My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 696

“Because I am the daughter of the leader of Rovio?” Karen Joy Kyle pursed her cracked lips and smiled gently. “Is that really the case?” She tried very hard to smile elegantly, but you could notice that she was fighting hard to not cry. Her smile was crooked and tears were welling up in her eyes. “Otherwise, what do you think it is?” There was a faint smile on Nathaniel Cooper’s face. He spoke so calmly, like he was unbothered. If you did not notice his clenched fists, you would think that he was heartless.. “I see.” Karen Joy gave a brief answer and closed her eyes. When she opened her eyes again, she looked very calm. Her father was the famous leader of Rovio Corporation Inc, so as the President of this country, Nathaniel visited her out of respect. What was he up to? He only wanted Rovio to invest in his country and drive the economy of Country A. Then, as the newly appointed President, he could bask in the glory. This was a good explanation to the President’s motive now. This must be his ulterior motive. He had to care for her because she was special. Karen Joy looked at his beautiful face and his strong jawline. She noticed the smile he put on that looked like he was disguising his true emotions. He was clearly her Brother Lionel, but he was not willing to reunite with her… Why? Karen Joy tried very hard to make sense of everything, but she could not find an answer. Perhaps too much time has passed. The Brother Lionel who loved her so much, was no longer the same Brother Lionel anymore She was too naive. She had always missed him and thought of him. She thought that he would miss her too, which apparently did not happen. “So that’s your reason?” She bit her lips and asked again. She wanted to give him another chance. “Yes,” he answered quickly and firmly. At this moment, Karen Joy’s heart sank tremendously and she felt like she had lost a part of her heart. It was probably the innocence she once had. “Cough cough…” She was so agitated that she started coughing. It seemed that she choked on something and she could not stop coughing. Her cough was getting worse and she looked like she was in a lot of pain. Nathaniel reached out his hand and wanted to pat her on the back. But before he could touch her, she pushed him away. She glared at him. “Go away. Don’t touch me!” Since he didn’t want to be her “Brother Lionel”, she would prefer that he just keep his distance. She did not want to see him again. “Lit..” He almost blurted out her childhood name on impulse, but he stopped just in time. Nathaniel looked at her before he stood up. Then, he walked to the door. He was walking to the door and when he heard Karen Joy’s voice behind him. “Brother Lionel..” He stopped walking forward and he stood still for a while. However, he did not turn around to see her. “I want to make things clear. If you don’t want to admit that you once knew me before you walk out of this door today, you will no longer be my Brother Lionel anymore.” Karen Joy gritted her teeth. She meant every word she said, and she was giving him an ultimatum. His heart suddenly ached, and he broke out in a cold sweat. He did not have the strength to move forward. He smiled gently and said, “I never was your Brother Lionel.” He said his sentence loud and clear. After responding to her, he walked away. He didn’t even look back Although he had walked away for some time now, Karen Joy was still looking at the door. She looked at the direction where he disappeared to and stared blankly ahead. The words he had said was still echoing in her mind. “Never was your Brother Lionel.” He spoke very calmly. Her Brother Lionel would never say such heartless words to her and he would not hurt her. He would certainly not leave her if she was sick. Therefore, this time, Karen Joy was sure that Nathaniel was only the President of Country A and had nothing to do with Brother Lionel Karen Joy’s condition was getting serious. She couldn’t recover from the high fever and she was even diagnosed with pneumonia. Her condition did get better after a few days of IV drip. She laid in bed for another week. During this period of time, she did not leave the house at all, so she felt like she was going to rot She knew that she would fall sick again easily if she defied the doctor’s orders, so she stayed in the room obediently these few days. She surfed the Internet a lot, and would watch a lot of food shows. Most of the time, Samantha Lesley would share stories about Country A with her. However, Samantha was a very clueless person. She didn’t know much about anything else except food. Sometimes, Karen Joy questioned how she could excel in her academics. “Karen Joy, the helper made some organic juice for you to boost your immunity.” Samantha held a cup of green juice and looked at Karen Joy cheerfully. “Okay, thank her for me, please. Although she was born in the Kyle family and had been spoiled by her family since she was a child, Karen Joy was not arrogant. She would humbly accept anyone’s help and helpful suggestions. Karen Joy finished the juice in a few big gulps. Samantha took the cup over and asked, “Well, do you feel better?” Karen Joy rolled her eyes and said, “Samantha, do you think that this is a miracle elixir? I just drank it, and you expect an immediate recovery?” “Hey little girl, you don’t need a miracle elixir anymore.” Dr. Leopold came in and smiled kindly. “Since you spent a great deal of time resting at home and you’ve taken your course of medications, you have already recovered.” “Can I go out for a walk?” Karen Joy stayed in the room for a week. When she heard that she had recovered, she was so happy “Of course you can. But please take care of yourself in the future. Don’t let yourself catch a cold again.” Dr. Leopold was an elderly and experienced doctor. For the past week, he was responsible for taking care of Karen Joy, and their relationship became so close that she felt like she was his granddaughter “Thank you, Grandpa Leopold!” Karen Joy was beautiful and she had a sweet mouth too, so how could people not like her? “Don’t thank me first.” Dr. Leopold sat by the bed and held Karen Joy’s wrist. “Let me take your pulse and pressure first.” After a while, he smiled and said, “Little girl, you’re all set.” Karen Joy smiled sweetly at him, “Thank you, Grandpa!” Samantha suddenly came over and said, “Grandpa Leopold, since Karen Joy has recovered, can she go to the dinner party? “You can attend the dinner, but you can’t drink alcohol.” Dr. Leopold looked at Karen and reminded her, “Little girl, your body is your responsibility. You have to take good care of yourself.” “Thank you, Grandpa. I will.” Karen Joy knew that her immune system was weak, hence she had always taken care of herself very well. She would always listen to her doctor’s instructions and go through every treatment needed.

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