My Husband, Warm the Bed– Chapter 697

Since she was young, Karen Joy Kyle was very obedient. Besides having a sense of discipline, she never wanted her family to worry about her. “Little girl.” Dr. Leopold stroked Karen Joy’s head and said with a smile, “I will prescribe you some medicine for another two days. Remember to take them.” Karen Joy nodded obediently and said, “I will definitely take the medicine. Thank you, Grandpa!” “Alright, you lovely child.” Karen Joy called him grandpa, which made Dr. Leopold feel warm in his heart. The smile on his face became brighter. After prescribing the medications, he walked away. Before he left, he looked back at Karen Joy reluctantly. It really felt like he was leaving his granddaughter behind. “Doctor Leopold is so nice. He is like my real grandfather.” Karen sighed as she secretly missed her grandparents and parents. When people get sick, and feel weak, they would miss their parents very much. Moreover, this was the first time she left her family for such a long time. She had just been away for 10 days, but she already learnt that the outside world was not as simple as she thought. There were a lot of things that were not as simple as she imagined These few years, she had imagined all kinds of situations if she found Brother Lionel, but she had never thought that he would be unwilling to admit that he was Brother Lionel. Or did she really find the wrong person? Or did he have his own reason for doing so? “Karen Joy, there will be a banquet tonight. You can go with me.” Samantha Lesley pulled Karen Joy’s sleeve and interrupted her thoughts. “Samantha, you should go ahead. I don’t want to go out.” The illness had already delayed Karen Joy’s time to find evidence to confirm Brother Lionel’s identity. Now that she was getting better, Karen Joy wanted to continue her work. She didn’t care about other things at all. “Karen Joy, you’ve stayed at home for so many days. You should go out for a walk, or you’ll get sick again.” Samantha paused for a moment and said, “You know what this banquet will be very fun.” “It’s just a banquet How fun could it be?” Since she was little, she attended many sorts of banquets before, so she was bored of them already. “There will be a lot of food and fun activities during the night,” Samantha tried hard to persuade her. She was worried that her points were not convincing enough and Karen Joy would not believe her. Karen Joy poked her head with a look of exasperation, “Samantha, can’t you think about anything else other than food? “I only know that delicious food appeals to me. Besides food, I can’t see anything else.” At least Samantha was truthful and honest. For a foodie like her, the happiest thing to do was to travel around the world and enjoy the best food in the world. Karen Joy was speechless. Well, how could she persuade a foodie to think about something else besides food? Lately, she thought that she was getting dumber. Perhaps the saying was true, you are who you hang out with She used to spend a lot of time with her father in the past. Her father was very smart, so she was very smart too. She could figure anything out. Now that she spent everyday with Samantha, she started to become clumsy too. Sometimes, she couldn’t even figure something simple out. Therefore, she wanted to look for Brother Lionel quicker and leave Samantha as soon as possible. Otherwise, she would turn into her. Samantha continued, “Karen Joy, actually, the food is not the main point. The banquet is appealing because Mr. Perth is the organizer.” “Mr. Perth?” Karen Joy repeated this name. The name seemed familiar, but she could not recall much details. “Who is Mr. Perth? What does this person do?” Samantha responded, “I don’t know how to explain that. I only know that if he organizes a party or a banquet, it would not disappoint. A lot of people would fight over places to attend.” “Since you said it’ll be fun, i’ll go and have a look.” Karen Joy was always a curious child. “Third Young Master, the little girl from the Kyle family followed through with my advice. She has recovered completely today.” After leaving the Lesley family, Dr. Leopold returned to the North Palace to report to the President In the past few days, it was really tiring for him to travel between the North Palace and the Lesley house, However, Dr. Leopold didn’t feel as tired as he should be looking after Karen Joy. When he thought of her, he was full of strength. “Dr. Leopold, thank you for your hard work these days. You can go home and have a good rest.” Nathaniel Cooper nodded and did not show much expressions. This was typical of the President. When speaking privately, he did not show much expressions. He knew that this was an important trait to have when being elected as President If a person can’t manage their own emotions well, then what ability does that person have to manage a co try? Dr. Leopold commented further, “Third Young Master, there is something that i’d like to share with you, and I will feel very restless if I don’t say it aloud. Would it be okay if I do?” “What do you want to say?” Nathaniel could guess what he wanted to say, but he wanted to hear him out anyway. Dr. Leopold continued, “The little girl from the Kyle family is a very sensible child. I have been with her for a few days now and I like her very much. But no matter how good she is, she has her own life. Third Young Master, you should have your own plans to. The engagement between you and Miss Silas has been announced to the whole country. That is a fact.” Zuriel Perth had been with Nathaniel for many years, but Dr. Leopold was with Nathaniel since he was born. He watched Nathaniel as he grew up. Both Zuriel and Dr. Leopold liked to nag at Nathaniel. But in the end, they meant well because they witnessed how difficult it was for him to go through all these years alone. They didn’t want his good future to be ruined just because of one mistake. “Uncle Leopold, I know. You can go back now. It was precisely because he understood the political influence and power of others, that he could not reconcile with Karen Joy yet. “Third Young Master, don’t forget how Madam passed away.” Before leaving, Dr. Leopold added this sentence. The death of the former First Madam was the most painful experience Nathaniel ever went through. He watched his mother die in front of him, yet he couldn’t do anything to help. Surely, he couldn’t experience anything worse than this. He had experienced it before and he tried hard to move on However, even the mere thought of it could still cut him painfully like a knife, but he still put on his poker face. Yes, he had no expression on his face. In fact, the calmer he looked on the surface, the more complex his emotions were. He couldn’t do much now but to only wait for the right time.

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