriel only had one solution in mind. “Mr. President is ill?” The secretary hesitated for a moment before he immediately said, “I’ll inform her right away.” Using sickness as an excuse could help the President out for this round. This could hold the fort temporarily. At the same time, Karen Joy’s situation also improved a lot. When she opened her eyes, she saw her Brother Lionel for the first time. “Who are you?” Karen Joy was so excited, but she hid her expressions well. She blinked her eyes and asked weakly. This face was the face that appear in her dreams, and he told her not to be afraid. He said that he was her Brother Lionel. But this face was the face of the President of Country A, so was he really her Brother Lionel? “Oh, you’re awake.” Nathaniel did not answer her question “I asked you, who are you?” She insisted on getting the answer. “We just met yesterday, didn’t we? You don’t recognize me already?” He said with a faint smile on his face. Karen hated his smile. His smile was obviously a fake smile, and she couldn’t see his sincerity. “I’ll ask again, who are you really?” He was stubborn, and she was even more stubborn than him. When she woke up, the first thing she saw was him. Nathaniel was trying hard to find an excuse to convince her that she only carried the good intentions of being a caring President, and did not mean anything more. He answered, “I’m Nathaniel, and I’m…” “Then what are you doing here?” She interrupted his words and asked aggressively. He said calmly, “I heard that you are sick, so I came to see you” Karen Joy stared at him, bit her lips, and spoke calmly, “Why did you come to see me? There are so many people in Country A. Can you manage to see every sick person?” He gave her a firm answer, “Because you are the daughter of the leader of Rovio, Kevin Kyle. You should already know why I am here to see you.”

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